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On certain days, black and red are interchangeable colors. Gloria Shuravloff, the February CAREGiver of the Month, accepts that concept when she's playing checkers with her client. "When she moves my pieces," Gloria confided, "I don't say anything. She is a sweet lady."

Checkers, the Go Fish card game and jigsaw puzzles are great companionship routines, icing on the cake for Gloria's bonding periods with her client. To Gloria, it doesn't matter how the games are played and who wins. Gloria focuses on other tasks with her 88-year-old client, who has Parkinson's disease and wants to keep walking as long as possible. Gloria serves as an encourager and safety net.

"I keep her on her legs and moving as long as possible. She walks with the help of a gait belt, and we have a wheelchair available," said Gloria, who has been with the client for three months. "She has been moving slower, but we don't want her to stop because her legs may not respond if she does. I help with her cadence of stepping, saying aloud, 'Left, right, left, one, two, three.' Some days are better than others, and I always consult the office about what I am doing, and they say, 'Keep doing what you're doing.' "

The office staff at Home Instead Senior Care® of Anchorage knows Gloria would do anything for her clients and their families.

Pointing out that Gloria joined Home Instead Senior Care on Sept. 16, 2015, Front Office Manager Rose Marie Holliday said: "In her short time with Home Instead Senior Care, Gloria has gone over and beyond the call of duty. Gloria totally has a heart of a CAREGiver."  

Scheduling Manager Emerald Fuimaono positioned her praise for Gloria in no uncertain terms, saying: "Gloria is the type of CAREGiver who I would have for my own mother or grandmother.

Gloria also is one of our go-to ladies when we need a shift filled right away. She is always willing to help out at a moment's notice and has such a great personality."​

Vaosa Tuiolemotu, a member of the staffing department, said: "Whenever I think about Gloria, I envision her warm, friendly smile and that twinkle in her eyes. She is soft-spoken, humble and very easy to get along with. Gloria has a spirit that uplifts others. Her compassion can be felt by the care and service she provides. Gloria's attendance is impeccable. She is always there and always on time.  She has filled in and covered shifts every time we've offered the opportunity. She is extremely patient, both with difficult clients, or dealing with an ever-changing schedule. She is a blessing to Home Instead Senior Care and its clients."

Emerald noted that Dot Buchta, "another really fantastic CAREGiver," referred Gloria to owner Stacee Frost Kleinsmith's award-winning franchise. Dot, working part time with Home Instead Senior Care, was one of Gloria's co-workers at an assisted living facility. Gloria recalled: "She told me about Home Instead Senior Care, and I envied her because her job involved one-on-one care. I worked at two assisted living facilities for 14 years, working for two fantastic people. But it got to be too much to handle with the numbers we were dealing with. I like the one-on-one more."

Gloria believes she has found her niche. "I love working for Home Instead Senior Care, and it feels really good. Home Instead Senior Care cares for its employees as well as its clients, and the clients think the world of Home Instead Senior Care. Gloria also praised Home Instead Senior Care's training. "I have gotten a lot of training. You can never have enough. They offer so many classes. They will send fill-ins for our shifts so we can get to classes. That makes a big difference," Gloria said.

"It is a wonderful staff. They work well together and are pleasant. They are good about hours and are flexible. I let them know when there are changes with clients. I walked in one day, and a client had a leg brace on, so I called the office and let them know. Those things are important for everyone to know, and that's how we work for the client – it is a complete team effort."

Asked about the key to working with seniors, Gloria replied: "Smiles and laughter are so contagious. My client tells me: 'You are always so happy.' I told her I feel blessed and have God in my heart. My challenge is to gain their trust, but that usually happens fast. One client had her doubts when I first joined her. I told her: 'I want you to feel safe with me.' I know I have earned that trust, plus I goof around with her in the right situations. Smiles and laughter."

Home Instead Senior Care CAREGivers, who are screened, trained, bonded and insured, provide a variety of in-home services to help keep seniors independent. For inquiries about employment with Home Instead Senior Care, please call 907-277-4663 or email recruiting and retention coordinator Christa McStay at For further information about the company, visit  or to learn more about the company's services link to a digital brochure at


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