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Nov 04, 2022

Home Instead, DispatchHealth Partner to Offer In-home Acute Care

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In a new partnership with DispatchHealth, Home Instead clients will have access to in-home acute care, as reported in Home Health Care News (HHCN). Originally launched as an in-home urgent care startup, Denver-based DispatchHealth delivers higher-acuity care – including offering hospital-level care – in the home.

The partnership allows Home Instead, which has over 1,200 locations in over a dozen countries, and DispatchHealth to scale high-acuity medical care across numerous U.S. markets, increasing access to care and addressing barriers in the process.

Chad Brough, vice president of health care transformation at Home Instead, told HHCN that he views the companies as providers of complementary services.
“DispatchHealth shares our deep commitment to delivering personalized care in the home,” he told HHCN. “In the case of DispatchHealth, the emergency care that they provide in the home complements the personal care that our CarePros deliver to older adults. In the era of COVID-19, avoiding unnecessary hospitalizations is particularly important to our clients and their family caregivers. This partnership makes care more accessible to the aging adults we serve.”

Data shows that about one-third of patients, age 70 and older, and more than half over the age of 85, come home from the hospital in a more impaired condition than when they entered, reports HHCN. The partnership is an indirect response to that data.

The collaboration began as a pilot program in late 2021. The success of this initial program led to its expansion in 30 markets.

Over 55 percent of Home Instead clients using DispatchHealth have avoided unnecessary hospital visits.

Read the full article here.

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