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Millennial CAREGiver Madison M.

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Millennial CAREGivers, We Want YOU!Millennial CAREGiver Madison M.

Professional CAREGiver Madison M is making a difference in the lives of seniors. Listen to her testimony about working with a specific client: 

“I first started working with Ms. Martin on May 10, 2019.  I remember arriving at her home that her husband built.  My first impression of Ms. Martin was one I’ll never forget. She was so sweet and so welcoming. The first few days involved figuring out how she liked things to be done, how she liked to eat and how she wanted the food to be prepared. Of course in between light house duties, she’d ask me to simply just sit with her for a while and talk. She would tell me all about her husband and how much she adored him before his unfortunate passing a few years back. She told me how she can’t wait to see him at the pearly gates one day.  She would sit and tell me all about her life, and the stories she shared were just incredible. We both were a tad nervous since it was the first day for both of us. I know that tending to a new person that you’ve never met can be a bit overwhelming, but with Ms. Martin, we both took such comfort in each other, and she treats me as if I was one of her own, and or as if she was my grandmother.

She tells her family that I have become such a blessing to have around, and that I’ve become “her little companion” to talk to or simply just to sit with.  It gives me such happiness and joy to be able to be that companion for her! I told her from the very beginning that I wanted her to feel comfortable with me, and to know that I am there to help her no matter what her concerns involve.  I am so proud that we've built such a strong relationship that she has gotten where she will ask me for help more often, and not feel embarrassed about it.   For me, that is what my job is all about:  to make her happy and comfortable. Overall, it has been such an honor to be her CAREGiver, and I am so blessed to have gotten this opportunity to learn about Ms. Martin, and to have gained such a sweet friend."


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Home Instead offers free monthly newsletters with tips and advice for caregivers of elderly loved ones. (Privacy Policy)

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