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CAREGiver of the Month

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​​​ ​Home Instead Caregiver

A tradition of great caregiving means that we take care of our own as well as we take care you and your family. 

Home Instead, Inc. recognizes regional CAREGivers of the Year and one special CAREGiver who shows exceptional dedication is the recipient of the national award — The Mary Steibel CAREGiverSM of the Year Award.

This program inspires CAREGivers to strive for excellence. It creates a sense of pride and rewards their hard work, compassionate care and service to others.

Vicky Thomas - Caregiver of the Month

Above and Beyond for Office

Vicki regularly goes above and beyond for the office. Vicki is affectionately called a super star by our scheduling team as she helps with last minute shifts and never hesitates to see new clients. During a week when we had open shifts that we weren't sure how to cover, Vicki stepped up. Vicki impressed us with not only her willingness to help, but her joy in doing so. She not only worked her usual shifts with clients during the day, but she then picked up an overnight shift that evening with a client who she had not seen before. This client who she picked up the overnight shift with can be very particular in how he likes things accomplished in his home and care throughout the night. Vicki went in as a true professional, put his needs first, and tried to build that relationship, even if just for one night of caring for him. We were even more astonished and extremely appreciative when Vicki picked up another overnight shift the next night with a different client, again already having worked a couple of previous shifts that afternoon. Vicki's fierce dedication and loyalty to all of our clients, even if only knowing them for 5 minutes, makes her a super star CAREGiver in our eyes. Vicki truly went above and beyond for the office and does so on a regular basis. When we call her to say there's a client who needs care, she's the first one to say yes. To Vicki, it's not just a 'shift' or a 'client,' it's a person who needs help. Vicki inspires us with her genuine heart for our Seniors. Along with caring for our clients, Vicki also cares for her own daughter and husband. Vicki is meant to be a CAREGiver—she cares for others with grace and does so with joy in her heart.


Vicki demonstrated exceptional leadership with a client when she handled an emergency well and went above and beyond for the client. Upon arriving to a shift one evening, Vicki walked in to find her client on the floor in the bathroom. He had fallen when he was alone. Vicki immediately assessed the situation and called for help. Vicki assessed him for any obvious injuries, asked him what happened, and provided reassurance and comfort to him in what was a scary situation. Vicki notified the office on what had happened and that 911 was called and on the way. The office contacted the client's family who thanked Vicki for her diligence and quick action in caring for their loved one. The family had said Vicki could go ahead and leave as they would meet the client at the hospital. After emergency personnel arrived and took the client to the hospital, Vicki requested to stay at the client's apartment longer so she could clean the bathroom. When asked about this, she said that her client had soiled himself and had a bowel movement during the time he was alone on the floor before she arrived, but she waited to inform the office when he was out of earshot so as not to embarrass the client. Vicki demonstrated the utmost respect for her client and preserved his dignity. The client's family was very thankful to Vicki for staying to clean his bathroom as well as his soiled clothes. Vicki told the office staff member on-call during this evening that she preferred to stay and clean so that when he arrived home from the hospital, he arrived home to a clean environment with fresh clothes. Vicki showed exceptional leadership by communicating with the office promptly, professionally, remaining calm in an emergency, and by exemplifying true compassion to another. When the office staff member on-call thanked Vicki for her dedication and taking time to clean up, Vicki said it was her pleasure to be able to care for this gentleman and that it's an honor to be his CAREGiver. Vicki asked to know when he was home from the hospital as she was worried about him and cares so much. After the client came home, Vicki continued to follow up with the office to report on his recovery throughout the week.



Client Relationship/Story

Vicki builds fantastic relationships with everyone! She cares for a man who can be serious and military-like as he is a veteran, but Vicki also sees a softer side to him and talks about how the two of them laugh and joke together. Vicki has been able to bring out this man's sense of humor and provide fun. His wife praises Vicki for her attention to detail and nurturing care. Vicki knows exactly how he likes things done, ensures his scooter is plugged in properly, and makes sure any items he may want or need are nearby him. Vicki thinks of everything! She is proactive and resourceful. When there's a problem, Vicki is quick to think of a solution and call the office for guidance and help if needed. Vicki thinks ahead and always has her client's safety in mind. Vicki has cared for many people and is very knowledgeable and experienced. Despite having seen so many people and cared for them, she remembers every one of them. Vicki can quickly tell you every client's likes, dislikes, personality, mood, demeanor, preferences, you name it. Another special relationship Vicki has is with a client who can be resistant to care. Vicki has built the relationship and learned that this woman enjoys soaking her feet in Epsom salt. Vicki treats this foot bath as a fun and luxurious experience so that it feels more like a day at the spa or way to practice self-care. Vicki has a wonderful way of turning necessary and mundane tasks into enjoyable activities that someone can look forward to. This foot bath helps the client to feel better and provides comfort. Vicki cares for a man who initially at the start of services did not want to engage in any activities in his community. He was resistant to leaving his room and didn't see the value of engaging with others in activities. During the time that Vicki has been caring for him he has blossomed. With Vicki's encouragement and engagement, he began to participate in activities and is now finding a hobby. Vicki recognized the need for mental, physical, and social engagement for this gentleman and has helped him to achieve these needs.

Above and Beyond for Client

Vicki had a client who had Alzheimer's Disease and Vicki was caring for this woman a few days a week. Vicki would take this woman out to lunch, window shopping, light housekeeping, and spend time engaging her so that the woman's husband had respite. When the woman's husband was hospitalized and unable to be at home to care for his wife, Vicki worked overtime to provide care. Along with caring for her other clients, Vicki spent as much time with this woman as possible as she now required 24-hour care from Home Instead Senior Care since her husband was away. Vicki filled in for as many shifts as she could and helped lead other CAREGivers and set them up for success. Vicki was excellent at communicating changes and updates with the office and dedicated herself to her client. Vicki was an integral part of the team who cared for this woman. Previously, this client had not been toileting on her own and frequently experienced infections. Vicki gave encouragement and helped this woman to toilet, improving her quality of life dramatically. Vicki also went above and beyond with light housekeeping—she assisted with thoroughly cleaning and scrubbing the bathroom floor and shampooing the carpet throughout the home, freshening up and creating a welcoming and comforting environment for the client. During this time, our client began to thrive. When her husband was away and couldn't be with her, our CAREGivers, specifically Vicki, truly stepped up to ensure that not only was she cared for, but that she was given extra comfort and care so that she did not experience loneliness, isolation, or fear. Vicki also took this client to visit her husband and reassured him that his wife was in great care and had everything she needed. In addition to going above and beyond for this client, Vicki routinely goes above and beyond for every client she sees. For example, Vicki is excellent at celebrating birthdays and making someone feel extra special on that day. Recently, one of Vicki's client's wife had a birthday and Vicki brought flowers to her for a birthday surprise. This was truly going above and beyond because Vicki understands that not only is she providing care to our client but she's also building that relationship with his wife and has developed a strong trusting bond with her as well. Vicki's efforts to go above and beyond are immeasurable and we, along with our clients and their families, appreciate her tremendously.   

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Home Instead offers free monthly newsletters with tips and advice for caregivers of elderly loved ones. (Privacy Policy)

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