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My Grandma accidentally took my Grandpa’s heart medication. Yep, it happened in my family. Luckily there were no side effects, but something like that could have easily resulted in a serious health emergency. It was a scary moment for us all and it really forced my parents to keep a closer eye on the medications both my grandparents were being prescribed as well as helping them to distribute “His” and “Hers” daily doses.

Multiple Meds = Confusion

My grandparents each take multiple medications. They have some medication they take in the morning and then some more they take at night. They have some medications prescribed by their heart doctor and then other prescribed by their family doctor. They also take fish oil and a multivitamin. THAT’S A LOT OF PILLS! It’s no wonder at ages 89 and 92 it’s really hard for them to keep everything straight, so the responsibility naturally falls to my father. He is happy to help out, but I couldn’t help but think there has to be a better way.

Medication Management Made Easy

Well, there is! Pharmacy prepared individually sealed multi-dose packets! It’s a company called Simple Meds ( and I stumbled upon the company this spring while at the Home Instead National Convention in Omaha.

Simple meds is an online pharmacy that gathers ALL of your prescriptions and fills a 30 day supply for you all at once. It’s medication management service conveniently divides your medications into single serving packets that are labeled with your name, the date when the medication needs to be taken, the time the medications needs to be taken and exactly what is inside the packet. It not only includes prescription, but can also include any over the counter medications taken on a regular basis and any multivitamins and supplements too. The best part, there is no additional costs for the service.

One of the many valueable services our Home Instead CAREGivers can provide is medication reminders. Adding medication reminders to your Home Instead Care Plan along with a medication management solution such as Simple Meds is another way to make sure your senior loved one can successfully remain in their own home for as long as possible!  

Click HERE to submit an online inquiry, or call Laura at (941)505-0450 to set up a Care Consultation today!


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