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In-Home Care Benefits Seniors and Families

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 Jack's Story:

This is a true story about "Jack" and his experience returning home after a stay in rehab. He didn't know about in-home care and his daughter, "Julie," thought she could do it all - manage her career, take care of her family, and take care of her dad. But juggling all her responsibilities left minimal time for Jack. Still, she didn't want to admit that she couldn't take care of him and felt guilty for thinking that it was too much.

One day a friend went to visit Julie, and at the same time went to visit Jack who lives across the street.  The first thing she noticed was that Jack's house was a mess, he was sitting in dirty clothes and eating a bologna sandwich and cookies.  While talking to Jack she found out that he was neglecting his prescribed diet, not managing his medications properly, and showered in two weeks – since his last VNA visit.  She found a large pile of dirty laundry on the floor and noticed his bedlinens hadn't been changed.

Unfortunately, this is a situation we see all too often: the family tries to do it all but can't. The senior doesn't speak up because he or she doesn't want to put any additional stress on the family caregiver.  They feel it's better to "suffer in silence" and accept whatever help they do get.

The friend became a resource for the family.  She assured Julie that it's okay to get help and recommended Home Instead to provide services for Jack.  Julie was hesitant to consider in-home care services. She thought that if she was just a little more organized she could take care of her dad.  She was concerned it would be too expensive. Her friend explained that in-home care agencies, like Home Instead, work with each family to provide individualized care based on the family's needs and budget.  Once her friend outlined the care her dad needed, Julie realized having a caregiver to help her dad was very affordable.  An experienced caregiver could visit her dad 3 days a week for 3 hours a day to provide personal care, do his laundry, run errands and give him the support to follow his care plan.

Julie and her family began to look forward to spending time with dad and grandpa because the visits were no longer about doing chores and running errands.  Here's how Julie described her experience with Home Instead, "Before we had Home Instead I was stressed all the time.  No matter what I did I felt that someone or something was being left out.  Now that we have Home Instead to help with dad, we are no longer just his caregivers – we are his family again." 


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Home Instead offers free monthly newsletters with tips and advice for caregivers of elderly loved ones. (Privacy Policy)

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