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Latest Reviews & Testimonials 

"Very professional and very tailored to individual needs!"

Posted by Anonymous Reviewer on Oct 17 2018

"The caregivers are very helpful with bedtime and morning routines."

Posted by Anonymous Reviewer on Sep 19 2018

"Staff has been very friendly and helpful."

Posted by Anonymous Reviewer on Sep 19 2018

"Heidi is as sweet as a peach, trustworthy, willing, good driver, everything in a helper that anybody wants."

Posted by Anonymous Reviewer on Jul 18 2018

"The care providers are skilled and attentive and really sweet ladies.. Their personalities are very warm and caring. Prompt arrival. Office staffing are always there to answer the phone and assistance and prompt to accommodate my needs. Just a great service and I have enjoyed my contact with everyone there."

Posted by Anonymous Reviewer on Mar 21 2018

"Always dependable and willing to help place the right caregiver with the right client."

Posted by Anonymous Reviewer on Mar 03 2018

"That your loved one welcomes their caregiver with open arms and learns to trust them completely and view them as family."

Posted by gloriaram01 on Oct 17 2017

"I called Home Instead when we needed a little help with my mom. She didn't really need much physical help. She is legally blind, but otherwise takes care of herself. I did however, ask for someone special to be company to mom and someone who could keep up with her intellect and whit! Home Instead sent the most fun, caring, interesting, respectful people to peak mom's interest and pal around with. Mom looks forward to the days her "helper" comes. They enjoy each other so much!"

Posted by nkdean on May 24 2017

"Thanks again for all the wonderful staff we met through Home Instead. They were unfailingly polite, accommodating, willing, etc. We didn't know what to expect and were very reluctant about the whole process, but couldn't have been more pleased. Thank you. Sincerely,"

"Ms. Linda. I wanted to let you know of the terrific job Cynthia is doing at our house for Beryl. We have had some experience in Baton Rouge with Home Instead and are very familiar with their policies and way of doing things. Cindy came to us at the same time grandma came to move in with us. Since that time, Cindy and I have come to form our special way of doing things thru collaboration, documentation, and plain old trial and error when it comes to Beryl's care. It has taken us weeks to track the causes of some physical challenges like asthma, mental challenges like dementia, emotional challenges that come with loss of a family member then moving, and long term preventative care thru exercise etc. Cindy has become a member of the family and has gone above and beyond on an everyday basis. She could just give a basic shower but she throws in the massage and hair rolling as extra. She has gone to dr visits with us, combed the internet for ways to improve health, helped me find hearing centers, watched my children, grabbed the laundry I left behind or plain forgot about, cooked, cleaned ,you name it. If she sees a need she fills it without question just because that is who she is. For me, I could not make it thru the day without her kind and generous spirit and genuine love for grandma and every member of our family. Whatever reward program you have at Home Instead be it pay increases, recognition, whatever, I strongly suggest you reward her in some real and positive way. I have seen many a caregiver and trust me, Cindy is special. Thank you for employing her and sending her to us! Kind regards and thanks,  "

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