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Mar 11, 2021

Care Professional of the Month: Merly

Caregiver of the Month Merly

Caregiver of the Month Merly Cadavedo developed her award-winning caregiving skills as a professionally trained college graduate. She started her medical career as a registered midwife in her native Philippines. She adapted her skills to senior care when her job moved to a hospital. While her original position of hire was that of a nursing aide, Merly was “quickly thrown into the fire” of doing all the things that were necessary to keep people alive and help them recover.

Because of the shortage of registered nurses, Merly was assigned to different wards in several capacities, including delivering babies in the maternity ward, providing nursing care in the outpatient department and assisting emergency room doctors. Hospital work honed her patient-care skills. Merly worked there for 20 years. “I also took care of my father and my mother in their twilight days as a family caregiver. I did this while working at the hospital,” Merly said, who came to the United States in 2000.

Merly got to know Home Instead in one of the franchise’s social media advertisements. “The vision, commitment and mission of the company truly embodied what a home health agency should be. My expectations came into reality when I started. Home Instead cares not just for its clients but also provides genuine support to its Caregivers as well,” say Merly.

When asked what she liked most about her job as a Home Instead Caregiver, Merly said: “The great opportunity to serve is quite rewarding in all aspects. Showing compassion, respect and dignity to clients and feeling their appreciation, all of those things are indeed very humbling.”

She added, “One thing I have appreciated by working for Home Instead is the company’s all-out support for us Caregivers. Home Instead provides regular training and continuing education to better equip the Caregivers in delivering the needed care and meeting their mandate. In caregiving, every day is a learning process.” Over the years, Merly has experienced different personalities. In one situation, with a client who always will be remembered because she remained positive and cheerful, she continued activities of daily living and maintained a prayerful life all the way. “I will cherish her forever,” says Merly.

Merly is proud of the life she and her Husband gave their children. “I am proud to say all of my daughters graduated and are successful in their careers,” Merly said.