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Care Professional Awards & Recognition 

At Home Instead®, our success revolves around our CAREGiversâ„  – and we know it! We celebrate CAREGivers year-round in many ways: a note of appreciation, recognition in our employee newsletter, perhaps an impromptu office party.
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Standing Ovation Care Pro Recognition

A standing ovation is considered the highest form of praise and recognition, taking the celebratory aspect of applause to the next level. Each month, we celebrate Care Professionals who have gone above and beyond in their roles and lift them up with a Standing Ovation. We thank these incredible Care Pros for their dedication and service.

2021 CAREGiver of the Year, Kokita!

Home Instead in Ellicott City, Maryland is excited to announce our CAREGiver of the year, Kokita D.!

Kokita shared with us her reflection on being a Home Instead CAREGiver. "In the past 5 years, I have given time, patience, and attention to all the clients I have cared for in order to build a special relationship with each of them. I take the time to go above and beyond for the clients, even if it is just by doing small things like getting their favorite candies, taking them to the grocery store, or making the bed the way that they like it. I feel by going above and beyond that it makes the client feel special. Whether I am on a scheduled shift or filling in for another CAREGiver my goal is to always make the client smile. I take things I have learned from each client and use them to make myself better each day. My inspiration comes from my grandmother, watching her get up every morning and put on her all-white uniform to go to work. I never heard my grandmother complain or call off from work, not even once. I use this memory to motivate me even when I am having a difficult time."

Thank you Kokita and all of our Care Staff for continuously making a difference in the lives of our clients!

April 2022 Care Professional Spotlight - Karen

This month's Care Professional spotlight goes to Karen!

Karen has been with Home Instead for 6 years and shares that the leadership skill that she thinks all caregivers should demonstrate is compassion, saying, “Sometimes the only interaction our clients get is when we are there to keep them company, and I go out of my way to make sure that the clients feel special.” Karen tries to make our clients feel that they can count on her no matter how big or small the situation is. Seeing the smiles on our clients faces when arriving is what she enjoys most. All the relationships Karen builds with clients are special. She realizes that each client is unique and says, “There isn’t just one time or moment that I go above and beyond for a client, from the time I walk into the client’s home until my shift is over, I make sure that I am giving 100%”. Karen wants to make her client's days a little easier. Recounting one client who is blind, “I set her clothes out for her, and she thanks me and tells me that no one ever does that extra gesture.”

Thank you to Karen and all our amazing Home Instead Care Professionals.

March 2022 Care Professional Spotlight - Sandy

This month's Care Professional spotlight goes to Sandy!

Sandy has been a Home Instead CAREGiver for almost 6 years! Sandy loves that Home Instead takes time to help make the CAREGivers feel appreciated by hosting special gatherings, care bags, and by listening and addressing situations that a CAREGiver may have.  Sandy shared, “They even called me on my Birthday and sang happy birthday to me”.  Thank you Home Instead for all you do!” Sandy remembers one client with great fondness sharing, “I was her traveling buddy, she loved to eat out quite often and something funny would always happen to her while we were out. We talked and laughed all the time. We got along quite well!” Sandy believes that a CAREGiver must possess the leading ability to gain the confidence of their clients. “If you genuinely love to help people it will show, and they will naturally feel cared for”.

Thank you, Sandy, and all our Home Instead CAREGivers for all you do!

February 2022 Care Professional Spotlight- Lisa 

This month's Care Professional spotlight goes to Lisa!

Lisa has been with Home Instead for almost 6 years and loves having the opportunity to help seniors stay in their own homes! She says, “I have special relations with the clients I care for by becoming close with the client and their families, and in return I have made some good friends!”.  Aside of providing great care, Lisa demonstrates great leadership skills through love, compassion, and patience.  She tells us about a time she went above and beyond saying, “I was with a gentleman who has great difficulty getting around. I went to help him late one night and he was happy that I was able to be there.”

Thank you, Lisa, and all our Home Instead CAREGivers for all you do!

January 2022 Care Professional Spotlight - Massan 

This month's Care Professional spotlight goes to Massan!

Massan has been a CAREGiver with Home Instead for 12 years. Massan enjoys the atmosphere that Home Instead provides for her, and our clients. She shares, “Working with elders has taught me many things I would have never known such as, how to care for the elderly, how to make people feel loved and admired.” Massan says, “A good CAREGiver needs to have good communication skills in order to be able to communicate with elders in an understanding matter, as well as, making sure their safety and comfort comes first.” Massan uses those communication skills to build relationships with clients. She considers all her relationships special, and she cares for each client dearly. Massan recalls a time her communication helped ease a client by saying, “I was once with a client that had a lot on their mind and was obviously worried about something. I sat down next to them and assured them that they could talk to me about anything, and that everything was going to be okay.”

Thank you, Massan, and all our Home Instead CAREGivers for all you do!

December 2021 CAREGiver Spotlight - Kim

This month's CAREGiver spotlight goes to Kim! 

Kim has been a Home Instead CAREGiver for 6 years. Kim believes that it's important for caregivers to make every effort to establish a rapport with our clients AND their family members. She shares, “We should not take lightly the fact that our clients are allowing us into their homes and lives at a time when they are experiencing a level of difficulty and vulnerability.” Kim feels that caregivers need to convey to our clients that as caregivers, they are there to care for them, saying, “there are times when a client is unwilling or unable to connect with the caregiver, but that is no excuse for not doing our best while we are there.”

Kim says she enjoys the opportunity to meet and learn from a variety of people - not only clients, but other caregivers too as a Home Instead CAREGiver! She shares her most treasured moment as a caregiver was when she was able to present a simple gift of plastic bags, to the wife of a client who was overwhelmed by how to dispose of her husband's soiled products. Kim had learned from a previous client how to neatly fold the bags, rather than bunch them all together, and put them in an empty container.

Thank you, Kim, and all our Home Instead CAREGivers for all you do!

November 2021 CAREGiver Spotlight - Nicole

This month's CAREGiver spotlight goes to Nicole!

Nicole has been with home Instead for 11 years. The relationships Nicole has with each of our clients is special to her. “Over the years I have developed unique endearing relationships with clients that are nurtured with empathy, communication, and understanding.” It is a priority of Nicole’s to ensure optimal care for clients by including life enriching activities into her caregiving. She includes memory activities such as puzzles, intermediate exercises, singing and art into her caregiving. And focuses on supporting clients physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Nicole says, “The thing I enjoy most about being a Home Instead CareGiver is the opportunity to find purpose in helping others and developing a sense of humanity”. Nicole gets satisfaction and joy knowing that Caregiving is her calling.

Nicole always tries to set an example for her coworkers and clients by being compassionate, patient, and reliable. She knows that our clients depend on caregivers to provide safe keeping, understanding, and to trust that they are in great care. 

Thank you, Nicole, and all our Home Instead CAREGivers for all you do!

October 2021 CAREGiver Spotlight - Marlene 

This month's CAREGiver spotlight goes to Marlene!

Marlene loves providing care and offering a helping hand to all our clients! She shares “Everyone is different but one thing I notice is when they answer the door, they always greet me with a smile and are glad to see me”.

With the leadership skills Marlene has acquired from being a CAREGiver she always gives her full undivided attention and care. Marlene is always focused on the clients she works with, through eye contact, listening skills and positive reinforcement.

Marlene continues to grow her leadership skills using the 24/7 open door support that Marlene and our clients receive from Home Instead, it is what she enjoys most about being a CAREGiver.


Special October 2021 CAREGiver Spotlight- Barbara 

In our special October CAREGiver spotlight goes to Barbara.

Barbara has been a Home Instead CAREGiver for 15 years! Barbara said she learned that a caregiver above all else needs to be patient. Some days may be challenging as many revert to an agitated state as their disease progresses, that is where patience is needed. She said “We are on a journey with them hearing their history. We learn about where they grew up, places they visited, and get to take part in their hobbies. While on that journey we need to treat them with dignity and respect. The golden rule applies, "treat others as you want to be treated", a little love doesn't hurt either. If you build a bond strong enough and get "adopted" by a family who has trusted their loved one to your care, it is truly something special!”

We are beyond grateful for Barbara's 15 years of service. Thank you, Barbara, and all our amazing CAREGivers for all you do!

September 2021 CAREGiver Spotlight - Melanie C.

This month's CAREGiver spotlight goes to Melanie!

Melanie has been with Home Instead since 2015. Melanie said that she usually works with clients who have dementia or Alzheimer's. Melanie shared, while many of them can't always remember my name, they do remember how I make them feel. She said it’s important to relate to them as best as she can.

According to Melanie, to be a great CAREGiver, you need to be a self-starter, a good observer and take cues from your clients. What Melanie enjoys most about being a Home Instead CAREGiver is that she enjoys meeting new people and creating new relationships. She likes helping them and making sure they are enjoying their time together.

Thank you, Melanie, and all our Home Instead CAREGivers for all you do!

August 2021 CAREGiver Spotlight - Nettie A. 

This month’s CAREGiver spotlight goes to Nettie A.! 

Nettie A. has been with Home Instead since 2019. Nettie said she has had so many wonderful clients, but the one that she was very close to was an ALS Client. From the first day they met, they clicked. During her shifts, they would sing along to different musicals as she did her duties. They started each shift with coffee and donuts and caught each other up on what’s happening in the world.

 What Nettie enjoys most about being a Home Instead CAREGiver is that she gets to meet people from all walks of life. She says she has learned so much from every client she has worked with.

Thank you, Nettie, and all our Home Instead CAREGivers for all you do for our clients, client’s families, and Home Instead!

July 2021 CAREGiver Spotlight - Jenith L. 

This month’s CAREGiver spotlight goes to Jenith L.!

Jenith L. has been a Home Instead CAREGiver for one year. Jenith said that her special relationship with a Home Instead client began when she stayed over her time to lend a listening ear.  Since that moment, they like to talk, laugh, and have happy moments whenever she is there. The client makes Jenith feels like family rather than just a CAREGiver. 

What Jenith enjoys most about being a Home Instead CAREGiver is being able to form relationships with many great people, especially those with a different cultural background.  She then can offer her love and expertise as she assists them daily. 

Thank you, Jenith, and all our Home Instead CAREGivers for all you do for our clients, client’s families, and Home Instead!

June 2021 CAREGiver Spotlight – Diane S. 

This month’s spotlight goes to Diane S! 

Diane S. has been a CAREGiver with Home Instead going on almost 6 years! Diane is a delightful member of our care team. All our clients rave about how caring and kind she is, and that empathy is in her DNA.  While working with Home Instead Diane’s most memorable care experience is when a client loved Diane so much, that when the client had to move to another state, she begged Diane to go with her.

Being a CAREGiver for quite some time, Diane says that professionalism is key when striving to become a great CAREGiver. Professionalism such as proper dress attire, arriving on time and always having a smile on your face rain or shine.  One of Diane’s best care moments was while working with a client who required hospice care.  Diane shared that a calm and peaceful atmosphere, helps alleviate the situation but simply, “sometimes your presence is enough”.

Home Instead became a home for Diane when she read our mission statement “Enhancing the lives of aging adults and their families”.  She loves hearing everyone’s story!

Thank you, Diane, and all our Home Instead CAREGivers for all you do for our clients, client’s families and Home Instead!

May 2021 CAREGiver Spotlight – Lisa J. 

This month’s spotlight goes to Lisa J!

Lisa has been with Home Instead for 5 years. Lisa shared that one the most memorable things a client can do is open their home to the care team and treating all the CAREGivers like family. She says, “it’s something that I will always treasure”.

One special client memory that Lisa has is a conversation she recently had with a client. The client was scared to go to bed at night following the passing of her husband, Lisa shared that she would sit with our client reassuring her that her husband loves her and will always be with her. Since then, our client had never had that fear again.

To be a great CAREGiver Lisa believes you must demonstrate love and compassion when caring for our clients. Lisa shared; she loves bringing smiles to the faces of client’s she has provided services to. The love and care given to client’s is of the most important! Aside of demonstrating love and compassion, laughter is the best medicine!

Thank you to Lisa and all our amazing CAREGivers for all you do for Home Instead and our clients!

April 2021 CAREGiver Spotlight – Kokita D.

This month’s CAREGiver spotlight features Kokita D!

Kokita has been with Home Instead since 2016. Kokita puts client’s and their loved one’s mind at ease through her kind, caring, compassionate and professional attitude. She has remained dedicated to one of our clients for over 3 years, so much that her client says that they feel she is part of the family.  

Kokita shared that through the COVID pandemic she has kept her mind focused and positive by working out, reading and calling friends and family. 

Kokita sharded her experience with working with a client who has Alzheimer’s and how her family is helping. The clients family got her an Alzheimer's dementia robotic therapy cat (see photo). They take it to all her doctor appointments and other outings to help with the clients depression. Kokita says it really helps and if anyone is interested, they are on the alzstore.com. 

Thank you Kokita and all our amazing CAREGivers for their hard work.

March 2021 CAREGiver Spotlight - Tarnise G. 

This month’s CAREGiver spotlight features Tarnise G!

Tarnise has been with Home Instead for a little over two years. Tarnise says that the best skill to have as a CAREGiver is to listen. Listening to what clients have to say helps build a trusting relationship!

Over the past year, Tarnise has had the privilege of working with Mr. M. The family has made her feel so welcome in their home and they even attend church services together. One thing that Tarnise finds herself doing after working with Mr. M is blessing herself, as Mr. M does when they drive past the church.

One special moment that Tarnise has with Mr. M is when she found the perfect gift for him. She shared, “he would always talk about the car in his wedding photos.” There was a model car that Tarnise found exactly like the car in his wedding photo. Seeing how happy it made Mr. M really resonated with her.

Being a caregiver to Tarnise means making a difference. Her goal is to always make a difference every day with each client.

Thank you, Tarnise and all our amazing CAREGivers, for your hard work and dedication!

February 2021 CAREGiver Spotlight - Marilyn C.

This month's CAREGiver spotlight features Marilyn C! 

Marilyn has been with Home Instead for almost 2 years and has worked with many Home Instead Clients. There are a couple of Home Instead clients that hold a special place in Marilyn’s heart.

Marilyn had a new client that was mostly bed bound. With the help of physical therapy, nursing care and Marilyns care and encouragement the client is now back on her feet and has regained her independence that she thought was lost. The tremendous progress of her client has given Marilyn a sense of joy knowing she was part of helping her client reach her goals.

Marilyn believes in order to be a great CARGiver one must be patient, compassionate and understanding when working with clients. It is important to understand that all of us someday, will grow old. All clients have their good days and not so good days. Marilyn feels thankful that on those not so good days, she can be a shoulder to lean on. Marilyn remembers another client, that when she arrived, the client was crying. Marilyn took her hands and asked her why she was so sad? The client replied, "I do not know if I will make it to my next birthday." Marilyn reminded her that her birthday was just a few days away and to not give up on herself. The client looked at Marilyn and said, "Marilyn you are a lifesaver".

What Marilyn enjoys most about being a CAREGiver is being able to put a smile on clients faces!

We want to thank Marilyn and all the CAREGivers for their continued hard work!