Client Care Coordinator (MSW or LCSW)

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The Client Care Coordinator is expected to perform a variety of duties that relate to client care including care consultations with potential clients and family members, client/CAREGiverSM introductions and quality assurance visits with existing clients. They use the consultative sales approach to determine each individual client’s needs to provide solutions and create a tailored service plan. They continuously evaluate the plan through a series of ongoing communications and visits to ensure high quality care, client satisfaction and retention as well as opportunities to increase service hours.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Reflect the core values of Solicitude, Inc. (d.b.a. an independently owned and operated Home Instead franchise)
  • Maintain regular attendance at the office to execute job responsibilities
  • For the purpose of daily planning and organization, and to fulfill data entry responsibilities, be present in office twice daily – 8:00-9:00 am and 3:30-4:30 pm unless otherwise directed
  • Demonstrate open and effective communication with owner, General Manager, Administrative Staff and CAREGivers
  • Conduct initial assessments for new clients and establish individual plans of care
  • Manage the creation, distribution, and maintenance of Client Journals
  • Manage/Conduct Quality Assurance (QA) visits with clients as scheduled according to the established QA frequency guidelines
  • Following each visit, update client plans of care within business operating software and conduct follow up with relevant individuals (i.e. family members, POA’s, case managers, facility staff)
  • Respond to client care incidents as needed and coordinate and conduct punctual follow up as necessary
  • Consult with Operations Director to develop a plan for remediation of CG performance/QA issues and effectively counsel CAREGiver
  • Out-process discontinued clients, retrieve client journals from residences, and close corresponding files and records
  • Manage/conduct orientations for all new client/CAREGiver relationships as identified by the staff coordinators
  • Maintain client office file organization for all Active and Active/On-Call client records including Lifeline subscribers
  • Maintain current client log notes with client files and scan all outdated files to retain a digital copy prior to shredding

Secondary Responsibilities:

  • Participate in daily morning meetings and weekly client/CAREGiver issue review meeting with administrative staff and General Manager/Franchise Owner to review CAREGiver and QA issues
  • Enter and maintain current and accurate client and CAREGiver activity notes in the business operating software
  • Actively monitor Outlook e-mail and business operating software calendar system on a daily basis and schedule all appointments with at least one week lead-time when possible
  • Participate in quarterly CAREGiver meetings
  • Perform any and all other functions and responsibilities deemed necessary

Education/Experience Requirements:

  • BSW with 5 years experience with Long Term Care, or MSW/LCSW preferred
  • Must possess a valid driver’s license and maintain personal vehicle insurance

Supervisory Responsibilities:

  • In the course of conducting QA visits, observe and counsel CAREGivers in order to assure compliance with the written plan of care

Critical Numbers:

  • Conduct QA visits in accordance with frequency guidelines
  • Insure Administrative Staff Introduction or CAREGiver cross-training for 100% of new relationships between CAREGivers and private pay clients
  • Meet or exceed inquiry conversion and service call closing statistics of 55% and 90% respectively

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • This position must have an understanding of and uphold the policies and procedures established by Solicitude, Inc., (d.b.a. an independently owned and operated Home Instead franchise)
  • Must demonstrate excellent oral and written communication skills and the ability to listen effectively
  • Must have the ability to work independently, maintain confidentiality of information and meet deadlines
  • Must demonstrate effective interpersonal skills as well as sound judgment and good decision-making skills
  • Must demonstrate discretion, integrity and fair-mindedness consistent with office standards, practices, policies and procedures
  • Must demonstrate knowledge of the senior care industry
  • Must have the ability to organize and prioritize daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly work
  • Must have the ability to establish good working relationships with the franchise owner, office colleagues, CAREGivers and the community
  • Must have the ability to present a professional appearance and demeanor
  • Must have the ability to operate office equipment
  • Must be able to operate HISC technology systems
  • Must be patient and congenial on the telephone
  • Must have computer skills and be proficient in Excel and Word
  • Must have the availability to work evenings or weekends as required
  • Must have the ability to perform duties in a professional office setting
  • Must have the ability to work as a part of a team
  • Ability to perform duties in a professional office setting
  • Ability to maintain accurate odometer records and gasoline purchase receipts for company vehicles used to conduct business
  • Ability to maintain clean exterior and interior of company vehicles used to conduct business

Essential Home Instead®



Characteristics-All Roles


Delivering Results


Maintaining a high level of commitment to personally getting things done.

People who are competent at delivering results assume personal responsibility for achieving outcomes and work effectively with little direction. They are dependable and responsible.

Customer Service

Recognizing and understanding customers’ needs and delivering in a manner that exceeds customers’ expectations. People who are competent at customer service have a desire to please customers and can recognize customers’ needs. They consistently do more than is required of them to ensure that the customer is satisfied.

Influencing & Persuading

Convincing others to adopt a course of action. People who display this competency influence others without being excessively aggressive or pushy. They understand their audience and modify their method of persuasion accordingly. They are confident and do not give up easily.

Teamwork & Collaboration

Effectively working and collaborating with others toward a common goal. People who are competent at teamwork build and maintain cooperative work relationships with others. They complete their own tasks for group projects in a timely and responsible manner and directly contribute to reaching the group goal.

Interpersonal Communication

Communicating clearly and effectively with people inside and outside of the organization. People who are competent at interpersonal communication listen effectively and develop rapport with others. They are able to articulate their thoughts and ideas clearly, they present information in a straightforward and logical way, and they ensure that they are understood. They share information with others that will improve overall work progress.

Living Home Instead

Building trust, taking the lead and sharing your heart.


Home Instead®

Client Care Coordinator Competencies


Client Care Coordinator


Adapting to Change


Adapting to changing situations and restructuring tasks and priorities as changes occur within the business and organization. People who are competent at adapting to change are flexible in changing circumstances. They are open to change and different ways of doing things, and do not over-rely on old methods and processes.

Planning & Organizing


Effectively organizing and planning work according to organizational needs by defining objectives and anticipating needs and priorities. People who are competent at planning and organizing efficiently manage their time and the time of others and effectively handle multiple demands and competing deadlines. They identify goals, develop plans, estimate time frames and monitor progress.


Courage of Convictions


Having the personal courage to address difficult issues in the face of potential opposition. People who display this competency place a high importance on addressing the difficult issues. They are willing to say and do what they think is right, even when others around them have a different perspective.

Each Home Instead franchise is independently owned and operated.

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