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"Home Instead Senior Care is very efficient, and I like them a lot. So far, we are very happy with the caregivers. I had them come in twice this past week, but I will have a more regular schedule soon. They understand our situation perfectly and are very capable of handling Alzheimer's patients. "

Posted by Jean215044 on Oct 21 2016

"I have caregivers from Home Instead Senior Care for my wife. I chose it because when I looked it up on the internet, it had the best feedback. We are using them for about three weeks, and they just do everything she needs, like daily dressing. I do not have any problems with the schedule. "

Posted by Richard122106750 on Apr 24 2016

"I appreciate the kind and caring approach you give us as a client. There were some glitches on scheduling now and then but overall the care is fine. "

Posted by Maryellen Eisenhauer on Dec 15 2015

"I would like to commend the Home Instead home health aide, Ali, that I have had every other Saturday morning for a shorter period. She is an extremely organized young woman and can line up the steps of a needed procedure so that we seem to just zip through it. (On my own, I tend to approach a procedure so that I am at step 4 before I realize I should have done something at step 1!) Plus, she brings a varied work experience to the job and got us through the self checkout station at a grocery store in an unbelievably short time when the store was mobbed. I was afraid we would be quite late for an appointment afterwards because I hadn't been watching the clock. Ali had worked as a grocery check-out person at one time. She shows potential. "

Posted by Joan98940950 on Sep 16 2014

"I went online through to look for senior caregivers and Home Instead was one of them. It was local, so I inquired and got information and it turned out to be a wonderful situation for me right now. My mother is not always the easiest person to be around, but the caregivers we got are very suitable. They're very compatible with my mother. They help her with the housework, make sure her meals and her medications are taken properly. They're very caring and very compassionate. Home Instead has been a true blessing for me and my mother. "

Posted by Judith8 on Jun 23 2013

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