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Healthy Eating at the Acushnet COA

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March 04, 2020

Healthy Eating – It's Easier than You Think

How many times have you thought eating healthy is boring or takes too much time and effort?

Nothing could be further from the truth.  The key is to choose the fruits, vegetables and lean proteins that you like, and be creative.  Don't be afraid to experiment by mixing up flavors.  A healthy meal is more than a piece of skinless chicken breast, a baked potato and steamed broccoli. 

Some of my favorite healthy meals are salads.

Salads are a fun and creative way to add fruits and vegetables to your diet.  First, start with an interesting lettuce such as spring mix, arugula or romaine or spinach.  They all have interesting flavors and nutritional value.   Adding fruits such as strawberries and blueberries, feta cheese and then mixing in a balsamic vinigarette dressing is both delicious and nutritious.  To turn your salad into a meal, just add boneless chicken breast or baked salmon.  Experimenting with different flavor combinations can add a whole new flavor dimension to mealtime.

To make your own healthy recipes try different versions of you comfort food favorites by swapping out cooking methods.  For example, tried pan-fried tilapia or flounder the next time you crave fish sticks out of the box.  Oven baked chicken is a great alternative to fried chicken.

Here are some quick tips for eating healthier:

  1. Focus on food you like.  There's so many options, there's no need to eat food you don't enjoy.
  2. Don't make it complicated.  It's great if you want to experiment with detailed recipes, but you don't have to in order to eat healthy and delicious food.
  3. Add variety into your menu so you don't get bored eating the same foods.
  4. Make sure to eat foods with calcium and vitamin D to keep your bones healthy
  5. Foods rich in B-12, such as beef liver, mackerel, sardines, red meat, yogurt and fortified cereals will help keep you energy level up.
  6. Foods rich in fiber are important for digestion, lowering cholesterol and helping you maintain a healthy weight
  7. Reduce your salt intake.  Try other seasoning such as garlic powder, onion powder, dill and other herbs.
  8. Keep moving.  As we age we may feel more tired, or less motivated.  But as the saying goes a body that stays in motion…….  Go for a walk. Go swimming.  If you have limited mobility, talk to a medical professional about ways you can stay active.
  9. Stay hydrated.  Adequate hydration is crucial for maintain your skin's elasticity, as well your body's overall health.
  10. Embrace your healthier lifestyle.  You'll feel better and look better.

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Home Instead offers free monthly newsletters with tips and advice for caregivers of elderly loved ones. (Privacy Policy)

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