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Maureen Loves Her Job, and You Can Quote Her on That

When you tie her favorite quotes and “coincidences” together, it’s easy to see why Maureen Hill is an award-winning CAREGiver for Home Instead Senior Care® of Lubbock.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
 ― Confucius

“The choice to have a great attitude is something nobody or no circumstance can take from you.”
― Zig Ziglar.

Home Instead Senior Care Office Manager Juanita Camacho said: “Maureen lives the Zig Ziglar quote. She always has a positive attitude, and she genuinely cares about making a difference in the lives of others by providing the best quality of care for them.” Maureen cites the Confucius quote that is sometimes attributed to Mark Twain. “I liked Zig Ziglar a lot and took one of his courses,” Maureen added. Meld the quotes, and they sum up Maureen’s job attitude.

And there are the “coincidences.” Maureen joined Home Instead Senior Care on Sept. 10, 2013. Her mother died eight years earlier, to the very day. “Well, I don’t think that was any coincidence. Taking care of Mom was a fulfilling experience. I got closer to her and enjoyed her more than I ever would have if I had not been there for her,” said Maureen, who took an apartment close to her mother’s while also maintaining her own home.

Actually, Maureen’s 68-year-old husband also played a part in Maureen’s move to a CAREGiver job. “My husband had just retired. I think I was running him crazy at home, and he said, ‘We need to get you out of the house,’ ” Maureen said with a laugh. “I saw an ad in the newspaper for Home Instead Senior Care. I thought, ‘Well, I had taken care of my mother for the final five years of her life. I think I could do this.’ ”

Little did Maureen, nor her husband Bill, know that getting her out of the house would lead to the busy weeks that Maureen loves.

“The amazing thing is that every single client with whom I have dealt has been great,” Maureen said. “I have met very nice, very kind people. I have learned something from every one of them.
They are the most interesting people. They are so full of general information. They teach you all kinds of things.”

One client taught Maureen how to be more patient, she sheepishly admitted. “He has a good sense of humor, and I love him to death,” Maureen said. “But at one time, he laughed and called me ‘a control freak.’ I was finding myself waiting for him to do some things. I was patting my feet. He said, ‘You can stop that foot patting now. It’s not going to make me go any faster.’ ”

Not only does Maureen help her clients, but she also is a godsend for their families. She has one client, in the final stages of dementia, for three hours a day three times a week. “It is difficult because he is not too communicative,” Maureen said. “His wife is doing a great job taking care of him. I give her a respite break. She and I visit a lot, and I think that helps her, too. This is where coming alongside the family by helping the client is such a very big deal.”

When asked to zero in on what she liked best about her job, Maureen said: “That is hard to answer. Exposure to the clients and staff is the greatest blessing. I didn’t realize it was so easy to be so nice. I love my clients to pieces. I love their families. I love the staff. This is the nicest office staff I’ve ever been around. I am blessed to be surrounded by them. They communicate so well.”

Juanita said three of the franchise’s clients are benefiting from having an outstanding CAREGiver of the Month. “Maureen is a great person and CAREGiver; she has proved to be a wonderful addition to our team. Maureen does a wonderful job caring for our clients, and she has a great sense of humor. Maureen always finds the silver lining in any situation.”

Maybe there’s one more appropriate quote for Maureen, and this one seems to fit her well. How about, “It ain’t over until it’s over,” a classic by homespun baseball legend Yogi Berra. “I would love to keep being a CAREGiver,” she said. “I love staying busy. At 66, if you stop moving, you might not get back up and going again.” 


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