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Jul 02, 2021

Create a Kindness Calendar

Written By: Home Instead
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We all have weeks where we wish we had just a few more hours to get to the things we’ve been meaning to get to. While we can’t yet time travel, or be in two places at once, we can always benefit from better time management and planning.

To help you find more moments to volunteer and give back to your community, we’ve created a free downloadable kindness calendar. Each week you can pencil in the days you plan to help out and list the acts of kindness that you wish to complete.

And because it’s free and open-dated, you can print out as many as you need to help stay on top of your volunteering in 2021 and beyond. Heck, maybe you can get the entire family involved!

Here are 5 benefits of using a kindness calendar:

  1. Find time you didn’t know you had – Sometimes reexamining your weeks and months with a structured calendar is a great way to make better use of the unwavering clock.
  2. Build confidence through trying new things – The more you do something, the better you understand it. Volunteering in different areas gets you out of our comfort zone to learn and feel more accomplished.
  3. Have fun — Volunteering shouldn’t be a chore. Pencil in acts of kindness that are fun for both you and those you are helping!
  4. Become a better leader – Whether its coordinating food drop-offs or explaining the rules of a game to a senior, your repetitive volunteering gives you more leadership qualities.
  5. Feel good by making others feel good – More hours volunteering means helping out more people – and feeling great about it.

Download our free printable calendar here and let us know the acts of kindness you’ve planned out by tagging @imreadytocare on Facebook and Instagram!

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