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CAREGiver Awards & Recognition 

At Home Instead®, our success revolves around our CAREGivers℠ – and we know it! We celebrate CAREGivers year-round in many ways: a note of appreciation, recognition in our employee newsletter, perhaps an impromptu office party.
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Home Instead CAREGiver of the Year Award

CAREGiver appreciation is baked into our DNA. We sincerely value the passion and talent each CAREGiver brings to our mission day in and day out.

To thank our CAREGivers for all the amazing things they do, we nominate a person for our national Mary Steibel CAREGiver of the Year award. It’s a small way to show how thankful we are to them for demonstrating compassion and exceptional care to the seniors and families they serve.

2020 CAREGiver of the Year: Maria “Dani” F.

“When I have a client, I always put myself in their place. I take care of them the way I want to be taken care of or the way I’ve cared for my family. Everything I’ve gone through in my life – losing mom and dad, losing my husband – this job gives me strength to keep going and lets me know that life is truly worth living,” said Maria.

2020 CAREGiver of the Year - Deborah Y.

Our Howard County CAREGiver of the year is Deborah Y!
She has been with us for 5 years!

Deborah always makes an impact with her clients because she listens and hears what they want and what they need.

She is also a caring support for their families, especially in tough times. There are many stories about Deborah that make her an outstanding CAREGiver but the one that stood out to us the most was with a longtime hospice client and his family. The client's daughter was having a difficult time with her father's regression. With Deborah there by the client's side everyday she encouraged the daughter to take time for herself, knowing that it would be difficult for the daughter if her father did pass while she was there. While the daughter was out one day the client did indeed pass. Deborah took the time to clean the client and make him look presentable for his daughter. She was not asked to do that, she knew the family so well, knew what her client's wishes were and knew how much softer the blow would be for his daughter if she could remember him in the best light possible.

Deborah is always all about the client, she does not call out, she does not miss days unnecessarily, if a client needs a last minute schedule change she is always willing to accommodate. She is a great example of being 'all about the client' and is a tremendous advocate for each and every client she has worked with.

We are overjoyed to have her as our Howard County CAREGiver of the year. She will also be our nominee for regional CAREGiver of the year! Please join us in congratulating Deborah!

April 2021 CAREGiver Spotlight – Kokita D.

This month’s CAREGiver spotlight features Kokita D!

Kokita has been with Home Instead since 2016. Kokita puts client’s and their loved one’s mind at ease through her kind, caring, compassionate and professional attitude. She has remained dedicated to one of our clients for over 3 years, so much that her client says that they feel she is part of the family.  

Kokita shared that through the COVID pandemic she has kept her mind focused and positive by working out, reading and calling friends and family. 

Kokita sharded her experience with working with a client who has Alzheimer’s and how her family is helping. The clients family got her an Alzheimer's dementia robotic therapy cat (see photo). They take it to all her doctor appointments and other outings to help with the clients depression. Kokita says it really helps and if anyone is interested, they are on the alzstore.com. 

Thank you Kokita and all our amazing CAREGivers for their hard work.

March 2021 CAREGiver Spotlight - Tarnise G. 

This month’s CAREGiver spotlight features Tarnise G!

Tarnise has been with Home Instead for a little over two years. Tarnise says that the best skill to have as a CAREGiver is to listen. Listening to what clients have to say helps build a trusting relationship!

Over the past year, Tarnise has had the privilege of working with Mr. M. The family has made her feel so welcome in their home and they even attend church services together. One thing that Tarnise finds herself doing after working with Mr. M is blessing herself, as Mr. M does when they drive past the church.

One special moment that Tarnise has with Mr. M is when she found the perfect gift for him. She shared, “he would always talk about the car in his wedding photos.” There was a model car that Tarnise found exactly like the car in his wedding photo. Seeing how happy it made Mr. M really resonated with her.

Being a caregiver to Tarnise means making a difference. Her goal is to always make a difference every day with each client.

Thank you, Tarnise and all our amazing CAREGivers, for your hard work and dedication!

February 2021 CAREGiver Spotlight - Marilyn C.

This month's CAREGiver spotlight features Marilyn C! 

Marilyn has been with Home Instead for almost 2 years and has worked with many Home Instead Clients. There are a couple of Home Instead clients that hold a special place in Marilyn’s heart.

Marilyn had a new client that was mostly bed bound. With the help of physical therapy, nursing care and Marilyns care and encouragement the client is now back on her feet and has regained her independence that she thought was lost. The tremendous progress of her client has given Marilyn a sense of joy knowing she was part of helping her client reach her goals.

Marilyn believes in order to be a great CARGiver one must be patient, compassionate and understanding when working with clients. It is important to understand that all of us someday, will grow old. All clients have their good days and not so good days. Marilyn feels thankful that on those not so good days, she can be a shoulder to lean on. Marilyn remembers another client, that when she arrived, the client was crying. Marilyn took her hands and asked her why she was so sad? The client replied, "I do not know if I will make it to my next birthday." Marilyn reminded her that her birthday was just a few days away and to not give up on herself. The client looked at Marilyn and said, "Marilyn you are a lifesaver".

What Marilyn enjoys most about being a CAREGiver is being able to put a smile on clients faces!

We want to thank Marilyn and all the CAREGivers for their continued hard work!

August 2020 CAREGiver Spotlight - Cindy S.

This month's CAREGiver spotlight goes to Cindy S!

Cindy has been a CAREGiver with Home Instead for nearly  5 years! In that time she has become close with many clients, but she had a special relationship with one client in particular. This client even referred to Cindy as her "daughter and best friend". Cindy says in order to be a great CAREGiver you must have a comforting spirit, anticipate the wants and needs of the client and be a good listener. She has created bonds with our clients by expressing interest in the client's past accomplishments and she always tries to make them laugh, saying "it's the best medicine". She has gone above and beyond for many clients but recalls, a time when she visited a client in rehab to bring her little treats and flowers. Cindy would do anything to put a smile on her face. What Cindy finds most satisfying about the job is being able to enrich the lives of our clients.

Thank you Cindy and all of our CAREGivers for their hard work and dedication to our clients during these times. Please continue to stay safe!

March 2020 CAREGiver Spotlight - Cheryl H.

​This month's CAREGiver spotlight is Cheryl H!

Cheryl has been a CAREGiver with Home Instead since 2014. Over the course of the last 5 years Cheryl has provided care to many Home Instead clients. One client in particular holds a special place in her heart. For over a year Cheryl and her client often did crossword puzzles together and enjoyed going on outings. Cheryl is grateful that she was able to provide care through his last year. When providing care Cheryl feels the most important thing to remember is to be caring, considerate, have a kind heart and to always understand that our clients may have bad days but the good days always outweigh the bad. She stated, "I live by the golden rule of always treat others the way you would want someone to treat you". Cheryl simply says that she loves her job because at the end of the day she knows she is doing the right thing by providing care to those that need care.

Thank you to Cheryl and all of our amazing CAREGivers for all your hard work!

February 2020 CAREGiver Spotlight - Deborah Y.

​This month's CAREGiver spotlight is Deborah Y!

Deborah has been with Home Instead for almost 5 years. One of our clients holds a special place in her heart because of the daily words of wisdom they share. Over the last 5 years she has learned that being a good listener is one of the biggest qualities that a CAREGiver can have. She says "Listening to understand and not listening to respond. That changes everything for a client and the care you provide to them. Going above and beyond is what Deborah does every day for our clients. She recalls one time our client's heat wasn't going to be fixed for another week. After speaking with the company who handles the heat and got them to come out within the hour after emphasizing the importance of our client needing to have heat! What Deborah enjoys most about being a Home Instead CAREGiver is meeting different people from every walk of life. Each day she works with our clients, she learns something valuable. She says, "I am able to build bonds and friendships that make my job more than just a job. "It's my career".

Thank you Deborah, and all of our CAREGivers for everything you do for our clients!

January 2020 CAREGiver Spotlight - Kyla H. 

This month's CAREGiver spotlight is Kyla H! 

Kyla has been with Home Instead since early 2018. She has an amazing relationship with one of her clients that she has been with from the start, that she says is "91 years young". The client enjoy their morning routines with coffee and reminiscing about her childhood. Being with the same client Kyla has had the pleasure of meeting her clients children, grand children and even great grand children! 

Kyla says "I have loved every day of my last two years with her and her family" and hopes to spend many more. Not having family here in Maryland Kyla says "It has been a gift" to be a member of her clients. The key to care giving to her is "Patience, understanding and love what you do".  Her favorite thing about being a CAREGiver with Home Instead is being part of the families that she works with.

Thank you Kyla, and all of our CAREGivers for everything you do for our clients!