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Linda Receives Unanimous Stamp of Approval

CAREGiver of the Month Linda Nwosu has been an unqualified success wherever she’s gone on assignment for the award-winning Home Instead Senior Care® franchise that serves Houston, Bellaire, Missouri City and Sugar Land.

Staff Coordinator and Office Manager Destiny Wesley said, “Since she joined us in July 2016, every client has asked Linda to return. Unfortunately for most clients and their families, she is now spoken for and has a full schedule. Linda has a very strong work ethic and a heart as big as Texas. She is very compassionate and has her clients’ best interests at heart.”

Destiny added: “ ‘Smiling beauty’ is part of her email address. How appropriate.”

Three stamps of approval came from the same family at separate times from different family members. The wife of a Parkinson’s client watched in amazement as Linda’s smile and low-key power of persuasion prompted her husband to eat more, handle personal care better and go through his daily exercises. The client’s wife told Linda: “I love how you can talk him into doing things he doesn’t want to do. He would never do these things before. Linda, you are a natural at this, and I love the way you work. You have found your calling.”

The client’s sister, who lives out of state, observed Linda’s interaction and assistance with her brother and told Linda: “I don’t normally approve of people when I first meet them. I usually reserve my judgment for a while until I get to know them. But, Linda, I approve of you and what you do for my brother. It’s easy to see right away how much you mean to our family.”

The client paid tribute to Linda in a touching yet humorous way. With Linda accompanying her client and his wife to a doctor’s appointment, her client introduced Linda to his doctor as “my sister.” The doctor smiled, shook Linda’s hand and said, “It’s good to have you here, Linda.”

Linda said, “I was surprised. The client has a special humor.”

After joining the client in August 2016 after he left a rehabilitation center, Linda quickly learned he was hungry at mealtime but did not want to eat. Because of the Parkinson’s disease, he takes thickened liquids and puréed or chopped-up food. “His wife does the meal preparation,” Linda said, “but I help him eat. His wife was surprised I could get him to eat.”

Asked how she gets him to eat, Linda said: “Love, smiling and encouragement. One spoon at a time. We have to go slowly, and eating might take up to an hour.”

Linda also discovered it’s easier to get her client to shower in the mornings rather than insisting on a shower before he goes to bed at night. “I had talked him into showering at 5 or 6 in the evening, but I discovered it was easier to get him to shower in the mornings. Since I am there Saturday mornings, I work with him on it. When I first tried it in the morning, he said, ‘I feel so fresh. Thank you for helping me with a shower.’ His wife was shocked and said, ‘Is this my husband who did not previously want to take a shower?’ ”

In order to get the client to do his physical therapy exercises, Linda will sometimes join him in the routine. The client’s wife also is happy if Linda can get him outside each day for a little while if the weather is good. Linda sticks close to him as he uses his walker. “Going outside for a walk, my client loves to watch the squirrels on the trees and loves to listen to the birds whistle and sing,” Linda said.

They also have gone to a park and to a mall, and last week the client, his wife and Linda took in “La La Land” during a 4:30 theater showing.

“The handicap sitting area was too close to the screen, and ordinarily I would not sit that close to the screen because it makes me uncomfortable. But I wanted to sit there to watch over my client. He was so thoughtful of me and wanted me to go back farther where his wife was sitting, but I never left his side. We got there early, and he said it would OK for me to go out and walk around. He is so considerate. He is a very nice man,” Linda said.

Describing her job, Linda concluded: “I love the client, I love the client’s family and I love the franchise.”

For inquiries about employment with Home Instead Senior Care, please call 713-774-2215 or email Recruitment and Retention Coordinator Stacy McClennon at Home Instead also accepts online applications to become an in-home caregiver. For further information about the company, visit Home Instead Senior Care, or to learn more about the company's senior home care services​, view our digital brochure.​​​​


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