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Award-winning CAREGiver Ted Guild is known for executing his assignments successfully and efficiently, including those that come up on short notice. After all, the former Air Force officer spent 37 years as a Defense Department employee. When an 83-year-old client threw him a curveball – more like a figurative brush-off pitch – he compassionately finished his task, dusted himself off and chuckled.

As a fill-in CAREGiver for Home Instead Senior Care® of Anchorage, Ted was directed to take the female client to a medical appointment. Before they drove into the medical facility parking lot, she turned to Ted, shook her finger vigorously, squinted and said in a slightly high-pitched voice, “Sonny, I forgot to tell you that my regular CAREGiver always takes me to my favorite fast-food establishment for a small diet drink before she takes me home.”

So, after the appointment, Ted and the client headed to the drive-through lane. “Upon receiving her drink,” Ted recalled, “she quaintly asked, ‘Who’s paying for this?’ As I glanced in her direction, she was busy sipping the drink through the straw. I quickly decided that I’d better bite the dust on this one.”  

Front Office Manager Rose Marie Holliday was not surprised by Ted’s deft handling of the situation. “We hired Theodore ‘Ted’ Guild on Dec. 3, 2014, and Ted already has exceeded all of our expectations in such a short time,” Rose Marie said. “Our office team all agreed that Ted is an awesome CAREGiver who is very pleasant, a hard worker and well-deserving of this honor. Ted’s availability has been amazing. He never says no to any open shifts, covering at a moment’s notice.”

Ted, 61, retired from active duty in the Air Force in February 1991 as a captain and from the Alaska Air National Guard Reserve in August 2001. He worked as contract specialist at Elmendorf Air Force Base and has an extensive education background in business management. How did he end up with Home Instead Senior Care?

“I heard about Home Instead while attending a military veterans’ job fair last November,” said Ted, who has lived in Anchorage since 1987 following a military transfer. “I had just retired and wanted a part-time job to complement my time going to the gym, working on my honey-do list around the house and lounging around in my pajamas.

“I spoke to two Home Instead representatives, including Recruiting Coordinator Katharine Wien, and they inspired me as to how satisfying this job could be for the right person. I decided to check it out and completely agree that, although it can be challenging at times, it is emotionally satisfying and rewarding. When someone asks how long I’ve been a CAREGiver, my answer is, ‘Not long enough,’ because I enjoy this job immensely.”

Ted does not have a professional senior-care background, but he has absorbed Home Instead training like a sponge and has finished 95 percent of his mandatory course work – an impressive feat for someone who has been on the job less than three months. “The material has been very informative and useful in assisting the clients I have been assigned,” Ted said.

More than formal training, Ted has drawn on his experience as a family caregiver, and it has served him well. “I am of the opinion that most of us are personal caregivers for our immediate families from the time we get married and have children,” Ted said.

“It is within this environment that we learn the basic skills of how to be compassionate and take care of others and to assist them with their needs. This in turn will generally carry over to the care of our elderly parents and perhaps care for a sibling or other loved one in the event of an accident or hospital stay. I have experienced this both with my 87-year-old father and my wife when she was inadvertently injured and needed care for several weeks.”

Ted has abilities that cannot be taught, Rose Marie said, while pointing out what the franchise staff has observed and what others have said about him:

  • “Ted is an excellent employee, honest, very reliable and will give 110 percent.
  • “He will do anything for anyone and is a people-person who gets along with everyone.
  • “He is cool, calm and collected -- the kind of person who pays attention to details.
  • “He does whatever needs to be done, no matter how long it takes.
  • “Ted always has a joke on hand; he’s a cheerful person who always wears a smile.
  • “He is mellow, has great faith and is very giving.”

Caregiving, compassion and faith, Ted said, are interrelated. “Faith, hope and charity keep us moving in the right direction,” he said. “All three help us to be better people and make us more willing to care for and serve others.

“The favorite part of my job is being able to assist or help clients complete a task or tasks that enable them to stay in their homes and to enjoy their independence as long as they are able.”

Home Instead Senior Care CAREGivers, who are screened, trained, bonded and insured, provide a variety of non-medical services to help keep seniors independent. For inquiries about employment with Home Instead Senior Care, please call 907-277-4663 or email recruiting and retention coordinator Katharine Wien at For further information about the company, visit  or to learn more about the company’s services link to a digital brochure at


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