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CAREGiver Awards & Recognition 

At Home Instead®, our success revolves around our CAREGivers℠ – and we know it! We celebrate CAREGivers year-round in many ways: a note of appreciation, recognition in our employee newsletter, perhaps an impromptu office party.
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Standing Ovation Care Pro Recognition

A standing ovation is considered the highest form of praise and recognition, taking the celebratory aspect of applause to the next level. Each month, we celebrate Care Professionals who have gone above and beyond in their roles and lift them up with a Standing Ovation. We thank these incredible Care Pros for their dedication and service.

2021 CAREGiver of the Year, Diane!

Home Instead in Arnold, Maryland are excited to announce our CAREGiver of the year, Diane M.!

Diane shared with us her reflection on being a Home Instead CAREGiver. "I love giving my clients something they have been looking forward to. If there is a need I try to fill it. I believe that you reap what you sow, so no matter what I let the love flow. I never know if the health issues the clients are facing are causing them to be a certain way. Usually, when I show them love and help them, they are appreciative of me. I remember one client, who I will always miss and impacted my life very much. Each day, even when the weather was trying, we would go outside and I would push her in her wheelchair. We would always end the walk on the dock where we would watch the boats, read, or sing songs. I will cherish those memories always."

Thank you, Diane, and all of our Care Staff for continuously making a difference in the lives of our clients!

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May 2022 Care Professional Spotlight - Tarnise

This month's spotlight goes to Tarnise! 

Tarnise enjoys being a caregiver because helping people brings her joy. The clients she works with make her feel like she is a part of their family, saying “They are warm and welcoming. I feel at home with them like I am just their grandchild helping them every day.” Tarnise believes that when you are a caregiver you are constantly learning by talking, listening, and watching, to understand what the client wants, and needs are.

She shares that when one of the clients she cared for passed away and the family included her in the service. Tarnise says, “That felt very special to me because they didn’t have to include me, but they did and made me a part of their family.” To gain a warm hug and a smile from the families after helping their loved ones means the world to Tarnise, it’s not just a job but is much more than that!

Thank you to Tarnise and all our amazing Home Instead Care Professionals.

April 2022 Care Professional Spotlight - Creecy

This month's spotlight goes to Creecy! 

In the 7 years that Creecy has been with Home Instead, Creecy has developed special relationships with all the clients that she has worked with. There is one client that leaves a lasting imprint on her heart. The client that Creecy has now is the kindest, sweetest, and most gentle person that she has had the pleasure of working with. The two of them talk about everything, especially about his work in the food business and his family. His favorite conversations typically revolve around what new products are out and what is going on the shelves in the grocery store. Not only do they talk about his life, but the client also makes sure that Creecy is doing well both personally and professionally.

Over the years with Home Instead, Creecy shared, “I have met some amazing people, just to sit down and hear their stories of life’s journeys, is an amazing thing.” She shares that what she enjoys most about being a Home Instead caregiver is the relationships she builds with the clients and their families.

Thank you to Creecy and all our amazing Home Instead Care Professionals.

March 2022 Care Professional Spotlight - Pamela 

This month's spotlight goes to Pamela!

Pam has been a Home Instead Care Professional for 5 years! Pam enjoys taking care of people that need help and meeting family members, she says, “I always develop a special friendship with the client and families I provide care too”.  Pam feels that a Care Professional needs to have a lot of love and compassion for their clients and to always listen and talk with them.  She shared, “they all become like family and loved ones to me.” She tells us about a time she was caring for a gentleman in a nursing home, “I took care of him for over six months, even after they moved him to a different hall, he would ask for me and I would drop by his room to let him know I didn’t forget about him.”

Thank you, Pamela, and all our Home Instead Care Professional for all you do!

February 2022 Care Professional Spotlight - Jaquetta 

This month's spotlight goes to Jaquetta!

Jaquetta has been a Home Instead Care Professional for almost 4 years!  Jaquetta shares that, “I have always tried to make it my duty to make ALL my clients feel loved and connected as if we were family. It is very important for them to still feel a sense of independence even if they are completely dependent on their caregiver”. 

What Jaquetta enjoys most about being a Home Instead Care Professional is the clients she works with and making them feel comfortable whether they are at their homes or wherever they call home.  She shared, “I enjoy keeping my clients active and happy, putting smiles on their faces. I enjoy the connection I form with my clients creating a calm and inviting experience, so that I feel more like a family member coming to visit instead of someone there to take care of them.

She shares, “Reminding client that they still have a purpose in life, and most importantly that I care about them as a person for who they were and who they are now”.  Jaquetta cherishes the clients that she works with and enjoys working with Home Instead to develop a close bond with clients!  

Thank you, Jaquetta, and all our Home Instead Care Professional for all you do!

January 2022 Care Professional Spotlight - Leslie 

This month's spotlight goes to Leslie!

Leslie has been a Home Instead caregiver for 6 years. She says that the thing she loves the most about being a Home Instead Care Professional is that “The elderly, their history, and the love that they can give are all things that make them a great gift to care for.” Leslie uses her leadership skills to make sure that the clients know they are safe with her, that she will take good care of them, and that she cares about them. Using those leadership skills, Leslie can build great relationships with clients. A special relationship that Leslie remembers was with Ms. Alice. Leslie shares, “She is a sweet lady, we have a lot in common. We both love Classical music and animals!”. Leslie was there for Ms. Alice and helped her take her Cat to the vet. Leslie says, “She was very worried that she might lose her cat, and she needed a hug.”

Thank you, Leslie, and all our Home Instead Care Professional for all you do!

December 2021 Care Professional Spotlight - Jean

This month's spotlight goes to Jean!

Jean has been a Home Instead Care Professional for 13 years. Leading by example and choosing kindness over all else is Jean’s approach to what it takes to be a Care Professional. She shares “When I arrive at a client's house, I greet them and let them know that I am there to help with whatever they need. I take the lead by helping clients understand what our care consists of, starting with meals then gently leading up to personal care, as it is a sensitive topic for some people, but I let them know that I will give them space until they are ready.”

Jean enjoys making a difference in our clients' lives. She shares that she never wakes up feeling like she doesn’t want to go to work, saying “I love what I do with my whole heart!” Jean told us she appreciates Home Instead for allowing her the opportunity to show the real her and that she does her best to always represent the company in a positive light!

Thank you, Jean, and all our Home Instead Care Professional for all you do!

November 2021 Care Professional Spotlight - Diane

This month's spotlight goes to Diane!

Diane has been with Home Instead for 12 years. Diane shared the thing she enjoys most about Home Instead is that “the staff do what is best for the clients and Care Professional, by trying to match-up personalities”.

There was a client that Diane worked with whom she formed a special relationship. After concluding their morning routine Diane would take the client near the water outside to look and enjoy nature, as it was one of the many things that put a smile on her face. In addition to being outside, Diane and the client would sing, read, and bond over memories of her husband as they both enjoyed participating in activities in their Church.

Diane wants to share with other Care Professional, that one of the most important tools is to be a good listener. Diane uses the skill of good listening when providing person-centered care to all our clients.

Thank you, Diane, and all our Home Instead Care Professional for all you do!

October 2021 CAREGiver Spotlight - Jeanette 

This month's CAREGiver spotlight goes to Jeanette!

Jeanette has been a Home Instead CAREGiver for two years. Jeanette shares that one client she worked with, hesitant to receiving care, over time was genuinely appreciative of the CAREGivers that worked with him. There was one instance, where she had arrived for her shift and the client’s back was itchy and bothersome. While there are limitations on administrating any medications, she was able to assist the client to the best of her ability to alleviate some itching, while waiting for the family to return with medicated lotion. Being a Home Instead CAREGiver taught her the importance of patience and understanding. As a CAREGiver, you understand that the clients you work with, were once able to do everything for themselves and it is important as a CAREGiver to know clients depend on you.

Thank you, Jeanette, and all our Home Instead CAREGivers for all you do!


Special October 2021 CAREGiver Spotlight- Barbara 

In our special October CAREGiver spotlight goes to Barbara.

Barbara has been a Home Instead CAREGiver for 15 years! Barbara said she learned that a caregiver above all else needs to be patient. Some days may be challenging as many revert to an agitated state as their disease progresses, that is where patience is needed. She said “We are on a journey with them hearing their history. We learn about where they grew up, places they visited, and get to take part in their hobbies. While on that journey we need to treat them with dignity and respect. The golden rule applies, "treat others as you want to be treated", a little love doesn't hurt either. If you build a bond strong enough and get "adopted" by a family who has trusted their loved one to your care, it is truly something special!”

We are beyond grateful for Barbara's 15 years of service. Thank you, Barbara, and all our amazing CAREGivers for all you do!

September 2021 CAREGiver Spotlight - Lateefah O. 

This month's CAREGiver spotlight goes to Lateefah!

Lateefah has been with Home Instead since 2017. Lateefah said that when she works with her clients, they are a part of her. She always gives quality care, and love must come first.

According to Lateefah, to be a great CAREGiver, you need to be dedicated to know what you’re doing and do it right. What she enjoys most about being a Home Instead CAREGiver is that she has found a place that allows her to help others by providing quality care and comfort.

Thank you, Lateefah, and all our Home Instead CAREGivers for all you do for our clients, client’s families, and Home Instead!

August 2021 CAREGiver Spotlight -Angela H. 

This month's CAREGiver spotlight goes to Angela H.!

Angela has been a CAREGiver with Home Instead since 2019. Angela said she has been with her current client for over two years, and she loves spending time with her. A great CAREGiver to Angela means always being caring, compassionate, comprising, and having a can-do attitude.

What Angela enjoys most about being a Home Instead CAREGiver is that she knows that they will be treated with dignity and compassion. Much like how she wants to be treated when it’s her turn.

Thank you, Angela, and all our Home Instead CAREGivers for all you do for our clients, client’s families, and Home Instead!


July 2021 CAREGiver Spotlight - Kristy L. 

This month's CAREGiver spotlight goes to Kristy L.!


Kristy L. has been a Home Instead caregiver for two years. Kristy said that every client she works with is special to her. Clients and their families allow her to come into their lives, and care for their loved ones, which is amazing. To create these beautiful moments, she says a great CAREGiver needs patience, empathy, communication, and good problem-solving skills. 

What Kristy enjoys most about being a Home Instead CAREGiver is building wonderful relationships with clients as she takes care of them.  


Thank you, Kristy, and all our Home Instead CAREGivers for all you do for our clients, client’s families, and Home Instead!

June 2021 CAREGiver Spotlight - Carol B. 

This month’s spotlight goes to Carol B!  

Carol B. has been a Home Instead for almost 13 years! Wow! During that time Carol has been a key member of many clients’ care teams. The current family that Carol is with hold her in high regards. Carol wants everyone to know that you cannot just have a relationship with the client but with the family as well.  The client that Carol is currently with, the family has, “come to trust me enough to make decisions when it comes to how I take care of their loved one, as far as feeding, bathing, and grooming him.”

To be a great CAREGiver, Carol says there are three qualities that you should have; patience, understanding and compassion.  By demonstrating patience, understanding and compassion, Carol can go above and beyond daily for clients.  Incorporating the above qualities in the care that is provided to clients, brings Carol great joy!  Carol shares, “The joy I get out of being a Home Instead Caregiver, is that I get to work with great people, the staff of Home Instead and the clients that I get assigned to”.

Thank you, Carol, and all our Home Instead CAREGivers for all you do for our clients, client’s families and Home Instead!

May 2021 CAREGiver Spotlight - Bernice O.

This month’s spotlight goes to Bernice O!

Bernice who has been a member of our team for a short 6 months, has made a tremendous impact on our clients. When asked to talk about one special client, Bernice shared, “it is hard to pick just one, but Mr. T stands out the most”. Bernice says, “He doesn’t talk much but he is a very active man”. She has worked with him for a few months and during that time the two of them have developed a unique way to communicating, by body language!

Going above and beyond for clients is something that Bernice does daily. Whether it is helping with activities of daily living (ADL’s) or daily tasks, she is always delighted to help them. To be a great CAREGiver you need to be a great listener and be empathetic. Bernice especially enjoys working with dementia clients because although they are in their own world sometimes, she loves being a part of their world!

Thank you to Bernice and all our amazing CAREGivers for all you do for Home Instead and our clients!

April 2021 CAREGiver Spotlight - Sue A. 

This month’s CAREGiver spotlight features Sue A!

Sue is our special spotlight this month because after many years in the health care field Sue is retiring, four which were spent with Home Instead! 

Sue has made a special connection with our client and their family.  While with Home Instead, Sue has shown dedication, reliability, and dependability to our client.  One thing that stands out about Sue is that she was always in- tune and flexible with our clients unexpected needs.  

As Sue enters her retirement, her main goal is to make memories and spend time with her grandchild.  When Sue is not busy chasing a young one around, Sue enjoys gardening and spending time with her husband.  While COVID has put a damper on the traveling she normally does, Sue is looking forward to being able to travel again someday soon! 

Sue, we are certain that you will continue to bring joy to those around you.  We wish you nothing but success and happiness as you enter your retirement! 

From all of us here at Home Instead, congratulations Sue and thank you for all you have done for Home Instead!

March 2021 CAREGiver Spotlight - Kristy L. 

This month’s CAREGiver spotlight features Kristy L!

Kristy has been a Home Instead CAREGiver since April of 2019. Kristy has been so grateful that all the clients and their families she has had the opportunity to work with have welcomed her with open arms. From that, Kristy has gained a special relationship with each client she has worked with and hopes they are all doing well. 

According to Kristy, some leadership skills such as patience, empathy and good problem-solving skills is what it takes to be a great CAREGiver.

Being dedicated to her clients is something Kristy takes great joy in. One time in particular, Kristy remembers, being out with our client having lunch, when the client collapsed and became unresponsive. Without hesitation, Kristy immediately remembered back to her CPR and first aid training to begin problem solving. Kristy was able to jump right into action and get her client to the hospital!

Overall, what Kristy enjoys most about being a Home Instead CAREGiver is taking care of our clients and the wonderful relationships she can build with them!

Thank you, Kristy and all our amazing CAREGivers, for your hard work and dedication!

February 2021 CAREGiver Spotlight - Alberta B.

This month's CAREGiver spotlight features Alberta B!

Alberta has been with Home Instead for 1 year and enjoys working with all Home Instead clients. As all CAREGivers know sometimes clients are not always receptive to receiving care. Alberta experienced this firsthand!

After working with a client that was not receptive to care and thought that Alberta was not the right fit for her.  Alberta was determined to make a difference! Through patience, perseverance and hard work, Alberta made a difference and formed a meaningful connection with this client.

In order to “Be the Best CAREGiver Ever” Alberta says you should be able to demonstrate that you are empathetic, proactive and can navigate stressful situations.

Alberta shared that she loves working for Home Instead. She feels like the office staff can be called whenever she needs them and she likes that they reach out to check on her. 

What Alberta enjoys most about being a Home Instead CAREGiver is that she is part of a team!

Thank you, Alberta, and all of our amazing CAREGivers, for all your wonderful work!