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April 12, 2021

Home Instead ‘Checked All the Boxes’ for Audrey

Audrey Monroe Houston 232 Quarter One 2021 Photo

Audrey’s husband received a job transfer, so when they moved from Maryland to Texas nearly two years ago, Audrey began hunting for a senior-care job. She had been a highly regarded long-time private-duty caregiver who earned a CNA-GNA (Geriatric Nursing Aide) certification in 1993. Her other experience included nursing-home work.

“During the job-search process where I put my resume online, a lot of people wanted me. But I also was hearing, ‘You’re way overqualified,’ ” Audrey recalled. “As a private-duty caregiver, I had taken care of eight different seniors from the same family at different times over the course of many years. Of course, I didn’t know anyone when we moved to Texas. I had never been with an agency before, but I thought it was the way to go. I made a list of things I wanted to see in an employer. I wanted to be able to check all the boxes if I was going to join an agency.”

Referring to her checklist, Audrey explained: “I know this business, and I knew what to look for. I was seeking a clean office when I walked in the door, which would tell me they cared about their appearance. I was looking for a courteous, polite office staff. I wanted to see how the agencies viewed both their clients and their caregiving workers. With all of those things in mind, I picked the Home Instead® franchise.”

The award-winning office is owned by Cara Delgado and serves north and northwest Houston.

Elaborating on her thought process with agency employment, Audrey explained. “I talked to everyone in the Home Instead office. They felt like family. I felt as if I knew everyone my whole life. Later, after taking the job, I was happy to feel that we respected each other even if we have differences of opinion. We know we can talk through almost everything that comes up.”

As expected, Audrey has been a highly successful member of the Home Instead’s team of professional CAREGivers. In March 2021, Recruitment and Engagement Coordinator Chloe Carter announced Audrey’s honor as CAREGiver of the Quarter.

Audrey is still receiving calls from other agencies that want her to consider them, but she said, “I am firmly in Home Instead’s corner. Communications are good, and the top quality is respect. I know if I do the best job I can, it gets around to other people who are looking for help for themselves or families looking for assistance for their senior loved ones. We’re about the biggest agency out there, and there are good reasons for it. We have good employees.”

One client’s family kept Audrey even when its senior was hospitalized and was not allowed CAREGiver visits because of COVID-19 restrictions. That’s what Audrey brings to the table — the earned trust of the clients and their families. “I want to be an asset. If I am doing well, the franchise also is doing well,” Audrey said.

Audrey has earned the respect of clients and their families because she welcomes the Home Instead training and also draws on her vast senior-care research that she had picked up on her own before joining Home Instead. “Most of my clients have had dementia. A long time ago, I went to a class to learn about dementia. It’s the same way with other client challenges. I’ve learned about certain forms of physical therapy so I can help the various clients. I believe you have to learn how to take care of your clients,” she said.

“If it is just getting backgrounding from the clients and their family members, that’s one way. If it is specific knowledge, I do what I need to do. Whatever my client needs, I learn. My education never stops. A family member once asked me, ‘How did you know about this fact when you were taking care of my loved one?’ I have learned a lot through the years and made a conscious effort to add to my knowledge.”

All Home Instead CAREGivers are screened, trained, bonded and insured. For inquiries about employment, please call (281) 440-5160 or apply online. For further information about Home Instead, visit our website.