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"I love my caregivers. I have no complaints. I love the services Home Instead provides."

Posted by Richard on Feb 15 2018

"I have been with Home Instead Senior Care for over 4 to 5 years. I love the services the company provide for me. I have no complaints whatsoever. I don't know what I would do without them."

Posted by Redmond on Feb 01 2018

"All of my caregivers have been really wonderful!"

Posted by Betty on Jan 30 2018

"Don't tell anyone how good my caregiver is because I don't want you to take her away from me. I just love her."

Posted by Beverly on Jan 26 2018

"I'm very satisfied with Home Instead Senior Care. I have no complaints. I'm happy with my caregiver and even the ones that are sent to me to fill in."

Posted by Joan on Jan 18 2018

"Shannon is the absolute best! She goes beyond her duties and make sure I am taken care of. Home Instead is a lot better than other companies I have had in the past."

Posted by Marshall on Dec 29 2017

"I love my caregiver Dove. She is always on time and I have no complaints. She does whatever I need her to do."

Posted by Frances on Dec 29 2017

"I have been with Home Instead for many years. I have had no problems. They always help me. My family is far away, but my caregivers are always here!"

Posted by L. Baird on Dec 27 2017

"Very happy with Home Instead."

Posted by Ella & Denise on Dec 21 2017

"My caregiver has been with me 2 years. She's very helpful!"

Posted by Jay on Dec 19 2017

“It is the great service that they give and the professional way they handle things. The care that is handled by the aides is outstanding.” 
Beverley S., Virginia Beach 

“We appreciate her service very much. She [the caregiver] is a very fine person. I would recommend her to anybody.”
Anne W., Virginia Beach. 

​“I like the provider, the service, the attention to detail and the general help.”
Richard A., Virginia Beach

​“They have been really good. The services are good. The people are good. I like who they are.”
Virginia C., Virginia Beach

​“We have been very happy with the people they have sent. They do a good job.”
Ira G., Virginia Beach

​“Diana [the caregiver] was a great help. I was very satisfied.”
Louis S., Virginia Beach

​“My caregiver helps me and keeps me company. I was very glad the day she started working for me. When she is not here, my house seems so empty.”
Sonja R., Virginia Beach

​“The caregivers are absolutely fabulous. The person I deal with in the office is flexible and outstanding.” 
Karen P., Virginia Beach

​“The response time, the personal home visits from management, and the quality of the caregiver are all outstanding.”
Peter C., Virginia Beach

​“It is outstanding service. They are very helpful and friendly. I can’t say enough good things about them.”
Ronald T., Chesapeake

​“Each caregiver that came here was very good and very nice. We were very satisfied.” 
Fred C., Virginia Beach

​“It has been quality service ever since we started working with them. They are accommodating and flexible.”
Lisa G., Virginia Beach

“They are so nice and very helpful. My driver is wonderful. I wish I could have them 7 days a week for driving and for the company. Their personalities are wonderful. I wish more people knew about them. Home Instead is outstanding. “
Janice B., Virginia Beach. 

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