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​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Home Instead Senior Care ReviewsRead what other families in Herndon, VA have to say about Home Instead Senior Care®:​​

Latest Reviews & Testimonials 

"Outside of two or three incidents with office personnel not passing on cancelled or rescheduled days leading to aides showing up at the house, the overall care of the aides has been very good and the people I have at the moment are trustworthy and caring. They are not only helpful to my elder family but to me as well in all aspects."

Posted by Me and mine on Oct 17 2017

"We have worked with this company and find them to be very professional and compassionate "

Posted by Sue Bid on Sep 27 2017

"It has been almost 6 months since my mom’s passing. Before any more time passed I wanted to write a note to recognize an amazing person and now lifelong friend, Toni A., for taking such wonderful care of my mom, who passed away on Feb 8th. When I met Toni I recognized her as someone who is professional, amiable, kind, direct, considerate, humorous, witty, charming and thoughtful. To know her is to appreciate all the special things she does. For being the special person that she is, I am very grateful. Words cannot express the respect and admiration I have for Toni.  It was ”business as usual” to ALWAYS go above and beyond the typical level of homecare. She would arrive and immediately assess the situation, first and foremost being Mom’s well being, next, cleanliness of the apartment and then what the activities would be for the day..  She was a MASTER at reading my mother (who at times could be quite difficult) and developed a unique relationship with her that the other caregivers never established. The care and love she gave to my mother through the years was wonderful and the peace of mind I received knowing my mother was being wonderfully cared for was priceless. I praise Toni for her common sense, direct approach, patience, love and understanding for Mom when she so needed it, especially through the last days of her life. She has a keen eye for doing those little things that mean a lot.  She provided a calm reassurance for me, knowing that she not only took excellent care of Mom but really loved her and treated her like she was her own mother. She is truly an Angel of the most special type. Toni has a beautiful spirit and amazing energy, I am thankful for everything that she has done for the last 2 years.  Anyway, time marches on… I appreciate what Toni did for us and your company’s wise decision in employing her and recognizing what a treasure she is.  I also appreciate that there are people like her who, after doing this difficult job day in and day out… make us all feel so cared for and remind us of the truly good people in our lives."

"With a parent living alone at home and all of us "kids" living up to an hour away, it is a great relief to have Home Instead come spend time with my mother daily so we know she is safe and cared for. The caregiver also takes Mom to visit my stepfather in assisted living and to the gym, shopping, and doctor's appointments, so we don't have to take time off work or worry about her trying to drive herself around. The staff at Home Instead have been very patient and adaptable while we are all transitioning to this "new normal"."

"Caregivers truly were "care givers"! Compassionate, gentle, convincing; all things needed with a borderline Alzheimer's patient who could be very difficult. Proactive in looking for things to stimulate, understanding of likes and dislikes, the good caregivers could easily be trusted to be in the home alone with my father. When he was resting, they helped me in cleaning up his breakfast dishes, doing his laundry, changing his bed and helping him dress; all things that takes up valuable time with a working daughter! Thank goodness for Home Instead and what you do!"

"Your care givers took care of my mother for several months.  My father and I were very happy with the help that my mother received. Sadly, she passed.  But, I do want to take the opportunity to thank you for your wonderful care.  Every caregiver was prompt, attentive, and a good listener and seemed caringly attuned to providing excellent care for my mother. Anne Marie came in the evenings, and could not have been sweeter or more professional and helpful.  Zenola also came I the evenings, and was a joy – she made my mother smile – she was just terrific.  Others, I probably am missing someone, but there was Makida and Judy – who were both great, and the lovely lady who came on the last day, February 24 in the morning, and I am so sorry I do not remember her name, but she was an angel (was the first time we had met her).  Thank you to the scheduler Amanda, and Gail.. they performed some miracles for us.  Thanks to Linda Watson, providing excellent coordination.  Please send along thanks to anyone I missed.  I will recommend Home Instead Care to anyone who asks.  God Bless. "

"My husband has been in and out of the hospital numerous times over the past year. I especially like the schedulers' good attitude and efforts to work with me and my inflexible schedule to maximize the use of our hours due to many follow-up doctors' appointments. Additionally, I like the home health personal care workers' very pleasant attitude and the kind and positive way they relate to me and my husband. They never object to added tasks and always complete them within their shift. Thank you HomeInstead Senior Care for all your support. "

"Oh my, I have to say, by some miracle I found your company.   I have been so impressed by your organization, and the level of care provided by the caregivers.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank you and all the wonderful care givers for their awesome caring shown and given for my mother, and please forgive me if I left someone out... Zenola, Ann, Makida, Judy, Emily (came the morning to find my mother sadly not breathing) but she was a blessing to us during that time.. lovely lady, and Anne Marie tried so hard in the evenings to help my mother to provide wonderful help and assurance to the family. Please let me know who I missed, and I will revise my not to include them – and if you can somehow tell them how thankful my family is to them, I would be so grateful.  Please let everyone know how wonderful they have been and how much much we have appreciated everyone!  Thank you and God bless"

"Caregivers are outstanding...not just sitters. They engaged my mother and make her feel like being active again. Staff and owner are extremely knowledgeable and professional, gave tons of resource information to me. I have nothing but the highest praise for Home Instead Senior Care. "

Posted by seminole on Nov 01 2011

"The person we are using currently is a star.  She is just absolutely wonderful.  I wish we could clone her.  She is really great in every aspect."

"My Caregiver takes care of things that she has to take care of.  She takes me to therapy.  She takes care of me there, and ensures I have water.  She does the things she is supposed to do.  She does well."

"My Caregiver does a lot of things, and she remembers what to do.  She sees things to do.  She is just right on top of things.  She is very neat and thorough.  I think she is a great person to sit and talk with."

"I get the best service I have ever had in this kind of work.  My regular Caregiver and the substitute are just superb people.  They do exactly what needs to be done with little supervision."

"My Caregiver is outstanding.  She does things I am thinking about.  She thinks before I ask her.  She writes letters for me because I cannot see very well."

"They are excellent, and they meet all of my needs.  Everything about them is superior.  They are great to work with and their Caregivers are all excellent."

"They provided good people as well as compatible people."

"The Caregiver they provided for my Mother was a perfect fit.  The care provider had the right personality and a good disposition.  The first person they brought over for an interview worked very well with my Mother, who at times can be difficult to work with."

"The  owner is exceptional in the overall service.  They make sure there is no break of coverage.  They pay a lot of attention to detail."

"The Caregivers my husband has are wonderful.  The office personnel are very understanding , and they try to help in any way possible." 

"The Caregiver I have is willing to help in any way that I need help.  She is wonderful.  She is so caring and giving.  She takes initiative on her own to do chores around the house to help me.  I am so happy that I have her." 

"The Caregiver is a really good fit and a very nice person.  She is a great Caregiver, and we could not have asked for better.  She is always accommodating and helpful."

"The Caregivers do everything for me.  They are uniquely special.  They are members of the family as well as individuals who fill needs."

"They make you feel really comfortable.  They take care of you.  They just do a good job."

" They have lived up to my expectations for the services I have sought.  They come in on time.  They help me get to my medical doctor's office.  They assist with some of the maintenance things and cleaning around the house.  They help my wife, who has had some short-term memory lapses recently.  They provide good companionship and conversations.  I have no criticisms.  It is outstanding."

"They are good.  I am older and I need some help.  They come on time.  They really come and help me."

"The Caregivers were able to give me 24/7 full coverage for my Mother.  She could not do anything for herself, so they helped her around the clock."

"The Caregiver who has been with us for a year now is very reliable, honest, and trustworthy.  She runs the house as if we were taking care of it ourselves.  She is a great person and a great Caregiver.  We love her."

"The Caregiver is amazing.  She's not only a Caregiver, she's also a friend to my Mom.  She communicates well and she understands my Mom."

"It is outstanding.  They are very responsive.  They take care of everything across the board."

"My Mother adores the Caregivers.  They engage in activities with her.  They always keep her moving instead of watching TV.  They have conversations about things she enjoys.  She loves seeing them when they come.  They are always on time and help her in any way they can."

"The Caregiver was excellent, kind, and helpful.  The owner was also extremely helpful.  They were absolutely excellent."

"We had the opportunity to pick from several services, and Home Instead is the one we went with.  The office staff is always willing to answer all questions, and they're always so polite and understanding."

"We are very pleased with the Caregiver.  I got the sense she enjoyed her job, and she's a very caring person and very trustworthy.  Home Instead is lucky to have her.  I like her honesty.  I don't have to ask her to do certain things.  She sees something that needs to be done and will just do it."

"The quality of care was excellent, and they had prompt and efficient service."

"The people they sent were just extraordinary.  They were dedicated, helpful, friendly, and competent in doing a good job.  I just have the highest compliments on the people in the office.  They were very friendly, supportive, and willing to do whatever it took to meet the needs.  This was a great experience.  This was the second time using them.  The first time was just as great as the second time using Home Instead."


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