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Salute to Senior Service

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To recognize seniors for the impact they make in their communities by volunteering their time and talents, Home Instead Inc., franchisor of the Home Instead Senior Care® network, conducts an annual contest search for the most outstanding senior volunteer in the U.S.

In addition to our network’s mission of helping seniors to stay healthy and active as they age, which many do through volunteering, we want to encourage a positive outlook on aging. And what better way to do so than by inviting everyone in the country to personally recognize seniors who set an inspiring example for people of all ages?

Senior volunteers nominated for the Salute to Senior Service℠ contest not only receive public recognition and appreciation of their dedicated community service, but they are also eligible for a chance to win up to $5,500 for their favorite volunteer organization.

2013 Winners and Nominees

"Major" Melvin McLaughlin, National Salute to Senior Service Winner

Every single day, now 95-year-old Maj. Melvin McLaughlin makes the short drive from his Randolph home to his local hospital, Gifford Medical Center, to lend more than a helping hand; he lends a helping heart.
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Lonnie Hogge, Local Salute to Senior Service Winner

Local winner Lonnie Hogge has been a volunteer with Med-Ride since the organization's inception. Med-Ride is a nonprofit, non-emergency medical transportation service that provides transportation to uninsured, unserinsured and medically indigient residents of the New River Valley. In the last twelve months Lonnie has traveled approximately 5,200 miles to transport individuals in need. He is pictured here with his wife, granddaughter and friend. Home Instead Senior Care serving Christiansburg presented Lonnie with a $250 award for the charity of his choice, in recognition of his tireless service to the New River Valley community.
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Lyndell and Peggy Bryant, Salute to Senior Service Winners for Virginia

Over the past twenty years, Lyndell and Peggy Bryant have helped to build between 50 and 75 trails with the Roanoke Appalachian Trail Club and the Roanoke Valley Greenways. At 81 and 80 years old, they are still doing work that would be physically demanding for people half their ages--moving rocks and dirt, removing trees and cutting down briars and bushes. They have also designed and built bridges and constructed and installed outhouses.
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Edward Jervey, Local Salute to Senior Service Nominee

Ed has served Carilion New River Valley Medical Center formerly known as Radford Community Hospital since 1990 in a variety of roles and is a true service ambassador for our hospital guests and staff. This month he will receive an award for 18,500 hours of service. Currently he volunteers at the hospital's front desk each morning and assists guests with wayfinding, and he is the "go to" person for many departments within the hospital when they need assistance with various projects.
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Jewell Brown, Local Salute to Senior Service Nominee

Jewell Brown has been a volunteer at Carilion Giles Community Hospital (CGCH) for seven years. She volunteers in the hospital's gift shop on Wednesdays and staffs the information desk on Thursday afternoons. She fills in for other volunteers when they are unable to fulfill their obligations and takes on additional fundraising tasks which benefits the hospital. She was the first and only volunteer in the history of our hospital to serve 1,000 hours in a year's time.
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Joanne Storch, Local Salute to Senior Service Nominee

Joanne is an integral part of Grace Assembly church. She has been involved in Women's Ministries for 12 years and has served on the church board for four years. Joanne's hugs are legendary and she can always be counted on to give an encouraging word.
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Judy Mahala, Local Salute to Senior Service Nominee

Judy Mahala not only volunteers with Skyline Manor Nursing Home, but also with the FC RSVP activities, and on her own personal time with elders in her community. She will make visits, get seniors to doctors appointments, call in concerns to agencies for assistance to elders, and just watch over them.
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Dorothy Sowers, Local Salute to Senior Service Nominee

Dorothy, or Dot as we know her, began volunteering for Carilion Hospice when her father was being cared for. Dot has been going to Highland Ridge for many years every Tuesday and calling bingo, where the residents adore her. She also recently started volunteering at Pulaski Health and Rehab.
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Mendell Hess, Local Salute to Senior Service Nominee

Mendell Hess has volunteered for Hospice and provided companionship to patients, making their quality of life so much better during their closing journey on this earth. She sends cards for holidays and birthdays to patients, always remembering their special days. She has volunteered for Relay for Life, walking and raising money. In addition, she has mailed over 1,130 cards to military soldiers serving overseas to help brighten their day. She has also volunteered over 330 hours to United Way.
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Peggy Arnold, Local Salute to Senior Service Nominee

Peggy started volunteering at Kroontje Health Care Center 13 years ago when she saw that in other facilities they had exercise classes, but noticed that in many of them you had to be able to stand up during points of it. She thought that was very limiting and decided that it would be nice to do an exercise class where all the partipants can remain sitting, opening it up to all residents. Her exercise class is one of the most popular programs at the facility.
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Robert Miles, Local Salute to Senior Service Nominee

Retired veteran Bob Miles is a volunteer with the New River Community Action Retired and Senior Volunteer Program. As a natural disaster survivor and trained disaster responder for the U.S. Armed Forces, Bob schedules and provides presentations within the Giles communities, educating seniors and their families about disaster preparedness and emergency preparedness kits. He also serves at the Giles County Sheriff's Office and with Giles TRIAD/SALT in an effort to help educate seniors on crime and safety.
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