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Report: Low Impact Exercises Valuable to Arthritis Sufferers

From Gary Freeman of the Home Instead Senior Care® office in Red Oak, TX             ​  

Q.    My 80-year-old mother is suffering from arthritis and her doctor can't seem to convince her to try exercise. Pain medications only help so much. She hurts so badly that she can no longer take very good care of her home. Because of her pain level, she doesn't seem to understand how exercise could possibly help. How can I convince her?

Sometimes a few well-placed written words from other seniors who have the same issues are more persuasive than any coaxing from a loved one.

The study, "The Effectiveness of a Low-Impact Exercise Program on Musculoskeletal Health of Asian Older Adults," presented at the American College of Rheumatology/Association of Rheumatology Health Professionals annual meeting in San Francisco, revealed dramatic results for arthritis sufferers from low impact exercise.

In before and after surveys completed by 204 individuals, many respondents reported that they experienced less pain and were better able to perform activities of daily living after participating in the exercise program. Participants reported that their muscle and joint pain was significantly reduced by 32 percent after an eight-week, low-impact exercise program.

In terms of mobility and function, after completing the program:

  • 88% more participants could climb several flights of stairs
  • 66% more participants could lift/carry groceries
  • 63% more participants could bend, kneel, or stoop
  • 91% of participants felt the program reduced their fatigue
  • 97% of participants felt that the program reduced their stiffness
  • 95% of participants felt their balance improved
  • 96% of participants felt more confident that exercising would not make their symptoms worse

    "Getting seniors to be active in any way will generally improve their quality of life and help them function better in their everyday activities," said Linda Russell, M.D., a rheumatologist and chair of the Public and Patient Education Advisory Committee at Hospital for Special Surgery.

Why not start the conversation and get your mother's reaction to these survey results. She also might be more receptive to caring for herself if she had some companionship at home, motivation to exercise and a way to get there, along with assistance around the house.

Your local Home Instead Senior Care® office in Red Oak​ could help in that respect. Call 972-576-1100 today to learn more.

To learn more about your local Home Instead Senior Care office, contact Gary Freeman  at 972-576-1100 or go to HomeInstead.com/742​​. For more about the study, go to https://www.hss.edu/newsroom_hss-study-finds-that-low-impact-exercise-helps-elderly-patients-with-arthritis.asp.    

Each Home Instead Senior Care® franchise office is independently owned and operated. ​


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