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January 20, 2021

2020 CAREGiver of the Year

Written By: Cory Grassell for Home Instead of Green Bay
2020 CGOTY 238 COMP

2020 CAREGiver of the Year - Karen Wright

When looking back on the tumult of 2020, no CAREGiverâ„  stands out more than Karen Wright. She was a steady, reassuring presence; a bastion of positivity; and a ray of hope.

In fact, Karen is everything we look for in a CAREGiver. Equally skilled as she is dedicated, Karen has repeatedly stepped forward to answer the call when open shifts need to be filled, even at the last minute. And she does so with a beaming smile. She possesses the inherent ability to walk into any situation and help others with what needs to be done. She’s a natural!

Furthermore, Karen is punctual, reliable and efficient (you don’t have to ask her to do something twice!). Clients love her for her wonderful personality and sense of humor, while families consider her a member of their own. Indeed, Karen has become an important part of her clients’ lives.

We reached out to Karen’s clients to share — in their own words — the special relationship they have with Karen:

“My mom’s dementia, which was diagnosed a few years before my dad’s passing, has been slowing progressing. This horrible disease has impacted our lives in every way!

Due to our family’s amazing dedication, love and compassion, my Mom has been blessed to continue to stay in her home, which she built with so much love; however, about a year ago, we found it necessary to look into getting additional assistance for her. We reached out to Home Instead®.

Initially, several CAREGivers came to the house, and, while they did their best, we knew we had found a gem when Karen arrived. She immediately connected with my mom on a level that no one else could or did. Not only does Karen have a strong intellectual understanding of dementia but she also exudes compassion, patience and understanding, which are reflected in her behaviors.

To Karen, caregiving isn’t just a job. It’s a real commitment to her clients and their quality of life. Because of that, she naturally goes above and beyond what’s asked of her, exceeding all expectations. For example, she not only takes Mom to the swimming pool twice a week but also gets in the water and swims alongside her.

Recently, my mom had a major heart attack, and, when we came home from the hospital, we discovered the most beautiful card from Karen lying on the table; she had written a note to my mom, saying how much she missed her. It touched all of us so much!

What’s truly comforting is the way she talks to my mom like a person, not a patient or even someone who clearly suffers from dementia. At the end of the day, my mom may not remember what she did a few seconds ago, but she ALWAYS remembers how someone made her feel. And Karen ALWAYS makes her feel special.”

Karen displays leadership in the way she cares for her clients, and clients’ families have grown to rely on her leadership qualities. She often assists us with training and assisting new CAREGivers. In addition, we don’t hesitate to call on her to accept a new mission, regardless of difficulty, because of her willingness to take on new challenges and tackle them with seeming ease. That’s because Karen understands that being a leader is placing others’ needs before your own; whether at work or home, Karen has the heart to help others.

As the saying goes, “People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.” Karen makes sure everyone feels special in her presence. She is more concerned with the needs and wishes of others than with her own.


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