The Intangible Benefits of Respite Care for Redlands Seniors

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For locals, the Respite Care we offer in Redlands and surrounding areas offers an escape for you, as a caregiver, to enjoy a few hours or days to yourself.  Known for our 24 hour per day, seven days per week availability, we offer our respite services on a regular basis or on special occasions. But more than just doing our job, offering respite care in Redlands, we enjoy passing along the intangible benefits as well.

Sharing Stories
Years of memories and experiences are shared between caregivers and seniors.  When our caregiver comes by to your senior’s home, he or she is not only providing the required and necessary aid but also takes pleasure in listening to your senior’s stories. Both young and old alike have much to discuss, from past family vacations, to exciting memories, and hopes for the future.  Our caregivers enjoy listening to your senior’s experiences, tales of adventure, and past accomplishments.  Our qualified caregivers lend their ears to listen and their hearts to care for your loved ones while you and your family get the respite you need and deserve.

Learning Together
Sharing and learning go hand in hand.  The wisdom of a life lived and the dreams of a life yet to be lived are a blessing to both young and old. Your senior loved one may have a curiosity about the world outside of their home that maybe you are not able to satisfy. Their questions and concerns may seem unending at times.  Our caregivers share their enthusiasm and are happy to answer their questions and lead them on their journey of discovering yet new things. 

Older generations give us blessings by sharing their story – Younger generation, listen to their wisdom, the stories and memories bind us together. — Unknown

An Opportunity to Reflect
We understand that the last few years or decades of your senior’s life are precious and full of reflection. We believe in offering care that takes into consideration the mental and emotional needs of your loved one. As exciting as learning can be, your senior undoubtedly spends much time reflecting about their past years. Simply listening to their reflections is a comfort that money can’t buy. 

“The best things in life are the people you love, the places you go, and the memories you make.” — Unknown

Inspiring Each Other
The world is a big place. For some, their world is only the city of Redlands. For others, it’s the places they’ve traveled to. And for others, it’s the places they still dream of visiting one day. Regardless of what your senior still dreams about, your loved one needs respite care that inspires them to face each new day with the joy and excitement they had in their younger years. Maybe your schedule is quite hectic and at times you don’t feel inspired yourself.  Allow us the opportunity to provide respite care that inspires and ignites a fresh fire in the heart of your loved one.


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