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CAREGiver Awards & Recognition 

At Home Instead®, our success revolves around our CAREGiversâ„  – and we know it! We celebrate CAREGivers year-round in many ways: a note of appreciation, recognition in our employee newsletter, perhaps an impromptu office party.
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Nayla - Q1 2022 CAREGiver of the Quarter

Nayla CGoQ Q1 2022

I would like to take this time to recognize our first “CAREGiver Of The Quarter” recipient for this year…Nayla!

Nayla has been with Home Instead since June of 2021. She started with us during a time when we were challenged with changes in our business due to the COVID epidemic. She was one of several committed CAREGivers that helped us through those extremely challenging times.

Here is are few reasons why Nayla was chosen as the “CAREGiver-Of-The-Quarter”…

• When Nayla visits the office she always has a smile on her face and has a positive disposition. • She prides herself on being on time and willing to stay later when needed by a client. • Nayla willingly moves around her personal schedule to help us cover last minute shifts. • She does a great job of utilizing the “clock-in” app for all shifts. • Nayla promptly responds to emails, texts, and phone calls regarding all matters. • She will always let the office know if she is running late, and if needed she willingly stays later to make up the time. • Nayla is very flexible and eager to work, and cover shifts as needed. • She completes all training on time. • Nayla is a self-starter; we can send her to a new client with all confidence that the client will be very happy. • Nayla takes it upon herself to learn the needs of the client and use her best judgement to make decisions regarding the client. • She creates a very special bond with all of her clients. Here is feedback from one of her very satisfied clients…

“I know I have offered my family’s appreciation for what Nayla does for our brother before, but we specifically wanted to let you know of invaluable service she provided to us yesterday. My brother’s internet connection is our lifeline to him since my sisters and I are many miles away from him. His internet connection went out over the weekend. Yesterday, I contacted the internet provider but given that I wasn’t on site couldn’t follow through with their suggestions and the attempts to fix the issue solely on their end not only didn’t fix the connection but took his landline out as well. Now we were in big trouble. Once Nayla arrived, I called the internet provider again, and she worked with them to resolve all the issues. This morning my brother and I had no difficulty with either his phone or computer. I can’t emphasize how critical this was for our family! Nayla initiates, and sticks with the problem until it is solved and does it all in good spirits. We couldn’t ask for a better, more caring, careful assistant for my brother. We are so grateful and appreciative. She is also a great coach, helping him through the steps of activities he no longer clearly remembers. We believe she has instilled some new confidence in him. We all look forward to ‘Nayla days” knowing how happy my brother is to have her help and companionship, as well as the things she does to make my sisters and my lives easier. We rest easier knowing she is there. Thank you for allowing me to share this experience with you.”

Congratulations Nayla on earning the “CAREGiver Of The Quarter” Award!

Rhett & Ricardo - Q4 2021 CAREGivers of the Quarter

Rhett and Ricardo CGoQ Q4 2021

Rhett and Ricardo "The Dynamic Duo" have been selected as our 4th “CAREGivers of the Quarter”!

Rhett and Ricardo’s client is on HOSPICE and was given a 2 to 3 weeks life expectancy, he stopped eating, interacting and was completely bedbound. It’s now 6-months later and our client is still here. He’s eating, drinking, interacting and is able to sit up. According to the spouse, she believes it’s partly because of “The Boys” which is her pet name for Ricardo and Rhett. She commented that these two men are the kindest most caring men she has ever known and that they not only provide care to her husband but that they provide a great deal of emotional support to her and that she can’t imagine what she would have done without them.

Some additional comments from the clients spouse...

"It is such a pleasure to have Ricardo here as a caregiver for my husband. He is kind and gentle, and very attuned to my husband’s needs. He is very observant and quick to pick up on any little nuances in behavior changes."

"Ricardo doesn't just wait to be asked to do something; he is always looking for ways to be helpful to him and to me. Additionally, he has developed a very friendly rapport with both of us. My husband is bed-bound, and Ricardo is constantly checking on him to see if there is anything he needs or wants. He has a genuinely caring attitude, which I am certain he displays to his other clients as well. We feel very lucky to have Ricardo here."

Rhett demonstrates his commitment to our clients by being flexible; willing to move around his schedule to be able to service his clients. He did not hesitate to come into the office for additional training when it was necessary to cover a client with special needs. Rhett’s clients are extremely happy with the service he provides. One client said, “Rhett is a great choice.” Another client said, “Rhett is a very nice young man, he’s very competent and he has a heart for the work.” Rhett never calls out and he is never late to his shifts.

Congratulations Rhett and Ricardo!

Mary Kay - Q3 2021 CAREGiver of the Quarter

Mary Kay CGoQ Q3 2021

Mary Kay has been selected as our 3rd “CAREGiver of the Quarter”!

It takes a caring person with a special heart to do this type of work…really, it’s a calling! A calling that not everyone can answer…it takes a unique person like Mary Kay!

Here is what one of her peers had to say about her…

“She fills me in on the tasks and family updates. Takes care of client conditions and communicates with the office. Helps our client maintains sense of wellbeing and social engagement along with many other duties. She really shows her appreciation for the company also.”

Mary Kay, you have gone above beyond for our clients. Here are a few things that you are recognized for…

• Always on time for her shifts • Communicates in a timely manner with our Service Coordinator • Compassionate, caring, helpful, proactive, observant, and mindful towards her clients • Endeavors to meet the care needs of her clients with gentleness, dignity, patience, respect, and creativity • As much as her schedule allows, is willing to pitch in and help fill gaps for coverages needed • Pleasant demeanor, confident, and willing to complete tasks as required • Cooperative towards our Client Care Coordinator when completing Client and Caregiver Q&A visits or phone calls • Thoughtful about her clients' needs and will even go out of her way to purchase items for them

Wow! You are truly fulfilling our Mission Statement: “We aspire to provide our clients with exceptional CARE because WE CARE!” Thank you and congratulations, Mary Kay!

Christina - Q2 2021 CAREGiver of the Quarter

Christina CGoQ Q2 2021

It takes a special person with a special heart to care for our seniors. It’s not just a job, but a calling! It requires patience, commitment, and a genuine love to care for others. This is why I believe this award is so special. We have a chance to recognize one of our valuable team members for their hard work and say THANK YOU!

Our second “CAREGiver of the Quarter” award goes to… Christina Parker!! Here is a few things Christina is recognized for…

Christina picks up shifts for other clients when needed.

Christina has shown a dedication to her client(s), while working she puts her client(s) above everything else around her.

Christina always comes in with a smile on her face, no matter how rough the day is she keeps a pleasant disposition.

Christina brings workbooks, coloring books, games, sensory activities, and more to help keep her client engaged and to strengthen her client’s memory.

Christina’s client adores her, a family said, “You and the other caregivers are great, but there is no one like Christina”

Again, congratulations and thank you for servicing our clients with all of your heart!

Sandy - Q1 2021 CAREGiver of the Quarter

Sandy CGoQ Q1 2021

Congratulations to Sandy! Our first recipient of the CAREGiver of the Quarter for 2021! It is a well deserved award! Sandy goes above and beyond for her clients, she is flexible with her schedule, and willing to do whatever it takes to help us to be successful! Thank you Sandy for your loyalty to Home Instead...you are awesome!