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Care Professional Awards & Recognition

At Home Instead®, our success revolves around the work of our Care Professionals – and we make sure they know it! We celebrate Care Pros year-round through: notes of appreciation, recognition in our employee newsletter, flowers, extra time off, and even impromptu office parties.

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Do You Know Someone With A Caring Heart?

We all have that someone who is a natural born caregiver. If you know a friend or family member that would make an outstanding Care Pro, someone who would easily receive a standing ovation from Home Instead, please share the career opportunity - we’d love to meet them!

CP Apr 5

Care Pro of the Month June: Marcia B. (Oakwood)

Congratulations to Marcia for being honored as our Care Pro of the Month for the Oakwood office this June. Marcia has been with us since March of 2022 and has already earned her Dementia TULIP & Personal Care Skills TULIP. She is very dedicated to her education and learning! We are very appreciative of Marcia's continued service on her client Ms. C. The Client Care Manager has noticed a huge improvement in the clutter in this client's home, and that is thanks to Marcia. Thank you for all you do, Marcia!

CP Apr 1

Care Pro of the Month June: Hollis M. (Brecksville)

Congratulations to Hollis for being awarded as our Care Pro of the Month for the Brecksville office this June. Hollis has worked at Home Instead since June of 2021. She is a very hard worker and is dedicated to her clients, and her calm demeanor makes her easy to work with. Hollis is also very committed to her learning; in the past year, she has earned 2 TULIPS - the 'dementia' one and the 'health issues and diseases' one. Thank you, Hollis, for being a Care Pro we can always count on!

July 2022 CGoM Oakwood Minerva R

Care Pro of the Month May: Minerva R. (Oakwood)

Oakwood Care Pro of the month: Minerva R.: Minerva has only been with us since mid-May, but she has quickly shown us how big of a heart she has. She is patient with her clients, loved wherever she goes, and is always willing to help and pick up shifts. Thank you, Minerva, for always being a dependable Care Pro that we can count on!

Care Pro of the Month May: Elaine T. (Brecksville)

Brecksville CAREGiver of the Month Elaine T.: Elaine has been with Home Instead since June of 2009- over 10 years! She has always been such a valuable asset to our company. Elaine shows how devoted she is by being patient, a good communicator with our schedulers, and recently has been extra helpful covering a client whose regular Care Pro has been out. Thank you, Elaine, for going above and beyond with our clients!
June 2022 CoreValue Valcine

Core Value Standout July 2022: Valcine F.

Valcine is celebrating her 3rd year at Home Instead this July. Valcine is one of those Care Pros we can always depend on. Whether she just worked 7 straight days or she just got off a shift, Valcine is always willing to help us out and pick up shifts. We know how reliable she is and we know that we can always trust her with our clients. We are so grateful for your dedicated service to Home Instead!
CGoM Oakwood June 2022 Deirdre

Care Pro of the Month June 2022: Deirdre H. (Oakwood)

Oakwood Care Pro of the Month, Deirdre H.: Deirdre joined Home Instead in March of 2021. Since then, Deirdre shows us how much she cares for her clients by being kind, thorough with her notes, bringing up concerns she has about her clients to the staff, and showing up for trainings to educate and improve herself. Deirdre has a big heart and it shows just by having a short conversation with her. Thank you, Deirdre, for being such a loving Care Pro!
CGoM June 2022 Brecksville Pam

Care Pro of the Month June 2022: Pam H. (Brecksville)

Brecksville CAREGiver of the Month Pam H.: Pam has been with Home Instead since February of 2020. We can always count on Pam for being a team player and dependable with her clients and shifts. She shows up to her shifts ready to work with her kind and caring heart. Thank you, Pam, for being the wonderful Care Pro that you are!
June 2022 Core Value Robin

Core Value Standout June 2022: Robin C-T.

Congratulations to CAREGiver Robin for being honored as the Core Value winner for the month of June! Robin has been with Home Instead for almost five years. Recently, Robin showed professionalism and confidence when she stepped forward at a facility to take care of two people who are not Home Instead clients and who were not under her care. Robin, we are so appreciative of your character and willingness to take charge when you see a need. We are grateful for Care Pros like you who take your role so seriously and are graciously willing to help anyone who needs it. Keep up the wonderful work!
Brianna May 2022

CAREGiver of the Month May 2022: Brianna W. (Oakwood)

Oakwood CAREGiver of the Month, Brianna W.: Brianna started with us just last October and has proven she is very eager to learn and grow. She proudly takes initiative to help her clients in any way she can. Even when there may seem that all the work is complete, Brianna will find a stove to polish, counters to clean, cabinets to dust, or anything she can help with. Our Client Care team is amazed at how Brianna can learn new skills and procedures so quickly and takes the lead in teaching them to other Care Professionals.
Paula May 2022

CAREGiver of the Month May 2022: Paula H. (Brecksville)

Brecksville CAREGiver of the Month Paula H.: Paula has not even been with us for a year but has already established a reputation of being, dependable, reliable, flexible, and compassionate. Her huge heart enables her to provide exceptional care for her clients. Paula is flexible and volunteers to pick up shifts wherever she is needed and does it all with a smile. You would never be able to tell the difference between her regular clients and the ones she fills in for because she cares for them all with the same love.
Katica May 2022

Core Value Standout May 2022: Katica T.

Congratulations to CAREGiver Katica for being honored as the Core Value winner for the month of May! Katica started with us in December of last year and has been professionally and lovingly caring for our clients since! She has provided care to one couple consistently, and both of their sons state that they are very happy with the care provided and that "Katie" is wonderful with both of their parents, especially with their dad. She is kind and reliable and gives the families peace of mind. Katica also has tremendous patience and continues to challenge herself and willingly works with clients of various needs.
Shanniece Apr 2022

CAREGiver of the Month April 2022: Shanniece R. (Oakwood)

Oakwood CAREGiver of the Month, Shanniece R.: Shanniece was recently rehired here at Home Instead and has been rocking it out! Her clients love her and have expressed how even though she is young she is very mature, respectful, and personable. Her clients have also expressed how she helps out with whatever is needed and appreciates their friendship. Thank you for going above and beyond!
Ellie Apr 2022

CAREGiver of the Month April 2022: Ellie T. (Brecksville)

Brecksville CAREGiver of the Month Ellie T.: Ellie has been with Home Instead for quite some time and has explored other alternatives but always made her way back to us. Ellie always makes sure the client comes first. She has been willing to help not just the client but also anyone in the household. She establishes great relationships with family members and is very considerate of everyone's needs. She is ALWAYS punctual, and dependable! Thank you so much Ellie for being consistent in providing amazing care.
Helen Apr 2022

Core Value Standout April 2022: Helen C.

Congratulations to CAREGiver Helen for being honored as the Core Value winner for the month of April! Helen has been a dedicated Home Instead Care Pro for 8 years. She is known for having a huge heart by everyone she meets! Her clients LOVE her because she treats every single client as if they were her parents. Helen has a way of connecting with each family and takes into consideration the individual need of every client. It's been said that Helen works with her heart! Thank you so much for being so giving of your heart and your talents.
Maria Mar 2022

CAREGiver of the Month March 2022: Maria M. (Oakwood)

Oakwood CAREGiver of the Month, Maria M.: Maria started with Home Instead just last year and in that short time she has shown reliability, professionalism, and grace. Maria has been with the same client since starting here and has been with her every step of the way. She supports the client, husband, and the family. She allows the family to feel secure in knowing she will be there each day and provide the best care she can. That is the Home Instead way. Thank you for your dependability, caring, and kind heart.
Carmen Mar 2022

CAREGiver of the Month March 2022: Carmen R. (Brecksville)

Brecksville CAREGiver of the Month Carmen R.: Carmen just came back to work for Home Instead recently but she's picked up where she left off, being AWESOME! She has been great with her clients and they really enjoy and appreciate her. The Schedulers and Client care love that she is proactive and is able to find solutions that may be troubling to her clients. We also hear she is a great cook and the clients LOVE her meals. Thanks you Carmen we are so glad you made your way back to us.
Michael March 2022

Core Value Standout March 2022: Michael G.

Congratulations to CAREGiver Michael for being honored as the Core Value winner for the month of March! Michael just celebrated his 1 year anniversary here at Home Instead. He has been a huge help here in the office by volunteering to assist with training our new CAREGivers, going on shifts with them to show them the in's and out, and making fun and engaging videos to use at orientation. He's wowed all of his clients and their families. Michael made a few long-lasting impressions when he used his videography skills to make memorable videos of his clients to give to family. He has truly embodied our core values. Michael thank you so much for all you do, you are greatly appreciated.
Margy Feb 2022

CAREGiver of the Month February 2022: Margy W. (Oakwood)

Congratulations to Margy for being awarded CAREGiver of the month for the Oakwood office. Margy has been working at Home Instead since August of 2018. Recently, she has been focused on one special client with whom she developed a strong relationship who passed away this month. Margy was extremely dedicated to this client - one weekend in January during the storm she worked nearly 60 hours! Thank you, Margy, for your dedication and time to Home Instead.
Ann Feb 2022

CAREGiver of the Month February 2022: Ann G. (Brecksville)

Congratulations to Ann for being selected as CAREGiver of the month for the Brecksville office. Ann has been working at Home Instead since April of 2017. Our clients love her kind and calm personality. She is an extremely compassionate and devoted CAREGiver that makes us wish we could duplicate her. Thank you, Ann, for your time and dedication you have been giving to our company and clients over the last 5 years!
Stella Feb 2022

Core Value Standout February 2022: Stella F.

Congratulations to Stella for being honored as the Core Value winner for the month of February! Stella has been with Home Instead since July of 2018. Time and time again we hear wonderful things about Stella from her clients. More recently, she has touched the hearts of a family who lost a loved one. Stella was such an influential part of their lives that they want her to sing at the funeral. What a special honor! We are so proud to have such a loving and caring individual on our Home Instead team. Thank you Stella for your continuous service.