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Caring for Her Mother Helped Prepare CAREGiver Anne

As a family caregiver for 35 years, Anne Tapp became totally immersed in senior care and its nuances.

"My mother and I lived together 35 years as adults, and I learned with Mom to be tolerant and patient, among other things," said Anne, a CAREGiver of the Month at the Home Instead Senior Care® franchise in Lubbock. "Mom lived a long and good life. She was diagnosed with dementia at 90, about five years before she died."

A year after Anne's mother died at age 95 in 2012, Anne joined Home Instead Senior Care® franchise of Lubbock. This year, not long after Anne received her four-year pin, she was honored as CAREGiver of the Month by the award-winning franchise co-owned by Tracy and Terry Baugh.

Recruitment and Engagement Coordinator Juanita Camacho said: "Anne is a sweet lady with a heart of solid gold who has a genuine gentleness about her. She is unique, one of our most mature CAREGivers and dedicated to our clients and Home Instead Senior Care. It is an honor to have Anne on our team of professional CAREGivers." 

Asked why Anne was honored, Juanita was ready with a list of superlatives:

  • "Anne is a warm, kind, caring, gentle and humble lady who relates well to our clients and understands their daily challenges."
  • "Anne is comforting and reassuring, possessing a sense of calmness with our clients that makes them feel confident in her ability to assist them with all their needs." 
  • "Anne is cheerful and upbeat, and she has a positive attitude."

Anne credits her faith as the primary reason for providing the strength at age 80 to serve as a CAREGiver. "My faith is important, no two ways about it," Anne said. "God has made me this way, and God gave me the heart to do this. God leads me where I am needed."

Anne added: "I put myself in my clients' position. If a client is bedfast, I ask myself, 'How would I feel if I was lying there?' For those who are more mobile, I try to allow as much independence as possible, with their safety being the top priority. Instead of hovering, I want them to tell me what they want. Many are strong-willed. I tell them I am there if you need me."

Asked about CAREGiver memories, Anne offered thoughts about a former client, who died several years ago, and her current client:

"This former Air Force colonel was in assisted living with his wife, and he suffered from cerebral palsy. I was told he needed a special approach. I found him to be a fantastic man, and I got along with him. I fed him spoonfuls of food and liquids, and provided personal care. He relaxed with me. I rubbed his forehead and held his hand. I wasn't with him when he died, but it was really tough to lose him, just as it is with other clients who pass away."

Anne has assisted her current client, a 90-year-old widow, for more than a year as a Monday-through-Friday CAREGiver who sometimes fills in for other CAREGivers who serve the client at night and on weekends. The client resides in her home with a hard-working son who puts in long, odd hours as an owner-manager of a 24/7 business.

"My client is very sweet and enjoyable, but very independent. She doesn't want to be instructed or hovered over, and I understand. She is particular about where she wants everything. Things must be in their places, and I am of the same mind, so we get along well. Sometimes we talk, but sometimes she wants quiet time. We like the same TV programs. For example, we watch Pastor John Hagee on TBN, and she likes informational TV networks."

Anne loves her job, and said: "This is the most wonderful place to be working; I have never worked with a more enjoyable company. It is quite an honor to work with the clients and staff. The office and ownership are God-loving. Of all places I've worked, I can say I've never met a kinder group of people. The Home Instead Senior Care training helped me. It gave me more insight into what I had experienced. I really believe all the training is helpful. I've had the Alzheimer's training as well as any other ongoing training classes they've had. If Home Instead has offered a class, I've been there."

Juanita said: "A senior herself, Anne still has the desire to care for others. I'd say Anne has the best of both worlds, helping herself while helping others. I pray I might be so fortunate someday to have the ability and desire to help my contemporaries."

Home Instead CAREGivers, who are screened, trained, bonded and insured, provide a variety of non-medical services to help keep seniors independent. For inquiries about employment with Home Instead Senior Care, apply online. Visit Home Instead Senior Care to learn more about senior home care services. You can share our digital brochure for additional information. Please like us on Facebook.​


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