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Littleton's Preferred 24-Hour Home Care Choice

There are many advantages to 24-hour home care for an aging loved one requiring assistance at home. For starters, it's convenient to have a trained and dedicated Care Professional, arrive at your home and provide excellent elder care for your loved one. This is also convenient for your family members acting as family caregivers having the assistance of an experienced and properly trained caregiving professional.

24-Hour Home Care Benefits in Littleton, CO

Another benefit to 24-hour home care in Littleton, CO, is that the ailing and elderly patients that receive this individualized treatment typically heal faster and respond better to physical therapy and other exercises. Studies support the notion that being in a comfortable setting when you are recovering from a serious ailment only helps the rehabilitation process because the patient feels secure and comfortable in this environment. Simply put, having a little bit of independence in a care service environment can be very beneficial. Lastly, the affordability factor of 24-hour care is a much more cost-effective approach to ensuring your loved one is receiving excellent care compared to an extended hospital stay. 

24-Hour Home Care Convenience in Littleton, CO

Whether you desire Home Instead 24-hour home care services because it's affordable, convenient, offers security for your loved one, or proven to help aging loved ones recover more quickly, the benefits of 24-hour home care cannot be ignored for Littleton families. Call today to learn more!

With 24-hour care we offer two approaches to providing excellent care.


Utilizes 5 or 6 diligent Care Pros that provide service in 8-hour shifts that continue to rotate throughout the day. This option is considered great for bed-bound patients that need nonstop assistance.

Live-In Service:

Utilizes 3 Care Pros that provide service for 24 consecutive hours rotating every third day. Because these Care Pros are working the entire length of the day, they need private sleeping quarters and to be provided with meals.

You can stop worrying about an elder family member falling during the night and waiting hours for help to arrive. Round-the-clock care gives you peace of mind. Our compassionate Care Pros also make your loved one's life easier with these valuable services:

  • Help with toileting, no matter the hour
  • Bathing and dressing assistance
  • Meal preparation
  • Companionship, even in the middle of the night
  • Light housekeeping
  • Laundry assistance
  • Medication reminders
  • Immediate telephone contact in case of an emergency

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