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Why Work for Home Instead?

CAREGivers Discuss Fulfillment, Backup Support, Management, Job Flexibility, Ethics, Training

Why should someone consider working as a CAREGiver for Home Instead Senior Care® of Lubbock, an award-winning franchise owned by Tracy and Terry Baugh?

In a compilation of responses from current and former CAREGivers, there were many different answers, as unique as the CAREGivers themselves. To understand their responses, it's best to understand who the CAREGivers are. There's a male CAREGiver who retired after 22 years of service in the Air Force. Another teaches full time in a public-school district from August through May. Many of them are active in their churches or places of worship. Several are college students. One CAREGiver had lost both of her elderly parents, felt a void in her life and wanted to help other seniors. One had worked as a CNA for 13 years in hospitals and skilled-care facilities. One had lost her job with a medical in-home care agency in a small town near Lubbock after six superlative years only because her client died and there were no other available clients.

One of the most common answers was like Christine's: "My clients have affected my life. I always like going to see them, all of them. I am part of their family. I love to take care of seniors." John said: "Male CAREGivers are in demand. The great thing about Home Instead Senior Care is that you develop a close relationship with a senior, such as the retired Army general I assisted. As former military men, we understood each other very well. Home is the best place for them, and companionship is an outstanding outcome. After the general died, I continued to help his wife." Check the box on "fulfillment."

Irene had another twist on the fulfillment factor: "The client just like another mom. She loves to have me fix her hair, so I do that a lot and put makeup on. It makes her very comfortable and puts her at ease. She even tells me, 'You make me feel better every time you do it.' "

Several CAREGivers made a point about having a "terrific backup" – plenty of CAREGiver depth at Home Instead Senior Care – and not having to worry about the quality of care for their clients if the CAREGiver is sick or cannot make a shift because of other reasons. Said one CAREGiver: "If you're a private-duty worker, there's no backup – it's either the family taking over or their senior loved one is alone. Furthermore, the other CAREGivers and I do a good job of communicating about the client, so she gets excellent care and is always safe no matter who comes to assist her."

Another advantage for a Home Instead CAREGiver – as opposed to being a self-employed or registry caregiver – is that Home Instead Senior Care provides the benefit of paying for its CAREGivers' employment taxes.

Irene and others brought up "strong management" as a positive: "The people who stand behind us and encourage us, the office staff, are good people, people who care about their CAREGivers just as much as their clients."

Calessa elaborated on strong management and checked the box on "faith-based business" as well as "outstanding culture of ethics" with these words: "The biggest reason for working at Home Instead Senior Care has to do with the environment of the office and the example set there. Terry and Tracy Baugh are good, Christian people. The Good Lord put me in a position to work in a Christian environment, where ethics are practiced at the highest level. You can feel just by the way the staff does things that everything is on the right track. They are subtle things, and I feel good about it all. The culture of compassion at Home Instead Senior Care totally builds a very good situation for employees and clients." 

Maria checked the box on "job flexibility" and "consistent hours" by explaining: "Home Instead Senior Care's job flexibility is great because I can take part in Bible studies at my church since we meet on Tuesdays and Sundays, and I've also gone out of state to volunteer with church members from time to time. Doing this was not possible with a previous employer, but it is with Home Instead Senior Care. Before joining Home Instead Senior Care, I had been having some problems with finances, almost to the point where I'd be living day to day while having to really keep track of my funds. The staff has been good about providing plenty of hours. I really like this company."

Citing job flexibility and consistent hours as well as "wonderful seasonal work as a part-timer," Susan noted: "As a full-time teacher, a summer job with Home Instead Senior Care seemed like a natural fit. When I was looking for something to supplement my income, I was invited to work as a CAREGiver, and I began in early June. I find that it is a great job, and I love Home Instead Senior Care."

College student Talon echoed Susan's thoughts on wonderful seasonal work as a part-timer and also confirmed strong management as an attractive attribute: "I figured it would be a nice job just for the summer months before the start of my second year of college, but I liked Home Instead so much I left my other part-time job. I am feeling neat in the job and really love it. I have passion to take care of people. I don't like to be bored, so I am really busy. My No. 1 priority with jobs is still Home Instead. The office – oh, my gosh – is incredible.  The folks are wonderful and amazing, all great people who are helpful, supportive and have a terrific sense of humor." Talon also zeroed in on "excellent training" as a franchise strength: "With training, they really go over everything. When I have questions, they are always ready with answers – their experience is really extensive."

Abbie also spoke to the excellent training aspect and said no one is better with training than Home Instead Senior Care. Abbie highlighted major points in the franchise's overall training program that includes regular ongoing education. Here's a more expanded outline:

The franchise's well-rounded basic curriculum builds a solid foundation and includes The Aging Process, Safe Client, Safe CAREGiver, Building Relationships plus job-specific skills, including documentation in the Client Journal. Ongoing training includes option sessions; monthly newsletter with tips and information; library of reference materials and resources, online and office; on-the-job training for unique situations; 24/7 telephone support from experienced managers. Advanced training includes Alzheimer's and Other Dementias Training, called CARE: Changing Aging through Research and Education®; Parkinson's care; chronic conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, stroke, cancer, heart disease, depression and weight-related issues.

Abbie, touching on strong management and fulfillment, wrapped up the discussion this way: "Props go to Michelle Williams, our training specialist. Every month, you can go in for more training. I have participated in two recent ongoing training classes, dementia care and a summer course for helping the clients cope with heat. Office-CAREGiver communication is good. The staff is friendly, and I love working for them. They show me something new about life all the time. The clients give me good perspective on how to love life and take nothing for granted. It's easy for healthy people to feel sorry for themselves, but the clients have worse situations and provide a model for living."

All Home Instead Senior Care CAREGivers are screened, trained, bonded and insured. For inquiries about CAREGiver employment, please apply online call 704-924-9909. For further information visit Home Instead Senior Care​​.​​​​


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