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Top Respite Care Choice in Mt. Olympus, UT

There are few jobs in the world that are as challenging as the role of primary caregiver. In order to providing a loved one with the proper care they need, family caregivers often sacrifice their own health, social life, and, to a certain extent, mental wellness. The demanding tasks of the role of primary caregiver can easily overwhelm any person that is in that position. If you are presently caring for a family member in Mt. Olympus, UT and you feel exhausted or overwhelmed with the responsibilities, there is a solution.

Home Instead Respite Care Services

Respite Care is that unique scenario where we are offering a service that aids both the caregiver and the family member. When our courteous Care Professionals come to your home, they will provide your aging loved one with all of their caregiving needs giving you a moment to get away and either get done the errands you need to do or simply appreciate the things you’ve recently missed in Mt. Olympus. You can take comfort knowing that when you are gone your loved one is receiving the best attentive care they need while you can relax and revitalize your own health.

Respite Care Offers a Break Day or Night

As if this temporary relief isn’t enticing enough to an over-stressed primary caregiver, we also coordinate specifically to your own scheduling needs. Whether you have a doctor’s appointment or a business meeting, we will be there for you. Perhaps it’s that family trip you’ve planning for years or just having lunch with an old friend in Mt. Olympus, we cater our caregiving services to your temporary needs. We offer around-the-clock respite care every single day of the calendar year. We are here for you, so that you can rest and be at your best when you are ready. Here are some of the most common senior in-home care services we provide:

Companionship Care:

Most seniors enjoy visits from a new friend and helping them accomplish tasks and enjoy favorite activities is good for seniors’ health. We can play games, visit neighbors, watch movies or plan activities, whatever is most helpful for the senior and their family.

Home Helper Services:

Receiving help with home tasks that are more difficult for seniors is often crucial to allowing seniors to continue to live in their home. Plus, our home helper services free up time for family caregivers to spend more quality time with their loved one. Home Helper services include cleaning, laundry, shopping, running errands and helping however we can.

Personal Care Services:

Having an outside caregiver help with personal care such as bathing, dressing and mobility helps preserve important family relationships and preserves the dignity of the senior. Our trained Care Pros treat each senior with the utmost of respect in all personal care matters.

Alzheimer’s Care:

Our Care Pros are specially trained in our award-winning Alzheimer’s Care program and can work with seniors and provide the assistance and encouragement to help them cope with the challenges of Alzheimer’s.

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