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​​Aging in Place

What we hope for as the best case scenario for our aging loved ones. To grow old in the home we always thought we would. Although this concept is not new, with today's advancements in technology it is becoming more of a reality. One of the biggest struggles for the elderly is not being able to keep up with daily activities of living, especially for Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients. Through Home Instead Senior Care there are some senior care resources available that you can use like our app or even through our partners with Simple Meds to keep up with medication reminders. Here are a few suggestions that we have found to be useful to keep up with daily life and help your loved ones age in place. ​​

House Cleaning Robot - Considered to be a little housecleaning helper, these robot vacuums are able to pick up dust, hair, fur and crumbs to maintain cleaner floors. Your senior loved one will have no need to haul around a heavy and loud vacuum. The most modern robot vacuum are equipped with the latest technology including: mopping, UV sterilization, while simultaneously vacuuming. The best part is that this little housecleaning helper is able to do this with a touch of a button. ​​

Medication Reminders - The biggest problem with taking pills is that the patient may have more than one medication to take or may simply not know the correct dosage, this can obviously cause many problems. As a result, Home Instead, Inc. has partnered with Simple Meds to help simplify this process. How it works is Simple Meds pharmacists will sort all of your medications into pre-packaged doses, labeled and dated with the time they should be​​ taken. It will be sent in a pre-packaged 30-day supply kit in the mail. With Simple Meds you will have the ability to consult with Simple Meds pharmacist, your doctor, and your insurance company on a regular bas​is to help ensure everything is accurate and up-to-date. There are no extra fees or costs for this service outside of your applicable copays.​ ​​

​​Temperature Activated Flow Reducer - As people age, the ability to sense temperature decreases. This decrease in temperature sensitivity can place an individual at greater risks for scalds and severe burns. This type of product helps in showers when someone has excessive hot or warm water running that could be potentially harmful towards themselves. If there is an increase in water temperature it will slowly reduce itself back to its proper temperature to keep the individual safe from any accident.

Online Resources - Feeling stressed? Or need advice for dealing with Alzheimer’s or Dementia? Take advantage of our online resources at CaregiverStress and Help for Alzheimer's Families These sites have tips and advice on all things related to caregiving and dealing with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. These online resources are meant to help support and guide you through the tough situations and choices you may find yourself in. ​​

​​App: Alzheimer’s & Other Dementias Daily Companion - Your on-the-go Guide for Dementia Care Advice. This App is meant to help you deal with your loved one’s symptoms. It is designed as a guide to help you answer why your loved one may be acting a certain way and help you reach much needed resources.

​​Monitoring System - Putting a monitoring system in place enables family members and other caregivers to stay connected to a senior loved one even from a distance. Most often you can hook up a monitoring system to your phone or laptop so you can stream what your elderly loved one is doing. This is meant to help make​ sure they haven't fallen, left something on, or out of place. In addition, this type of product can help locate a loved one who has wandered away or call for help in emergency situations.

Stair Helper - If your elderly loved one lives in a home with stairs having a stair helper could significantly reduce the chance of them falling or having an accident. This is a machine that is connected to your staircase. It will allow the user to sit in a chair and operate the machinery to carry them to the top of the stair case. ​​

These are just some useful home tech applications that are currently available for your senior ​loved one. There are many more useful gadgets coming out every year that can help your aging loved one. Embrace technology and all of its innovation! Although you may not need all of these products, taking advan​​tage of these available resources can help provide better care for your aging loved one. ​​

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