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There is a lot of research being done on why seniors become frail.  Is it due to diseases or medical conditions?  Or is it something that can be prevented?

In a women's study released in 2009, researchers at Columbia and Johns Hopkins Universities discovered the important role activity plays in the fight against frailty and shed new light on what causes the condition.

Keeping seniors active is not something we encourage just to ease our guilt.  We do it to make everyone feel better - physically and mentally.  While we all enjoy our vacation time where we can lie back and rest on the couch or maybe the beach, after a week, most people feel lethargic.  It's time to get up and do something.

Remaining active mentally and physically is important for everyone, no matter what age they are.  You know the saying Use it or Lose it!  It's true.  You have to exercise your body and mind.  So how do you encourage mom to remain active?

Activities should be something she enjoys or used to enjoy.  When I ask a family member, what does your mom do or enjoy?  Most of them state, they do not do much anymore because of a medical issue.  Could be loss of sight, arthritis, or loss of mobility.  While all of these things do make activities more challenging, there is always a way to still enjoy them.

Let's say mom used to like to knit but now has arthritis and cannot hold the needles anymore.  It does not mean she has to give up this activity all together.  Find someone who also knits and enjoys spending time with a senior.  They could discuss patterns, visit yarn stores, and show each other all the items they made in the past.  These small things will help keep mom engaged and active, while also enjoying one of her favorite activities.

Activities that engage seniors will keep their minds and bodies healthy.  So take a moment to think, what can you do today to reinvigorate an old activity that a family member used to love.  How can you share that enjoyment together?

For more information about the research done, click here.​​​


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