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"The agency provides Companion Care for my 93 year old mother. We have just started the service. Today will be the second time the companion visits. The visits have so far been on time. The caregiver is very friendly and easy to talk to. The agency has been above and beyond to my requests."

Posted by mulQueen25 on Apr 18 2019

"Very happy with this company"

Posted by rjsarah01 on Feb 24 2018

"We contacted Home Instead to provide a caregiver for my mother in an independent living facility. Mom had just recently lost my father and my brother and I wanted to find someone to help transition her life without him. Home Instead sent a most wonderful caregiver to help Mom with all the new life challenges and she sometimes just sits and talks with Mom, which helps her mental state. The caregiver is reliable, caring, and just a great match for my grieving mother. Can't say enough about the service. "

Posted by A Happy Son on Feb 04 2015

"Home Instead Senior Care is very good. We have an aide for a couple of hours in the morning and an aide in the late afternoon to do some cooking. They come on time. They do the grocery shopping, a little housekeeping and the laundry. They walk my dog and help my husband with his exercises. They're incredible. "

Posted by Leaf18 on Sep 28 2013

"We've interviewed a lot of different people. When we talked to Home Instead, they were the only ones who talked to my father and my uncle. The other ones acted like my father and uncle didn't exist. They're both in their 90s, but they talk, they have their minds, and they're the ones who's going to be taken care of. They talked to them, and that's what made us choose them. Within a week, they were able to find someone who is a perfect match. Joyce was wonderful and very caring. The moment she came, we didn't have to tell her what to do. She talks to them, she got right into the kitchen like she was there for years, and she knew how to cook. It was like we knew her like a family member. "

Posted by JoannM on Jan 24 2013
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