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​Retiring from Driving: How to Make the Transition – for more information on this story to help create your blog, go to LetsTalkAboutDriving.com 

To understand what it means to give up driving, it's important first to understand what driving means to an individual. Your readers will value these tips for helping a senior loved one transition from driving:

 Be Prepared with New Options

Regardless of our age, we all have important things to do and places to be such as family events, doctor appointments and the grocery store. BrightFocus Foundation recommends that a senior driver prepares to stop driving, when determined necessary to do so, by coming up with new transportation options. For example, check with your local Ottawa County Transportation Agency (OCTA) for the senior ride programs, www.octapublictransit.org and Area on Aging.  

Make it Fun

Older adults who enjoy the spontaneity of an afternoon drive don't need to give that up just because they are no longer driving. For example, taking the budget that a senior used to maintain her vehicle to hire a driver could make her the hit of the care community when she summons her driver to take her friends and​ her wherever they want to go.

Think Outside the Box

Focus on activities that don't require driving. Not all fun activities revolve around driving. If a senior is able, consider focusing more attention on activities such as gardening and walking.


While some seniors still might not like the idea of giving up driving, others might consider it a relief! ​

Check out this Safe Driving Planner. Watch these short videos, then click on “Learn More” for  warning signs, conversation starters, planning tips and additional resources.​  Safe Driving Planner​


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