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​​After spending over 30 years of my life as a self-employed person (first as a songwriter, then as a pastor), I found myself...working for Home Instead as a professional CARGEGiver. I wasn't sure at first that I was right for this kind of work, but I found myself falling in love with this new adventure. My experiences with the office staff of Home Instead Franklin have been exceptionally positive. When I have questions or uncertainties about what I am doing (which is not too unusual!), they are always just a phone call away and they always have the answers I need. This has gone a long way towards alleviating my initial anxieties about CAREGiving, and has helped me to steadily improve my skills as a CARGEGiver. I am honored to be part of Home Instead. I totally believe in their guiding principle, "To us, it's personal." I am so thankful that I found Home Instead, and that Home Instead found me.

~Dwight L., Franklin​

​​​​​​It's just a great place to work! I wish I had thought of this years ago!

~Pamela C., Lewisburg

​Home Instead Senior Care is personal to me because it challenges me and rewards me with the opportunity to serve others. Joining Home Instead Senior Care has been an adventure to me. There is no greater joy than letting Jesus love through me. Truly brings a deeper relationship with not only the client but their family too. I appreciate the watchful and protective eye over me by the office staff that you will choose safe homes for me to work in and equip me with knowledge I need to serve. I thank you for the opportunity grow in service to others.   

~Lois K., Franklin

Home Instead Senior Care is personal to me because I have felt needed and appreciated so much that it has raised my self-esteem. I have a client that I look forward to working with twice a week. She is always telling me how much she loves me and how happy she is that I am there for her. She makes me feel important because I am a big part of her life. We enjoy each other’s company and enrich each other’s lives.

~Jeannine M., Fairview

What I love about Home Instead Franklin is that they truly care for not only our precious clients, but they care about us as CAREGivers. They work with us when we have an emergency with our personal lives and they are always there when we need them.

~Debbie J., Santa Fe, TN​

I feel​​ very privileged to be employed by such a great company. I am very excited being a part of such a rewarding team!! Thanks Home Instead Senior Care!

~Judith B.​

Home Instead Senior Care is personal to me because it is the best job I have ever had and I look forward to seeing my clients each day. To me, the word CAREGiver is my official job title, but it is so much more than just caring for a senior citizen. My clients have become a part of my life and will always be close to my heart. I have been with one of my clients for almost two years now. I helped to nurse her back from a massive stroke that changed her life forever. I feel that they depend on me so much more than just serving their daily needs with personal care, house work, etc. I really feel that I am a crucial part of the family now and together we provide the best care possible for such a sweet lady. Another one of my clients looks to me more for companionship and entertainment. I look forward to seeing her each week and enjoy coming up with ideas of activities for us to do. We truly enjoy our time together and always have a wonderful time. While she greatly appreciates the companionship and the opportunities to get out of the house for a short while, I thoroughly enjoy the long conversations about her life experiences and the chance to interact and laugh with such a special and brilliant lady. Being a CAREGiver with Home Instead has been an amazing experience. It is so much more than a job to me, and more of a way of life. It provides me not only with job security but also is personally fulfilling from the endless gratitude I receive for simply providing love and care.

~Kim E., Murfreesboro

They care about their employees and clients, give flexible hours and work with you to fit you to clients. I feel they really care about us. ~Shirley H., Murfreesboro

Home Instead Senior Care is personal to me because, working for Home Instead is a good asset to the Community, and the clients that I work with. I enjoy working for the company. You get to know your clients very well, they know you very well, you learn from them, and they learn from you. When you come to work, they know you know your job. You can see that welcoming smile on their face. They let you know quickly that they're glad to see you. They know you're there for them. When you get ready to leave some will say "I'll see you next week, right back here."

~Roosevelt W., Elkton

The office staff is great. Very supportive and pleasant to work with when scheduling work shifts. Keep up the good work.

~Gerald A., Smyrna

Home Instead Senior Care is personal to me because being a CAREGiver is more than just a job. I became a CAREGiver in September of 2014. Since then I have had clients describe me as their cleaning lady, nurse, sitter. I've even been called a lifesaver. I am all of these things. I am taking some of the burden off the shoulders of the client’s families. It is being a companion and becoming part of their lives. I have heard such wonderful stories and met such wonderful people. I get as much from them as I give to them. Helping others so they can stay in their homes, that they love and are comfortable in, is so rewarding. More than anything it is a work of heart.

~Emily S., Summertown

Home Instead Senior Care is personal to me because I have gained a new prospective on life while caring for my clients at Home Instead. I find that I am more at peace with myself because I appreciate my life more. With empathy and compassion, I am given the opportunity to make my clients feel less vulnerable and scared and this makes me feel like I am doing something with my life that has meaning. I find the bond of trust and caring between me and my clients to be very rewarding.

~Michelle K., Franklin

What I like about Home Instead is the ability to work as many hours as you need. You take care of the best people and very rewarding!​

~Lauren A., Columbia​

I am very impressed at how they call you to see if there is anything they can do for you (as an employer) and to make sure you are happy. I have never had a company do that before!

~Tommie B., Mount Pleasant​

The people at the Franklin office are available 24/7 to answer my questions, address concerns about clients, and help me daily with all aspects of my job. I never have to worry, and I greatly appreciate the effort they put into making every workday successful. They are very coordinated with scheduling, finding substitute appointments, and adjusting my and my client's hours to best suit both our needs. ~Suzanne S., Dickson

Home Instead Senior Care is personal to me because as a CAREGiver with Home Instead Senior Care I have made new friends. Friends/Clients that open their homes and lives to me. Friends that need a little help with everyday life task. Friends that may just want to talk or visit with me. And to me it is personal to give a caring, heartfelt hand to them. Meeting their needs is an awesome feeling. The support from our Administrative Staff is great! And classes on a variety of subjects helps our mission.

~Penny L., Culleoka

When I am unable to work due to illness or family matters, they do not hassle me to work and have been very understandable and allow me the time I need.

~Rebecca R., Dickson, TN

Home Instead Senior Care is personal to me because it helps me fall more in love with the people I meet, listen to and hopefully help as I am led. I am happiest when I can help people it doesn't even matter what I am doing I am not the important one in this field of work my clients are and I am really rewarded and blessed as I can serve them. My regret is that I didn't find this field earlier in my life, because at my age I am limited in energy, not desire and I wish I could do more. In truth, I am sad when I leave a client I won't see again and I ask God why my relationship ends sometimes quickly, He leads me to know there is more for you to do. That being said I am happy to do His work through Home Instead. It is the one place that loves me back. When my senior friends are happy and well so am I. Love heals all hurts.

~Nancy R., Brentwood

Home Instead Senior Care is personal to me because I have always enjoyed doing what I can to help seniors or a person with challenges out. My whole life I have been groomed to do what I can for seniors. Before I worked with Home Instead, I did small projects for the seniors in my neighborhood. Things like cutting their grass in the summer, picking up trash in and around their yards, and taking them fresh flowers for Mother’s Day.

~Edward S., Mt. Pleasant

The flexibility of being able to work around the schedule of my family; everyone is very helpful and nice; I love what I'm doing!

~Beth C., Franklin

Home Instead Senior Care is personal to me because I feel that seniors need to be able to maintain as normal of a life that is possible for them as they age. I really enjoy the company of my clients. Not only do I help them out with tasks that they can no longer complete, they have enriched my life with their life experiences that they have shared. It's not just doing laundry, light cleaning or fixing meals. It's giving of your heart because you care. It is a very personal experience. Caring for my clients is a pleasure and always puts a bright spot in my day.

~Melissa N., Brentwood

The flexible, part-time work is good for my diverse interests. I love how they provide instruction and yearly testing of our skills to stay relevant in our work with Seniors.

~Jayne Z., Franklin, TN

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