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Home Care Reviews

​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Home Instead Senior Care ReviewsRead what other families in Tolland, CT have to say about Home Instead Senior Care®:​​

Latest Reviews & Testimonials:

While our mother was at home, she received excellent care from your caregivers. Without exception, they were well-trained and competent, patient and thoughtful. Nevertheless, what impressed us most was that they did more than simply take care of her physical needs. They also tried to make her life better, to make her home environment more pleasant, and to make her happier. This was unexpected and so much appreciated. - Linda and Liz, Daughters of Client, Town of Storrs, March 2018

The Home Instead folks who stepped in promptly to help us care for our 95 year old relative so he could remain in his own home as long as possible provided superlative, highly responsive and responsible care. Their patience and willingness to work with our family for their client's best interests and needs was simply amazing. Every case has certain individual challenges I am sure, and Home Instead was able to work with my family very effectively and extended great kindness, skill and understanding to our loved one. Good people doing good work. How great is that. Relative of Client, Town of Willimantic, October 2017

The family of Omer Roberts would like to sincerely thank everyone at Home Instead Senior Care for the care that was given to our wonderful dad, especially all the caregivers that made it possible for him to spend his last days at home where he wanted to be. Home Instead Senior Care provided 24/7 care for my Father, because of the kind and compassionate caregivers he was able to stay in his own home until the very end. The Administrative staff were amazing and were available 24 hours a day for any issue that arose. Can't say enough good things about them. Carolyn, Daughter of Client, Town of Windham, September 2017

We have been extremely satisfied with Home Instead’s companions, especially Miriam, Ashley, Michele and most recently, Leslie, in addition to your attentiveness to our requests and needs. I am happy to refer your agency to anyone in need of services for a family member. Cynthia, Daughter of Client, Town of Manchester, September 2017

Thank you so much for all that you did for my mom when she was ill. The kindness, caring, and support can’t be put into words. Your staff is so special. It takes special people to do a heartfelt job of care giving. I am grateful to have found a wonderful agency to work with. Thank you again for all you do for people who need loving care. - Judy, Daughter of Client, Town of Willington, May 2017

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for the wonderful services you provided my Mother over the last three years of her life. Although it was no easy task to decide and then find the right persons to care for my Mom when it became necessary, I look back now and can’t imagine our lives without all of your support.

Kathleen, Deena, Kashmir, and Bobbi were wonderful to work with as interviews were made, questions answered and appropriate people found for my Mom. I especially want to give my sincere thanks and gratitude to Kelly and Leslie who quickly became family members of our household. Their professionalism, kindness, and continuous devotion to my Mom was heartfelt every time either one walked through my Mom’s door. As I told Kathleen, there are two additional holes in my heart right now that need to be repaired as my family and I mourn my Mother’s passing. Please let it be known that Kelly and Leslie brightened my Mother’s days with sunshine and happiness, even on the cloudiest of days.

You can be assured that if anyone in the Tolland, CT area ever asks for recommendations for homecare, Home Instead will be at the top of my list. - Linda, Daughter of Client, Town of Glastonbury, August 2017

"Professional staff and very helpful"

Posted by JCC on Jan 17 2018

"Dear Jane, I want to thank you for your kindness and good work of your staff at Home Instead. My husband is at the last phase of Hospice care but comfortable. All the best, Wife of Client, Town of Storrs, October 2017"

"Home Instead saved my life and my income. I asked them to come in because I gave up driving and my cousin told me how Home Instead helped him with his wife. I gave them a call and when they arrived, there was a letter on my table that I thought was junk. The person made a few phone calls and found out that my social security was about to be sent to a different account and that my address had been changed. Another time, they arrived to find me feeling under the weather. The Care Coordinator took me to the hospital and stayed with me until I was seen and taken care of. 7 hours ! I would be lost without my Home Instead people. I am thankful for them every day."

Posted by oldlady95 on Oct 04 2017

"The Home Instead folks who stepped in promptly to help us care for our 95 year old relative so he could remain in his own home as long as possible provided superlative, highly responsive and responsible care. Their patience and willingness to work with our family for their client's best interests and needs was simply amazing. Every case has certain individual challenges I am sure, and Home Instead was able to work with my family very effectively and extended great kindness, skill and understanding to our loved one. Good people doing good work. How great is that."

Posted by sleclaire1@mac.com on Oct 03 2017

"Home Instead Senior Care provided 24/7 care for my Father, because of the kind and compassionate caregivers he was able to stay in his own home until the very end. The Administrative staff were amazing and were available 24 hours a day for any issue that arose. Can't say enough good things about them."

Posted by carjor4730 on Sep 27 2017

"I was referred to Home Instead by a friend. I placed a call and received an immediate response. The companions assigned to my Dad have been wonderful and compassionate. We all have specific personalities we respond too best and Home Instead listened to our needs. The entire staff are professional, respectful and responsive. I sincerely recommend their services. "

Posted by Wilbur2013 on Sep 22 2017

"Professional, responsible and caring caregivers (all of the caregivers assigned to my mother over the past two and a half years have been fantastic, Mom's current caregiver is wonderful); Easy and friendly communication with staffing department and with Jane D. "

Posted by S. Peng on May 01 2017

"From the beginning all staff members have been caring and understanding. When the need came to increase the shifts from rise and tuck to an afternoon shift as well was told we will work on it right away. When we then needed to have 24 hour care due to injury to my father was told not a problem will work on this right away. All staff that came into the home are caring and made sure my mother was well cared for. From the beginning I have been impressed by all from the office staff to the Home Health aides that came into the home and have spoken highly to others looking for home care of a loved one. Selina Moriarty "

Posted by Selina Moriarty on Feb 24 2017

"Home Instead made my father's last days so enjoyable and peaceful. I live out of state and it gave me great comfort to know that dad was in such great hands. "

Posted by Reviewer33 on Dec 31 2015

"“You should quote me because everyone should know how much I would recommend your agency. I appreciated how much you communicated with us. I never felt out of touch. I felt very secure with my aunt’s care in your hands, even being several states away.” Karen R., Utah, for her aunt Barbara M., CT."

“Although it was only for a little over a week and a half, we wanted to take a moment to say how much we appreciated your prompt response to our need for your care for my husband Tom. While all your aides were really good, we wanted you to know how blessed we felt to have Eric care for Tommy, especially on his last day. Eric was always very thoughtful and treated Tom and the family with the utmost respect and compassion. Best to all of you in all you do.
Sincerely, B. L., client’s wife, January 2017

“Dear Jane and Entire Staff, A huge teapot full thanks – not a little cup – for everything you have done for over the last (almost) three years! My decision to transition my husband to an assisted living facility was so difficult, partly because of the thought of leaving Home Instead Senior Care. You are appreciated. I am very aware of how fortunate we’ve been to have Anna as a consistent, very skilled caring caregiver. It means so much that we could count on her and she became our good friend. You all deserve gold – instead have some chocolates. With Gratitude and Best Wishes to you all.
N.R, client’s wife, October 2016

“To All The Wonderful Folks at Home Instead, I want to thank you for your gift to hospice in memory of my Dad. Your kindness in this act, and during the time you helped care for him is so greatly appreciated and always remembered.
Fondly, B.F., client’s daughter, January 2016.

“Thank you all for everything. I have notified you of my husband’s death, that was peaceful, comfortable, and quick. You are such a good agency.”
J.D. client’s wife, Mansfield, CT.

To Everyone at Home Instead:
Hope all of you had a Blessed Easter or Passover. Just wanted to thank you for all your versatility and patience to adapt schedules to meet the demands or should I say needs of my mother. I can only sincerely say thank you for all you do. It's such a relief to have your services for my mom. Sandy, client's daughter, Stafford Springs, CT  (April 3, 2015).

Home Instead Senior Care staff are lifesavers. They stepped in when we needed them and were reliable.
Pat, client, Storrs, CT (February 22, 2015).

Fantastic agency! Suzanne was thoughtful, kind and very neat and organized. It got so Mom waited for Suzanne to do certain tasks because she knew if Suzanne did it, it would be done well. Home Instead office staff were friendly, helpful and superb.
Shirley, client, Storrs, CT (February 21, 2015).

The staff and CAREGivers of Home Instead Senior Care have only the happiness and comfort of the senior and family in mind. They are compassionate and understanding as well as flexible and considerate. They strive to make a difficult time manageable. Everyone’s ability to be open communicators and to vocalize when concerns arose allowed me to feel trusted and able to trust that [my father’s] care was of the best caliber. We always felt listened to and cared about like part of the team. You were all very patient and involved. Everyone had great ideas, shared them well, and worked nicely together.
Sally F., Stafford Springs

The service provided was excellent. Penney came punctually everyday (6 days/wk) and worked very hard. She is a very positive and friendly person, accepted all kinds of jobs with a smile and set to immediately. She took to an unusual family and setting, regarding it as a "learning experience."

Dear Dr. Downing, 

How truly thoughtful and kind of you to make a contribution to the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp in my mother’s name. We were surprised when we first saw this, but of course, we should not have been. You and your organization have always done so much and are to be commended for all you do to make your clients comfortable. Your CAREGiver, Nancy, was phenomenal in assisting us with mom and allowing mom to move from this life in a dignified and peaceful manner. Thank you for everything. 
J.B., client’s daughter (Coventry, CT)​

Your kind expression of sympathy was gratefully appreciated. Thank you so much for all you did for our mother. You made her happy.
Dan, Anne and family (Vernon, CT)

Dear Jane,

I wanted to "Thank You" for the wonderful care that my Mom had. Leslie went above and beyond our expectations! We have enjoyed her and were always comfortable with our Mother with her. She made a difficult time much easier on us.

Sheila, Bunnie, Debbie and family (Manchester, CT)


Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how wonderful all your care workers have been in caring for my Mom and Dad. Most importantly during my Dad's hospitalization- we were all confident and appreciative of the warm and caring attention my Mom received- it allowed us to focus our concern and emotions on my Dad when he most needed the extra attention.

With heartfelt thanks, 
Lee Anne (Union, CT)

Dear Staff and CAREGivers of Fred,

You all took wonderful, loving care of Fred. We know you all will miss him. It was a pleasure to get to know all of you while caring for Fred.
Diane (Mansfield, CT)

To all of you, Thank you for the care and deep respect you showed Fred. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.

Deb (Mansfield, CT)

To everyone who gave Fred such great care, you were awesome! 

Thank you so much, 
Linda (Mansfield, CT)

Dear Jane,

This letter is forwarded to you to advise you of our appreciation of CAREGiver Brenda for her exemplary concern for the care and comfort of Kay. A situation arose that required quick thinking and fast action not normal to her assigned duties, all of which was handled as expeditiously and satisfactorily as possible. She seems totally concerned for Kay's welfare and is willing to assist in any situation regardless of what it is. Her friendly demeanor is well received by all who come in contact with her.

The foregoing comments do not by any means intend to minimize the care and effectiveness of the other CAREGivers assigned to Kay. The present team of CAREGivers is excellent and provides equal care and comfort to Kay during routine duties. I am confident that each one of them would have acted equally well if such an emergency had that been the case.

Willard (S. Windsor, CT)

Dear Home Instead Senior Care,

Thank you so much for your help for Josephine. When we needed support for her, your personnel were there on a very short notice with professional, pleasant, competent caregivers all hour of the day and night.

I have never even met most of you, but please know I want to give you all a hug and say thank you. You do wonderful work for your clients.

If any future client requests a recommendation/reference we would be glad to share our more than satisfactory experience with your organization.

Linda and Don (Vernon, CT)

Hi Jane,

It was a pleasure to meet you, and Heather. Reports are in: the first day was "over the top: wonderful, according to my mother. My father enjoyed his first home cooked lunch in a very long time, so that is a good start. Mother said that it was so peaceful, and she feels incredibly relieved. She is very weak, but she said that it is a huge relief for her. She thinks Heather is absolutely wonderful, and I agree! Kudos to you for what looks to be a perfect match! 

I know I can work and sleep easier knowing they have such capable help, and are also eating better food. I am sure that my sister and brother will also.

Thank you so much, 
Anne (Somers, CT)

Thank you for the beautiful bouquet, it really brightened my Mother's life. Thank you for the care and concern you showed to my Dad.

Pam (Stafford Springs, CT)


Once again we cannot thank you enough for all your help, compassion and support. You and your wonderful staff have been a true blessing to all of us during my Mom's final days. Your card and flowers were so very much appreciated. We will certainly be singing your praises to all we may encounter that may need your very special services.
With loving regards and thanks,

Terri (South. Windsor, CT)

Dear Jane:

My experience with services provided by Home Instead Senior Care in Rhode Island and now from your Connecticut office has been positive. In particular, after my wife, who has been afflicted with arthritis of hips and knees, suffered a minor stroke, and after discharge from rehab to our home here together, you quickly came to visit her to make a personal assessment of her needs. You then promptly started interviewing and selecting CAREGivers for twenty-four hour-seven days coverage with which we would be comfortable as to their proficiency and attitude. The Home Instead Senior Care organization has the national experience to cover the legal aspects governing employees, and the bi-monthly billing also removes another family concern. The final team of six providers has shown 85 year old Claire kindness, understanding and healthful care. Now going onto six months, Claire has improved physically and mentally. I would freely recommend your Home Instead Senior Care organization for senior home care part or full time.

Joseph (Thompson, CT)

Dear Jane,

When I contracted myositis and became too weak to live alone, I thought I would have to go into a nursing home. But fortunately, I found out about Home Instead Senior Care. Now I get to live in my own home with CAREGivers who take wonderful care of me. And because I do not need 24-hour care, which one gets in a nursing home, my costs are significantly lower. Altogether, I cannot say enough in praise of Home Instead Senior Care,

Fred (Storrs, CT)

All of the workers were very compassionate and understanding of my Dad's need and the family's sensitivity. Janet was great, and we would recommend her highly.

Jeffrey (Willington, CT)

The CAREGivers we had (Valerie and Theresa) were very caring and competent in their jobs. We felt very comfortable having them care for our aunt

Duane (Vernon, CT​)

Having competent, kind people allowed me to get much needed sleep. They always checked with me for any special needs. On a day that was full of unexpected changes in our caregiver needs the office staff was very helpful.

Lydia (Windham, CT)

Always being there for Bob, rain, snow etc….Wonderful support. Great people and service. Pleasure to do business with you.

Ann (Vernon, CT)

Pat/Jo took a personal interest in Mom. They were great keeping us informed as to her condition and needs. When I needed to increase Mom's hours, care was taken to select a good fit with companions. The services were excellent and at a time we were unsure of what resources were out there for us.

Lorraine (Amston, CT)

The Caregiver was a lovely person who was eager to help, she and Lucy had a good time talking, walking in the yard and gardens and being together. It was a great relief to be able to be away from home without worry.

David (Woodstock, CT)


I cannot thank you enough. You were there at a hectic time and gave me your time and understanding.

Thank you so much, 
Joan (Woodstock, CT)

Dear Jane,
It is with a great deal of gratitude that my family and I thank you. You truly do the "and then some". Your assistance, your prompt communication, your skill at guiding and selecting help, and your reassurance were tremendous help in what was a difficult time for our family. If Dad had been himself he would have said the same. Mother sends her deepest appreciation and thanks. She is living here with me now and hopefully will enjoy her remaining time with her family. The flowers you sent are beautiful and in colors that Mom has always loved. What a beautiful thing to do.
From all of us, thank you.

All the best,
Anne (Somers, CT)

Joyce was an outstanding, delightful caring companion. She made such a contribution to my comfort level during those weeks in Storrs and she was fun. How grateful I am that you selected her. I am impressed by your level of professionalism and by your schedule flexibility. I feel every effort was made by Kirsten to accommodate to my changing requests otherwise I have had a much more difficult time. 
With sincere appreciation, 
Edie (Storrs, CT)

Made my Dad more relaxed in his new environment. The CAREGivers went out of their way to please Dad, for example, finding gelato for him! Finding a new chair for him, ect….

Paula (Tolland, CT)

Dear Jane,

Just a note to thank you for you profusely for the magnificent bouquet you sent me on our Anniversary! Your florist is an artist of first class. And the flowers are lasting and lasting. 

It is hard to believe a whole year has passed since we began our relationship. But it has been a very good one for me. And I thank you most sincerely for securing such great CAREGivers for me. I feel I am in the best of hands. 

Again, many thanks for the flowers and all the care I get.

Fred (Storrs, CT)

Hi Jane

THANK YOU! for your wonderful staff! Each and every one that I met throughout this process has been wonderful! You have a great team.

Lise (South Windsor)

​Hi Jane,

We had a wonderful vacation, made all the better by knowing that Rita was in such capable hands. You provided a wonderful and caring team and I truly appreciate the thought that you took in selecting them. As I mentioned on the phone, it will be my pleasure to be a reference for you.
Many thanks Jane. 

Michelle (Bolton, CT)

Dear Staff at Home Instead, 

You are all angels! Thank you for all that you have done these past few months in seeing to the care of my father. Everyone did the best that they could and often went above the call of duty to see that things went smoothly out at the farm. Also, I would like to thank you in advance for the donation being made by Home Instead to the water wheel restoration at Old Sturbridge Village in memory of my dad. Sturbridge Village was near and dear to both of my parents who were avid members and donors to their mission. I can think of no more fitting an institution to remember my father by. 

With heartfelt thanks and love,
Patty (client’s daughter, Lebanon, CT)

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