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BASTAS_Logo.pngThank you for visiting our Be A Santa To A Senior local page!

Our local Home Instead Senior Care is proud to sponsor Be A Santa To A Senior, a nonprofit initiative that annually serves over 1200 needy and/or lonely seniors during the holiday season by providing a visit and a Christmas gift. Since 2004 we have been providing gifts to seniors throughout the Roanoke Valley, and here’s how our program works:

Home Instead representatives work with our local Area Agencies on Aging, local retirement communities and social service agencies to identify those who are 60 or older from their service population who fit our need criteria. These people are offered an opportunity to participate in our program by filling out an application that allows them to choose up to 3 gift items from a long list of options. Applications are collected through the months of September and October, and then we process the applications and enroll participants in our program. The information provided on the applications is printed onto labels and attached to gift-request tags which are then distributed out into our community. Some of these tags go to organizations who choose to become program partners by adopting 10 or more tags. Others go on public trees in various locations throughout town and are chosen by shoppers and patrons of the businesses hosting the trees. Each tag represents a real person, with very real requests.

If you are here because you chose a tag, you can click the button below and register that you have adopted a senior in our program. You should then purchase one or more of the requested items on the tag you have

chosen, and then return the gift, either wrapped or unwrapped, to the place where you got your tag by our due date, which this year is December 1, 2015. A typical gift will cost between $25 and $50. If you choose to give a gift card, the value should be at least $20, but can be more if you would like.

Here are other ways to be involved with our program:

  1. You could volunteer to help staff our distribution center, which we will be in from November 30-December 18. The Lynchburg Distribution center has not yet been determined, as we have outgrown our former space at the Templeton Senior Center.
  2. You could volunteer to help wrap gifts at our wrapping party at the Templeton Senior Center on Wiggington Road in Lynchburg on December 9 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.
  3. You could volunteer to help deliver gifts between December 7 and December 18.
  4. You could join Santa's Rescue Squad, to purchase additional gifts for those people whose tags are taken, but no gift is ever returned.

To volunteer in any of these ways, simply click the button below to register your interest.

One of Santa's Elves will be in touch with you soon, and we would love for you to join us in brightening the holidays for seniors throughout the Lynchburg area this year!


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