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The Senior Market in Denmark

Total Population: 5,485,000
  Number of Seniors 65+ Percentage of population
2012 975,000 17.77%
2025 1,208,000 21.20%
2050 1,374,000 24.64%
GDP Per Capita: $37,000
Number of existing franchise outlets: 9,000
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Denmark Senior Home Care

The Danish health care system has consistently drawn the admiration of governments worldwide for its efficiencies, effectiveness, and for the satisfaction it garners from the citizens it serves. However, the rapid growth in the aging population of Denmark is exerting extraordinary pressure on the public system that provides essential services for Danish seniors. Currently over 16% of Denmark’s residents are age 65 or older. By the year 2050, one in every 4 Danish citizens will be over 65. Moreover, the sharpest rise in the Danish elderly population will be in those individuals in most critical need of care, citizens above the age of 80. This group alone, often described as the ‘oldest-old’ in society, is expected to grow by 20% over the next 20 years. This is expected to place unprecedented demands on the public care system. Recognizing this increasing demand for additional care services, Home Instead Senior Care is offering a Master Franchise opportunity in the Kingdom of Denmark. Our goal is to offer customised, relationship driven senior care services that complement the existing public care options and help maintain Denmark’s highly regarded health care system.

A Pragmatic Approach to Care

Pragmatism has long been an exceptional component of Nordic life. This same sense of pragmatism can be applied to Home Instead Senior Care. Our company was founded on the concept of applying practical approaches to engaging and assisting the elderly in a manner that keeps them safe, comfortable and satisfied in the place they most desire to remain, at home.

Globally, as the demand on public care systems increases we are observing a rapid decrease in quality and accessibility of the care offered through these existing systems. In these situations families look for a high quality, private pay solution to fulfill their loved ones needs. The Home Instead business model, through the practical application of offering higher quality, customized, relationship driven care, is designed to meet this need.

A Rare Opportunity to Own a Senior Care Master Franchise in Denmark

Home Instead Senior Care is a trusted name in the eldercare industry — one that has the foresight to bring our model of non-medical, in-home care to markets throughout the world by partnering with local entrepreneurs who share our vision, passion and purpose. Each of our franchise offices is independently owned and operated. As a Home Instead Senior Care Master Franchise owner, you’ll join a network of franchise owners worldwide who are realizing their professional dreams while gaining the personal satisfaction associated with positively impacting people’s lives. In addition to establishing your pilot franchise, as a Master Franchisee for the country of Denmark, you’ll have the opportunity to offer like-minded entrepreneurs to become part of your Home Instead Senior Care franchise network.

An Invitation to Join the Home Instead Senior Care Franchise Network

Denmark’s senior population is growing at an unprecedented rate and this growth is revealing a tremendous opportunity to enhance people’s lives. If you have an interest in learning more about the Home Instead Senior Care Master Franchise opportunity in Denmark, just fill out the Master Franchise Inquiry Form or Request a Brochure. There's no cost or obligation to learn more about Home Instead Senior Care and our goals to enter the Danish market. Simply contact us and a member of our Global Business Group team will be in touch to answer any questions you may have about becoming a Home Instead Senior Care Master Franchise Partner.

If you have another location of interest that you'd like to discuss, please contact Home Instead Senior Care global development.