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Home Care Reviews

​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Home Instead Senior Care ReviewsRead what other families in Somerset County have to say about Home Instead Senior Care®:​​

Latest Reviews & Testimonials 

Richard S. January 2017 (Google) - ★★★★★

I used the services of Home Instead Senior Care Somerset, NJ, (“HISC”) during a 3½ yr period during 2013 to 2016. My mother and father resided in an A/L facility until their deaths in early 2016, at the ages of 88 and 92. When they initially moved to the A/L residence, they lived together in a single room. When mom began to have trouble getting out of bed and walking with her walker, I arranged for HISC to provide one care-giver, (“CG”) during the daytime to manage the care for both of them. Sadly, my parents’ health and mental abilities declined rapidly. During the 3½ yrs of their stay in the A/L residence it eventually became necessary to place each of my parents in separate apartments and arrange to have HISC provide a CG to each of them 24 hr, 7 days a week. These were not live-in CGs. These were multiple CGs who worked many shifts to provide the required coverage.

Whenever one of my parents’ health or mental decline needs began to require a transition to a higher level of care, the CG and the HISC staff-nurse, would notice it before I did. I was then immediately contacted with professional advice and a range of suggestions of how to best manage the upgraded requirements. In the last yr of my parents’ lives, in any given single week, approximately eight to ten individual CGs were required to manage each of my parents needs. The HISC staff diligently managed the schedule to make sure both parents were constantly under a CG’s care 24 x 7, including all holidays.

During the period of my relationship with HISC each of my parents required several prolonged hospitalizations. In each case the HISC staff was able to quickly arrange for all the scheduled CGs to go to the hospital and attend to my parent bedside who was there confined. Even when the hospitalization began as an emergency with an ambulance trip in the middle of the night or on a weekend, the CG involved would contact the HISC office staff who were able to immediately respond and manage the CG’s schedules to accommodate my parents’ needs in the hospital, including making sure that the CGs had transportation to and from the hospital.

During my parents’ final yr residing in their A/L facility, they both most likely reached a level of healthcare requirements that probably would have had disqualified each of them from continuing to stay in the A/L facility. They each required help from a CG in bathing, toileting, eating, dressing and movement. Mom was now confined 100% in a wheelchair and, although dad was able to “walk” with his walker, he would often move too fast and lose his balance. He probably would have fallen had his CG not been constantly at his side to steady him. Mom became unpleasant and disagreeable while Dad began tinker with wires from phones, lamps, TVs and other gadgets, trying to plug and unplug wires. Having a CG with him prevented him from doing anything dangerous. Without CGs managing them 100% of the time, they probably would have been directed to enter a nursing home. However, because of the high level of dedication each of the CGs gave in their care of my parents, my mother and father were able to remain living at the A/L facility, were they were comfortable and happy until the time of their deaths.

As sad as it was when both my parents passed away within seven weeks of each other in 2016, it was almost as sad that I had reached the end of my relationship with Home Instead Senior Care of Somerset, NJ. The wonderful office staff and, of course the wonderful ladies (and one man) who served my parents so well for the yrs as their CGs, will always be appreciated as they became my friends. My mother was probably one of their most challenging clients. I was constantly amazed that the CG’s assigned to manage her were always able to handle her and get her through the day.

I am very pleased to offer the highest review of their services and endorse the owners, Janet and Dana Goodman, as the genuinely caring and the great people they are.

"The agency provides home health aides twice per week. They provide additional aide coverage if the primary caregiver is called aeay overnight. This happens a few times per year and the agency has always responded adequately. The aides have been very punctual. The agency always telephones if the aide is running late. This is rare, and the lateness is generally less than 15 minutes."

Posted by Calm_and_caring on Mar 19 2020

"The aides have been warm and caring. The staff have accommodated our changing needs as the dementia has progressed. They have made a hard situation easier to manage. "

Posted by skathryn323 on Jan 17 2018

"We have been clients of Home Instead for over 5 years. Our experience has been excellent. We truly appreciate the vetting process of hiring good aides and the comfort of knowing that Home Instead will find replacements for your aide, as needed."

Posted by Jojig on Oct 21 2017

"When navigating the field of home health care it can be a daunting experience. Two years ago my then 88 year old mother fell and fortunately nothing was broken but managed to dislodge her artificial hip. She said at her age it was "ridiculousl" to consider a hip revision surgery. She wanted to just return home and continue to live independently. However, I noticed the fall seem to accelerate her dementia. I decided to get companion care for her to help with the laundry, help prepare any meals, be sure she was keeping her social appointments, play games and just about anything to help her day pass with joy. We were blessed to have HomeInstead recommend 2 companions who by the way are still with the team today. In the course of the next year my fell a few times when she was alone at night. It was at that point the dentist worsened and I realized she needed 24/7 care. Again HoemInstead came through with an amazing team. With a few tweets here and there we now have an amazing team working together to make my mom's dream of continuing BYO live in her own apartment at her adult care faculty in Stonebridge at Montgomery. As her dementia has worsened more care is needed. The nursing staff does an excellent job communicating my mom's ever changing needs to the team. As anyone knows with a loved one suffering from this horrible disease, they can be very testy. The love and patience the care givers give goes above and beyond. As my mom's needs changes and it was apparent she had to have CHHA care. The original two companions took the necessary classes and. vaccinations just so they could remain part of the team. That's true dedication. That's the type of employee Janet and Dana, the owners of the HomeInstead Somerset, strive to have in all their employees.. When the occasional times someone is sick or when they take their vacation, the scheduling staff does the unbelievable job of always finding the right person to fill in. I highly recommend HomeInstead Somerset for all your care needs. I was blessed to have first just accidentally come across them in 2010 when my dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. They came through finding the right care for his needs. So when my mom's needs arise I knew exactly where to turn to. Barbata McWilliams"

Posted by Barbar McWilliams on Jun 20 2017

"The caregivers from Home Instead Senior Care have been fine so far. They provide home health aides, and we have no problems with them. The agency is very organized, very professional, and very responsive. "

Posted by LG807114 on Mar 30 2017

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Home Instead offers free monthly newsletters with tips and advice for caregivers of elderly loved ones. (Privacy Policy)

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