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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Home Instead Senior Care ReviewsRead what other families in Williamsville, NY have to say about Home Instead Senior Care®:​​

Latest Reviews & Testimonials 

"The agency has sent companions to sit with my family member to make sure he is safe & doesn't wander. They have conversations with him & listen to music which he enjoys. They remind him to eat his meal & drink fluids. The companions arrive on time & if for some reason they are unable to make it, a replacement is sent."

Posted by Beagle mom on Feb 20 2020

"Sincere thanks to all of your staff for the incredible care they gave my mother during these past few years.  You clearly put a great deal of thought into the selection of caregivers, as well as thorough and ongoing training.My mother was not only well cared for, she also formed close and lasting friendships with her two longest term caregivers- Kim and Kathleen.  When Kim left to return to nursing school, my mother was distraught and felt sure that it would be impossible to replace her .  But she was quickly proven wrong when Kathleen entered our lives.  They bonded immediately, and Kathleen enriched my mother’s life in so many ways.I would highly recommend your service to anyone looking for in-home care and companionship.  I’m so glad I picked up the phone and made that call that started the process."

"Dear Shannon,I have been struggling over the last week to come up with the right words and surely will fall short in this letter. Your organization had been so instrumental in the happiness of my mother even though our relationship was short lived.Mom told me that Vicki was the best care aid that she had, and always looked forward to seeing her. I know Vicki took great care of mom and sought to develop a relationship with her that my mother appreciated. I am sure it was just as difficult for Vicki to hear about my mom’s passing as it was for our family. I just wanted to be sure she understood how much was all enjoyed having her in our home and her care for my mom.As you know we struggled with a different organization to have consistent and reliable care for mom and it was just a blessing to get to know you and your organization. Please let everyone know that they are making a difference in the lives of our most vulnerable elderly. I truly cannot express the peace of mind I had after finding your organization and seeing the level of care and interest that you took in my mother’s well-being.I am sure I would love to say a lot of other things, but the words just elude me. Please accept my heartfelt thanks for all you did. John B."

"Through their compassionate and dedicated service our parents’ caregivers and the office staff have earned the trust and gratitude of the entire family. It is only because Home Instead has been there that we have been able to grant mom’s and dad’s wish to stay in their home of 60 years despite their failing health. "

Posted by mwbarlow824 on Apr 17 2019

"I have been a cleint for the last 5 years. Elaine N. is my the person who perform companion services for me on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. She goes food shopping on Thursday afternoon when I cannot get out, and on Tuesdays she help me by talking abound things on going, helps me to deal with my communication skills and helping me with mine PTSD issues. She is outstanding in her work."

Posted by rwjenkin on Mar 20 2019

"To all it may concern: It is a pleasure to remark on the many qualities of Home Instead Senior Care Williamsville, NY. They took care of my 91 to 95 year old mother in her home, from approximately 2012-2016 until it became best that she live in a nursing home. First, the office, from the overall manager to the field representatives to all of the people working in service to customers, Home Instead Williamsville, NY shows all the signs of a very well run elder care business. They are unfailingly cheerful, courteous and very flexible and accommodating in thinks like scheduling changes and modifications to their services. The manager and the reps display an impressive grasp of their profession manifested in comprehensive knowledge and the ability to explain it clearly and succinctly. Judging by our very favorable experiences with the person they sent to my mother's home, the management is very skilled in selecting and matching the persons they send to their clients.  They noted after they had interviewed us that they had "just the person for her" and the certainly backed that up. The person they sent most frequently to help my mother was a superb care giver. She was friendly, very well informed and willing always to go the extra mile in finding many many ways to help. She was always more than prompt and thoroughly professional while at the same time displaying a touch in caregiving that was so sensitive that it generated in my mother an almost motherly affection for her. Her substitutes lived up to her standards too. Without any hesitation or qualification, I recommend Home Instead Williamsville, NY enthusiastically.  Sincerely, John S. "

"Dear Home Instead,   Over the past few years I used the fine services provided by Home Instead Senior Care for my wife, Nancy, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. I found their selection of caregivers to be excellent. Since Nancy’s health has declined, I had to put her into a nursing home and had to discontinue the use of Home Instead. I would highly recommend the services provided by your team.   Sincerely,   James F."

"Home Instead Senior Care (HI) is a business I highly recommend to a family looking for exceptional care-givers who have great management team supporting their staff. We have used HI for almost 2 yrs and the relationship our mother established with her aides was very helpful for her socialization, medical visits, meal prep, etc. "

Posted by Tony C on Apr 20 2017

"HISC Buffalo is awesome. Everyone from the office staff to the caregivers helped my mom stay in her home. What a blessing and peace of mind to know there are such caring people. Thank you Lisa and Eric and all your employees!!!! "

Posted by Jane S. on Apr 09 2017

"I LOVE MY JOB! This job was a God send to me, I worked in retail for a while, after working in the medical field, I really was miserable and was praying for a job that I could love doing and was able to respect my employer for the treatment of us as employees, I have found it with Home Instead Senior Care, they are Great! They really care about the clients and their well-being, they take the time and energy to do what can be done for our clients. They are also great with me, as a employee. If you want a job where you help the older generation be happier and more independent in their own space or even keeping them company, where ever they are, give them a call, they are a fantastic company."

Posted by Nellie M. on Oct 21 2016
June 5th, 2014

"Just wanted to thank you for assigning Cassandra as my Home Helper.  She is such a hard worker, a responsible & competent aide, and a delightful and thoughtful woman.  She is so good at following my directions and is very observant and is able to alert me about so many things I miss. You have done an excellent job matching our personalities and likes/dislikes, etc..  I knew immediately that my choice for Home care would be your agency!  Now with Cassandra's help, my recovery after my terrible car accident and rehab will be successful and complete.   

Thank you for accommodating my needs and surpassing my expectations.   

Gratefully,    Marion L. 

My biggest thanks for Cassandra is that she is my best Cheerleader.  She provides me with lots of positive reinforcement, recognizes my achievements and gives me much motivation to continue my efforts!"


"I just want to thank you from the  bottom opf my heart for the incredible help you have provided. Right from your first visit, to each visit from the two women who served as her companions. I was amazed at the personal attemtion you gave to Jocelyn at the initial interview, getting to know her, and also coming back to introduce her to Kim.

Kim was a totally wonderful companion for Jos and Jos did like her very much. She kept telling me what a "kind" lady she was.

Your staff was always available to me and ready to problem solve during every phone conversationb. I spoke with several different people over that time, and each person was enthusiastic, helpful, organized and kind.

[Your CAREGivers] paid close attention to my suggestions, followed through with mailing me the receipts in my self-addressed, stamped envelopes, and gave me feedback when needed.

[You've] made it possible for Hocvely to live more comfortably during a time when she really needed assisted living. I truly can't say enough about the work you are doing and the quality of your staff. "

Sincerely, E. M.


​"How can I ever thank you for all you did to make my Mom's life happier and easier over the last couple of years? She couldn't have stayed in her beloved apartment without your help. All her aides were wonderful, understanding, competent people, and we felt secure leaving her in their hands. Of course, Terri was her favorirte, and I can't say enough about what her friendship meant to Mom. On so many occasions she told me, "Terri is wonderful. She helps me figure out what's going on whern I get muddled up."

For my part, I really appreciated Terri's support while Mom was in the hospital in February. It was so good to have someone there who had been with Mom daily and could answer the kinds of questions to which I couldn't be sure I was giving accurate replies."


 - L.E. (Betty's Daughter) ​​

​​"A big 'Thank You' for another opportunity to reenforce my confidence in the care my Mother is receiveing. Again, thank yyou for your time and most of all, concern for Mary Ann. I would also like to re-enforce our delight in the service Gwen estends to Mom. She is a credit to your firm.

Sincerely, J.S."



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Home Instead offers free monthly newsletters with tips and advice for caregivers of elderly loved ones. (Privacy Policy)

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