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CAREGiver of the Month

At Home Instead®, our success revolves around our CAREGiversâ„  – and we know it! We celebrate and recognize CAREGivers each quarter with our CAREGiver of the Month Award.  These CAREGivers demonstrate each day their commitment to enhancing the lives of seniors in our community and we are forever grateful for their efforts.
CAREGiver providing in-home senior care services. Home Instead of Dallas, TX provides Elder Care to aging adults.

Our Caregivers

Our Caregivers of the Month

Bendora Cole

CAREGiver of the Month - Bendora

We are proud to announce our Care Pro of the Month for May 2022 is Bendora C. Bendora has been with our Home Instead family for a year and we have seen just how all in she has been for our team. Whether you are taking a vacation, or a last-minute open shift Bendora has been there to cover them all. Thank you for being a supportive pillar to our team! It's care like yours that makes us strong.

Matthew Murphy

CAREGiver of the Month - Matthew

Wea re proud to announce our CAREGiver of the Month of April,  Matt M. He is so consistent with his clients, always makes sure to communicate with the team on behalf of his clients going above and beyond in their final moments. Thank you, Matt, for all your hard work and efforts I know when I put clients with you they are in good hands.

Caregiver of the Month Linda M.

CAREGiver of the Month - Linda

We would like you all to help us congratulate Linda M. as March's CAREGiver of the Month! Linda thank you for all the days you stayed later for your client, you made it in for your shifts during the last storm and you always stay in communication with me to make sure your client is covered. Thank you from all of us here at Home Instead!

Caregiver of the Month Tomilola

CAREGiver of the Month - Tomiola

What can we say about Tomi she is hard working with us here at Home Instead and in her own personal business as a hair stylist. She always helps the team whenever she can, and she is adored by her client. She is devoted in her faith and is a warm welcoming presence to be around. Thank you, Tomi, for all that you do we really appreciate you!

Caregiver of the Month Bettie B.

CAREGiver of the Month - Bettie

We are proud to announce Bettie B. as our CAREGiver of the Month for January 2022! Bettie has been with our Home Instead Family for 4 years and in those years, she has exhibited the standard of work ethic and true empathy for her clients. She is devoted to her church every Saturday and Sunday and has a loving heart. Thank you for all the compassion, Bettie, we celebrate you!

Caregiver of the Year Melba S.

CAREGiver of the Year 2021- Melba

We are honoring one of our outstanding caregivers, Melba Simmons as CAREGiver of the Year 2021!  This acknowledgement is long overdue for Melba.  We quickly recognized her professional and personal skills at interview in June of 2020.  Melba is the CAREGiver you want taking care of your loved ones.  She has the sweetest smile and is always so grateful and cheerful.  If possible, we would clone Melba!  There isn’t a week that goes by that we haven’t requested of Melba to work extra shifts.  She will always help us out in addition to caring for her main clients throughout the week.  Unless she has made previous plans or has an emergency, she doesn’t use the word “no.” Not only did Melba begin working with us in the throes of Covid-19, she put on her PPE and went about caring for her clients knowing they were in great need.  Melba knows what commitment to her work means and she shares her love with all who meet her. Honestly, we would have been in serious distress at times if it weren’t for Melba Simmons!  We love you Melba and Congratulations for being our Caregiver of the Year 2021!