August 03, 2022

Panini Generation is Feeling the Caregiving Stress

Family playing a game.

If you’re responsible for both the care of your children and your aging parents, you’re probably feeling more pressure than ever. The combination of economic uncertainty, career demands and family obligations can make the “Sandwich Generation” feel more like the Panini Generation – pressed from every side. And it may threaten the physical and mental health of family caregivers. 

While it’s great to see increased dialog about those feeling the panini press, we suspect what you really need is practical help to cope with the added pressure. 

Home Instead, Inc. has developed resources to help empower you to find balance in your personal and professional lives, talk with your employer about the support you need, and strive to stay healthy. You can also learn how a trained Home Instead network Care Professional can help your aging loved ones thrive.


Family sitting at the table

5 Ways to Survive the Panini Press

Find ways to manage your stress as a panini caregiver.

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Family Caregiver talking with employer

How to Talk with Your Employer about Caregiving

Check out these conversation starters to learn the best ways to approach discussions about senior care.

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Daughter and mom taking a walk

5 Health Tips for Working Family Caregivers

The impact of caregiving can take a toll on the health of family caregivers.

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Family Caregiver taking notes

10 Benefits Caregivers Want (and Need)

Resources, flexibility and benefits make all the difference for the working family caregiver.

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Respite Care Services Near Me

Whether you need respite care to get a good night’s sleep or 24-hour home care, services and care plans can be tailored to meet your family’s needs.
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