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CAREGiver Sherrie Lives a Life of Service to OthersCAREGiver of the Month - Sherrie

CAREGiver of the Month Sherrie Mosley has based her career on enhancing the well-being of others. Recruitment and Engagement Coordinator Juanita Camacho elaborated: "Every day of every week, Sherrie is involved in meeting the needs of our older Lubbock-area adults by providing both administrative and hands-on care."

For the award-winning Home Instead Senior Care® franchise owned by Tracy and Terry Baugh, Sherrie had worked weeknights just after joining Home Instead in June 2017. "Now I describe Sherrie as a 'weekend warrior,' because she works Saturdays and Sundays with our clients. The bottom line is, Sherri wants to make a difference in seniors' lives," Juanita said.

"Sherrie has the best of both worlds. At her primary job, she is in care-community administration and helps people with life-changing decisions. For Home Instead Senior Care, Sherrie witnesses the value of a senior's life-changing decision to remain at home and is hands-on involved in affecting seniors' lives, so they can remain at home." 

For almost 23 years, Sherrie has worked in care communities, starting in Brownfield, Texas. She works full time for a Lubbock care community that is mostly a rehabilitation facility where seniors and others try to transition from hospitalization back to their homes. "I work in the HR department in payroll and accounts payable," Sherrie explained. "I don't have a great deal of contact with the residents, but I am part of our guardian angel program in which each employee is assigned to five or six rooms. We are the eyes and ears for residents, most of whom cannot get out of their rooms because of their challenges. We ask and answer questions."

At the care community, Lesli Griffing was one of Sherrie's co-workers. After Lesli moved to Home Instead Senior Care to become the franchise's Client Care Manager, Lesli told Sherrie about Home Instead and its CAREGiver positions. Said Sherrie: "I thought I'd give it a try. I love working with seniors, and this gives me more of a hands-on opportunity. I love it as well as my other job."

Further describing her CAREGiver's job, Sherrie said: "I get to meet all kinds of different people. I love listening to their stories because there is so much history. I hear how hard it was growing up, and it was a much harder life than we experience. Those aren't necessarily 'fun stories,' but you get an appreciation for what people had to endure and overcome."

Sherrie has had the same 24/7 client since she started with Home Instead Senior Care. The former teacher is sharp, manages her own medications and has a dry sense wit, but seldom wants to leave her care community room unless it's for a meal in the dining room. "She feels comfortable with me, I know what to do without asking her," Sherrie said. "Since I got to know her well, I anticipate our next move. She was not hard to get to know."

When Sherrie transported her client to a group movie in a commons area and to a Saturday bingo game, the CNAs were surprised. "She'll watch TV sports with me, such as the Super Bowl and NCAA tournament basketball," Sherrie noted, "but I try to get her out of her room. I take her to bingo on Saturdays, but I don't ask her to go to bingo, I say, 'Let's go down to bingo,' otherwise she'd never leave her room. When we do watch TV, she'll pop off with something off the wall. I'll laugh and think, 'Where did that come from?' She has a lot of random thoughts."

Sherrie is the youngest of a family of nine siblings, with four brothers and four sisters. Her 82-year-old mother is doing well on her own and doesn't have much of a call for family caregiving help. Sherrie's grandmother is 103 and lives in a care community in Teague, Texas. "Grandma got around with a cane and a walker before she fell and broke her hip last year. That's when she had to go to a nursing home," Sherrie said.

As for Sherrie, she sees no change in her working arrangement. "I want to just keep going," she said. "I'd rather remain active than sit at home." Home Instead Senior Care is thrilled to have Sherrie on board. Juanita said: "Sherrie has been a wonderful asset to our team of professional CAREGivers. Sherrie truly represents the heart of a CAREGiver and is a good representative for our company."

All Home Instead Senior Care CAREGivers are screened, trained, bonded and insured. For inquiries about CAREGiver employment, please apply online call 704-924-9909. For further information visit Home Instead Senior Care​​.​​​​


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