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Find fulfillment through a career as a senior CAREGiver 

Home Instead Caregiver and senior man stand smiling together in home

You are a CAREGiver

Home is so much more than we think it is. It's where we make our best memories, feel safe, comfortable and loved. It's where we want to live out our lives. Join the Home Instead family to give the comfort of home to aging adults and learn what it feels like to help change someone's life.

CAREGiver Testimonial

Hear from Macy

Find fulfillment through a career as a senior caregiver with Home Instead

Macy Spears – Employee Testimonial

My entire life I’ve wanted to help people. I’ve tried a few different career paths, but I found my “home” at Home Instead. I was welcomed and encouraged to be the best person I can be. I started as a CarePro and fell in love with helping our clients. Every day I wake up excited to come in and be able to help in ways I never knew were possible. I have tremendous respect for those who give care to their family members without any help. My desire to take some of that weight off their shoulders has taught me to be compassionate and understanding with everyone, no matter the circumstances.

At Home Instead, my voice is heard and taken seriously. I was promoted to CarePro Mentor in June of 2021, and not only did I continue to help our clients, but I got to help those who want to help others. More recently I was promoted to Recruiter. I now get to hand pick the best employees for the best company.

Caregivers are a vital part in the lives of those who have needs they cannot meet on their own. I am proud to be a part of a company that cares about not only their clients, but their employees on an individual level. I feel seen, heard, and appreciated every day and get to do the same for those just starting out. This career is rewarding in every aspect and has taught me some of my most valuable life lessons.

Read What Other CAREGivers Have to Say About Working For Home Instead of Louisville

Bosco Ndanyuzwe – Care Pro 1 year

The office team at Home Instead worked hard to get me a schedule that works perfect for me.  Me and my client are the best of friends.  We are teaching each other how to make meals based on different cultures and it is a great fit!!  The client is close to home and we get along great. I asked and Home Instead answered.

Paula Watts – Care Pro 8 years

I love the interaction with my clients.  I enjoy doing activities with my clients like going for rides, taking a walk, cooking meals together. It keeps me humble and young.

Marteisha McCloud – Care Pro 2 months

Marteisha McCloud says she likes it because caring for others comes natural to her.   She says this is her first time with an agency and we have been very helpful to her and give her all the help she needs to be successful.


Senior Care CAREGiving Q&A

A: I make scheduled visits to seniors’ homes to provide companionship and help them with everyday tasks. Sometimes that means going to their family home, and other times it means serving them in a care facility.

A: Every day is different, and I love that variety! One day I might be cooking lunch and playing cards with a client, and the next day I may be helping a different client. No matter what tasks I’m performing, I leave each shift with a deep sense of accomplishment.

A: That’s easy! Home Instead doesn’t require previous caregiving experience. Their training program is so thorough that I learned everything I needed to know to provide confident care right away. All I had to bring to my interview was a compassionate heart.