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Sep 25, 2020

Home Instead Gerontologist Lakelyn Hogan Appears on Dr. Phil

home instead gerontologist lakelyn hogan appears on dr phil
Lakelyn Hogan, Home Instead gerontologist and caregiver advocate, recently appeared on Dr. Phil.

Lakelyn’s appearance served as a follow up to a segment that aired on Dr. Phil last spring, when we were introduced to Tracy, a family caregiver who is part of the “sandwich generation,” the generation that balances the responsibilities of raising a family, working on a career and caring for an elderly parent. During the emotional interview last spring, we learned about Tracy’s firsthand experiences and the challenges she faced – caregiving was taking it’s toll.

Dr. Phil and Lakelyn wanted to help – they surprised Tracy by offering six months of free care from Home Instead for her mother.

Today, things are a lot different for Tracy and her mom. How has Tracy’s life changed and how has her experience with Home Instead been?

Watch the video to find out.

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