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Fall Prevention Tips​​

A big fear that a lot of adult children have for their aging parents is that they may fall down and break their hip, or cause other considerable health problems. With our in-home care services​ a Home Instead CAREGiver can be with your loved one to ensure they are in a safe environment at home. You may not always be there to help your loved one, but with our CAREGivers you can have peace of mind knowing that they are being cared for. If your loved one does have an accident we can be there to help them recover as well. There are ways to avoid a situation like this all together by taking preventative measures with or without our Home Instead CAREGivers. Here are some easy fall prevention tips and ideas that you can follow to help prevent an accident.

Tip #1: Shoe wear.​​

​​Help your senior loved one pick the proper shoe wear, this can significantly reduce their chances of falling. Their shoes should be sturdy and not too flexible to ensure better stability. Shoes that properly fit will help your aging loved one prevent falling because shoes that are too large might make them slip and too small it will cause un​wanted foot conditions such as calluses and corns. Another thing to keep in mind is to select shoes with low profiles, low heels and wider designs because they will be easier on their feet.

​​Tip #2: Get Rid of Clutter!​

The second thing you should do is clear all the clutter from their floor. Tuck in all electrical cords so that they are safely away and remove area rugs and bed skirts. By doing so, there will be less of a possibility for tripping. ​​

​​Tip#3: Bathroom.

​​Create a fall proof bathroom. To start, you will need a handy capable bathtub and or shower. A seat in the shower is helpful to prevent any accidents and make it easier on your loved one. Next, install shower grab bars, having these installed will make it easier to get in and out of the bathtub/shower and can help with balance throughout the bathing process. Another thing to keep in mind is non-slip strips to go under mats for inside and outside of the shower. Everyone has problems with a slippery floor in the shower so let’s not make it any harder on our senior loved ones and get the non-skid mats to help with traction when feet are wet. Lastly, adjust the toilet seat. Installing a raised toilet seat helps with the comfort of sitting on the toilet as well as getting off and on the toilet. It will also help you with proper bowel movements. This useful adjustments makes it a fast trip for your aging loved one.

​​Tip #4: If Your Loved One Falls.

​​If your loved one happens to have an accident or they feel they might take a fall they should try to fall straight forward, or backwards. Falling on their sides can increase their chances of breaking a hip. Some elderly loved ones even prefer to wear extra clothing or pads to help in an event of a fall to prevent some of the impact from the fall.

Taking preventative measures can help avoid accidents and dangerous falls. Apply these tips so your loved one can continue to age in place right at home. Or if you are interested in learning more of how our Home Instead CAREGivers can help, call and schedule a free in-home care consultation, today! ​​

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