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New Drug Slows Aging Process

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Senior woman brushing hair 

How long do you want to live? What if science created a treatment that could help you live longer and healthier? It's not science-fiction, and it may be available sooner than you think.

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic, the Scripps Institute, and other institutions have created a new class of drugs to slow the aging process in mice. These drugs, known as senolytics, not only added lifespan, but they also reduced frailty.

So what do these drugs do?

According to Professor Paul Robbins and Associate Professor Laura Niedernhofer who led research efforts for the new study at Scripps Florida, senolytics target senescent cells, the ones which have stopped dividing and accumulate as we age, accelerating the ageing process. If our cells can continue to divide, the aging process, and natural aging conditions can be slowed, or even reversed.

"In animal models, the compounds improved cardiovascular function and exercise endurance, reduced osteoporosis and frailty, and extended healthspan," said Niedernhofer. "Remarkably, in some cases, these drugs did so with only a single course of treatment."

In the mice, the effect of a single treatment lasted at least seven months.

But what does this mean for humans?

Of course more testing will need to be done to better understand the side effects of the drugs in long-term use, but Mayo Clinic Professor James Kirkland, MD, PhD, the senior author of the study is hopeful. "It may eventually become feasible to delay, prevent, alleviate or even reverse multiple chronic diseases and disabilities as a group, instead of just one at a time."​



Posted by Jan Weems (April 10, 2015)

Where do I go to volunteer for a study?? I would love to reverse arthritis, which at 63 is beginning to make my life miserable!

Posted by Cat Koehler, Home Instead Senior Care (April 13, 2015)

Hi Jan! If you live near a university, check with them. Otherwise, your doctor may be aware of some studies. Best of luck!

Posted by MaryPoppins (June 27, 2015)

Yeah, me too! Sign me up.... At the worlds rate and economic decline, I think I may need to work 60 years longer to fund my retirement.... this medication may be just what I need!


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Home Instead offers free monthly newsletters with tips and advice for caregivers of elderly loved ones. (Privacy Policy)

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