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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Home Instead Senior Care ReviewsRead what other families in Valdosta, GA have to say about Home Instead Senior Care®:​​

Latest Reviews & Testimonials 

"We appreciate the love, care, and concern demonstrated by your CarGivers."

Posted by Anonymous Reviewer on Oct 02 2018

"All of the caregivers strive to please and are very kind. Because we are not regular users of Home Instead, we get different caregivers and they have all been very likable and consistent with their care."

Posted by Anonymous Reviewer on Sep 26 2018

"It has been a life saver for my mom and myself!"

Posted by Anonymous Reviewer on Sep 26 2018

"Awesome communication, professional and values my opinion! Wish I had hired them sooner. The difference is night and day from my previous agency, I feel confident my parents are safe and well cared for. They are where they want to be, at home!"

Posted by Faith Copeland-Pittman on Sep 25 2018

"constant communication, professionalism, my opinions valued"

Posted by Anonymous Reviewer on Sep 21 2018

"The office staff members are very professional and considerate of our needs. Our Caregiver is outstanding!!! WE ARE MOST GRATEFUL."

Posted by Anonymous Reviewer on Sep 20 2018

"Very friendly and willing to help!"

Posted by Anonymous Reviewer on Aug 29 2018

"While Home Instead Senior Care seems to me to be rather on the expensive side, it also seems to be worth the cost. My experiences has been that the caretakers are quite meticulous in the care that they give their clients, such as my wife who is a victim of Alzhemier's Disease and thus is virtually helpless. It has been a great relief to me to have a professional caretaker to remove some of the burden of taking caring of my wife from me. When my wife was first diagnosed as having Alzhemier's various friends warned me that I would need help in taking care of my wife, that I would not be able to care for everything by myself. By the time my wife reached five years as an Alzhemier's victim, I had virtually worked myself to death of her sole caretaker, hence my very strong sense of relief at having a caretaker from Home Instead to provide some relief from me for part of each day. Thus far, I am glad to pay the cost of the care provided by Home Insterad."

Posted by Anonymous Reviewer on Jul 25 2018

"They have provided exactly what we have needed. We had some special needs and Home Instead has been able to meet them. Huge help when we really needed them."

Posted by Anonymous Reviewer on Jul 19 2018

"We started using Home Instead in 2010 when my 92-year-old dad needed more help than my 91-year-old mom could provide. We were so pleased with Home Instead that we continued their services for my mom after my dad died in 2011. We credit the four hours of daily support from Home Instead for allowing my now 98-year-old mom to remain in her own home for the past seven years. Home Instead provides daily companionship, plus gets Mom to the doctor, grocery store, hair salon, and to church on Sundays. Home Instead also ensures that Mom gets two nutritious meals daily and that Mom has easy “fixings” for her evening meal. If Mom’s normal caretaker cannot make it, Home Instead has ensured that another caretaker arrives on time. The Home Instead staff is dedicated to their profession. An example of their dedication is when a hurricane came through Mom’s city. Despite significant inconvenience in her own life due to the hurricane, the caretaker checked on my mom very early in the morning, as the winds died down. She first ensured that Mom was okay. Then she checked the house and yard for damages and reported those to me, including photos from her cell phone. She also recognized that without electric power, Mom could not be left alone… as her emergency button would not work. She stayed with Mom and personally worked a solution by calling Mom’s brother in another town and when taking Mom to their home some thirty minutes away. Needless to say, we have been delighted with the professionalism and dedication of Home Instead."

Posted by TEM on Jun 28 2018
"The lady who stays with my Mom is really outstanding. They do everything that they say they are going to do. They have done a really good job staying with and caring for my Mother and Father".   - S. H.
"The service provided to me and my husband is outstanding".   - C. J.
"I have not had any problems with service. Every time I need them, they are there. They are friendly and helpful".  - K. B.
"They just do a good job. I am very pleased with the service".  - M. C.

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