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"Karen and her team are great. They totally 'get' that providing care for a parent involves interacting with and working with the family as well as the parent(s) who needs the help. Our needs over time have evolved and they have been very responsive and understanding. Always on top of the changes that were occurring and always communicating with us. The caregivers where excellent and well vetted. "

Posted by FJP on Sep 19 2018

"Review: My sister and I contacted Home Instead to assist us with the care of our 86 year old mother who suffers from dementia. We wanted someone who had experience with seniors with this complex and at times debilitating disease. We met with the Home Instead staff and explained to them what we needed. They listened and provided us with Rose, who was unbelievably kind, experienced and patient. She was always on time and went above and beyond caring for our mother. I would highly recommend Home Instead Senior Care to anyone who needs care for their loved ones! Gail "

Posted by Gail Dukes on Jun 27 2018

"My mother is the client of Home Instead. She was starting to get where she couldn't stay by herself for the whole day. She was in an apartment upstairs from my brother but they work and I live in Glenview. What we decided to do is have somebody there three times a week and the other two days I would come once and my mother's brothers who also live in Chicago come the other day. My mother’s physician is asking her if she knew of any agencies that we could trust. She gave me the brochure, I looked at it and they had called Karen. They set up an appointment and they met with my mother, myself, my brother and his wife and my mother's two brothers. They were very professional and accommodating. They have somebody set up and brought her in to meet my mother. My mother wasn't exactly accepting but you know it’s almost close to one and a half years now. She has become more accepting but also a little worse. My mother’s got a VERY nice caregiver with her and I really appreciate it. The other thing that I really like is when there's a legal Holiday or things coming up they'll text right away, give us enough plans and always offer replacement (we haven't used a replacement yet because either one of the family members will go over to my mother). Its prompt and same thing if her caregiver has a sick day, they'll call early enough so something can be done. I appreciate that too. I also like the supervisory visits because there's somebody that comes in and sees what the caregivers are doing with my mother and how their relationship is working. Then, they always text me and give me a report. They’re very receptive and very willing to help. We really haven’t had any problems whatsoever. We're very pleased. I haven't heard anything because like I said my brother is downstairs. As far as our experience, it’s very trusting. There was never a disruption, problem or anything like that."

Posted by C.L. on May 26 2018

"Home Instead Senior care helped me with my mother for about three years. I experienced two owners and both bent over backwards to help my complicated family. Mom requested a caretaker with a car and they rose to the challenge. Matching the caretaker to the client is an art. The caretakers helped with meds, meals and light housework. They took Mom to doctors appts. and to her lunch bunch dates and sometimes just for a ride to get out of the house. Everything was documented so we knew what had happened daily. I live out of town and the caretakers made sure Mom got to the airport to fly to visit me and my siblings. It was a great relief to know she had help. The relief increased as Mom got weaker. I spent a lot of time with the caretakers during my many visits. I regularly met with the staff at their office and they did a great job of communicating with me from afar. I especially valued the fact that Home Instead dealt with GenWorth Insurance. The insurance company gave me a lot of grief in the beginning of this experience. The staff took care of all the billing. They recommended the lawyer we used for our estate planning. He was incredibly helpful. It takes a very special person to care for the elderly. The best caretakers do this because it is their calling. We had one of the best when my Mom died. I am eternally grateful. Thank you, Home Instead."

Posted by Libby reed on May 19 2018

"My parents used Home Instead for two years. They passed away last year; my mother was 102 and my father was 100. They lived independently because of Home Instead. Two of them had 24/7 caregivers. The caregivers were extraordinarily helpful, kind, competent, professional and personal; that's what made it worked for them. My parents were both highly educated and both from Germany. They had very high standards for anybody who worked with them or around them, and they were tremendously pleased and happy to have Home Instead caregivers. The caregivers were extraordinarily qualified and adapted to my parents rather than creating a situation where my parents had to adapt and accept them. They went out of their way to accommodate my parents' schedule and their desires for good conversation rather than just "How are you"? or "How's the weather"?. They wanted to engage in discussions of the meaning of life and were up to the task every time. And once my parents died, the Home Instead people were tremendously helpful to my brother and me. I'm 73 when they died and my brother was 68. So we really didn't have the right to expect anybody to help us but the Home Instead people - all of them from Karen Stevenson, the owner of the agency to her executive staff and her professional staff who were caregivers were tremendously solicitous of my brother and me and helpful in getting through what could have been a very difficult period. It was still a tremendous loss and the Home Instead people were up to the task of comforting my brother and me and helping us organize life as it would go on. I can't say enough positive things about Home Instead. This happened from the minute we called Home Instead when we brought my father home from the hospital after his stroke (my mother was already somewhat disabled and she was really quite isolated because she had serious hearing loss and she was also having terrible vision issues) until we called Home Instead on the way home from the hospital. Karen Stevenson was there 20 minutes later when we got there. She had people that night from 3 in the afternoon until 6 in the afternoon. We were on our own but we knew somebody was coming and that also is an enormous bonus that she has a staff that she can call on to take over in minutes. Out of 5 stars I will give them 6, more than the stars that are available. I'm happy if anybody wants to call me and ask me direct me questions or hear my voice saying these things, I'm happy to do that."

Posted by Susan Schaalman Youdovin on May 18 2018

"HomeInstead has been providing respite care for my aunt's fulltime in home caregiver for a few years now. We are pleased with their attention to details and schedules. Their scheduler works hard to make sure that the caregiver is a good fit and that our schedule needs are adhered to. It is basically seemless. A weight off our shoulders, indeed. "

Posted by sajolie219 on May 13 2018

"Overall, we have had a very good experience with Home Instead. The caregivers they have assigned to my mother have been caring, compassionate and very capable. The Scheduling Coordinator works hard at getting last minute changes taken care of and the Client Care Manager listens to our concerns regarding our mother and offers advice and help to best meet her needs. As with any provider for a family member in need, you have to be the biggest advocate for your loved one, and, we do feel that Home Instead respects our position and tries to meet our expectations. We are pleased with this company."

Posted by Calise T. on May 07 2018

"Some people think that caring for a loved one is just a matter of having the right caregiver show up. This is a critical element to quality care and Home instead provides well screened and trained people who arrive on time and do what it takes to support the aging process. Caregivers are responsive and helpful. The agency's services are personalized to each client and include personal care, nutritional support, home support and assistance with issues related to memory loss. But Karen and her team understand that it takes more than just the right person and have created their Client Care Community approach that surrounds the person who needs care AND their family members to support the difficulties and challenges of the aging process. Most of us go through this journey once or twice in our lifetime and it is hard to navigate without some help - regardless of how skilled and talented each person might be in his / her own life. Karen's group takes the approach of providing "anticipatory guidance" to help see what is happening down the road so everyone can be ready. They are a cut above other home care agencies in everything they do. The responsiveness of the caregiver and the agency is exceptional. "

Posted by SPX on May 07 2018

"I'm a relatively new client, but the care my mother receives is exceptionally caring! And the office staff is helpful and efficient! My calls are returned promptly, and my concerns and questions are addressed to my satisfaction. Our caregiver arrives promptly, and is ready to help with whatever we need. We can't say enough good things about HomeInstead!"

Posted by denisenowak on May 01 2018

"We have used Home Instead for the past 2 years. They provide an in home caregiver 24/7 for an elderly friend. I am his guardian. Karen and her team have always been there for us - in the middle of the night, on weekends, you name it, they are always there. The entire staff is extremely responsive to phone calls and special requests. We interviewed several agencies before selecting Home Instead, I have not regretted our decision for a second."

Posted by Sharon 1819 on Feb 26 2018
"My mother, Helen K., has used the services of Home Instead for over six months. Her caregiver for all this time has been Kathy, and my mother, sister, brother-in-law, and I have all been very pleased with her. Kathy is friendly, intelligent, works hard, shows a lot of initiative in anticipating or suggesting things that my mother might need.

My sister and I live far away from Chicago, and it means a lot to us to know that our mother has such a capable and pleasant person coming in to help her. I hope that Kathy will be able to continue to do so for a long time."--S.K.
"When my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimers, we decided it was time to take her in and have her live with us. What we did not expect was how hard this was really going to be. After discussing my mother’s issue with friends, Home Instead Senior Care was brought up. After placing a call, Home Instead came to my house, met my mother, and found the perfect person(s) to watch my mother while my wife and I were at work. They showed my mother love, kindness, sympathy and patience. Not at any time did I ever have to worry about my mother’s well being. I knew that she was in terrific hands. I now consider these people who cared for my mother at Home Instead to be an extended part of our family. Thank you for showing me and my family (especially my mother) what truly wonderful people you are all! On a personal note, I want to especially thank Sara, Jacqueline, Sue, Leah and Lulu." -- D.A.
​"Please express our family’s thanks to everyone involved in the care of our mom. People were always caring and attentive, whenever we called. We want to also thank you for lovely flowers and condolences. Home Instead really helped us and Hilda this past year and truly allowed her to live her last days as she wished. With deepest gratitude…”-- B.W.
​"I wanted to thank you for your care for my mother. It was important for her to keep her dignity and stay out of pain, as well as be safe, and you helped her tremendously with all these goals. She was grateful to you, and so is her family. We appreciate deeply the challenging, skilled, and sensitive work that you do." -- S.F.
​"Your organization has been professional, fabulous and totally dependable. I thought about trying to find a sister or a cousin in Chicago that could help take care of my brother, and that is what I think I have found with you." -- D.F.
​“I wanted to let you know what wonderful & caring employees you have in Antanita & Carolyn. Aunt Ginny loved having their care and companionship which make her final years so much more enjoyable. Ginny always prided herself on being independent, but with age & deteriorating sight, she relied more & more on those two great associates of yours. I & my family would like to thank you for the years of wonderful care & concern you showed my Aunt.” -- J.H.
​"I know I will talk to you many times during the next week, but lest I forget to mention it… THANK YOU!!!!!! AND EVERYONE AT HOME INSTEAD, for working with us and helping Lillemor have the best life she can." -- K.L.
​"We worked unsuccessfully with several other agencies before finding Home Instead Senior Care. Because we were cautious, we set up an evaluation period alongside another agency for a month before making the final selection. After a week and a half, we gave the entire assignment to Home Instead. Their caregivers are excellent. They make extra effort to find the type of caregivers that will work well with my Mother. In addition to the quality of the hands-on staff, the organization behind them is first-rate. I have high confidence in the owner and her team. They not only address any issues that come up, they actually anticipate them. We have been working with Home Instead Senor Care for five years now and I would recommend them to anyone in search of quality care for a loved one." -- J.S.
“We are grateful beyond words for the care you arranged for my mother. Maria has been more than any of us could have hoped for, and she has been vital in keeping my mother from going totally downhill. I am also grateful for your professionalism, which kept much stress off of me. I will welcome the opportunity to recommend Home Instead to anyone I know who could benefit from your services.” -- M.L.

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