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Eyvette’s Words Are a Blessing to Her Client

Award-winning CAREGiver Eyvette Isaac knew how to handle a client’s urgent request in a rehabilitation hospital. 

Sitting on a bed, the longtime church organist turned to Eyvette and said, “Would you please pray for me, Eyvette? I am just having a rough day. I don’t think I can take it anymore.” Without hesitation, Eyvette replied, “Sure, I will. You can count on it.” But the client, emphasizing the word “now,” said “No, Eyvette, I mean pray for me right now.”

Eyvette obliged. “My client asked for guidance, comfort, pain relief, the full spectrum of everything she was feeling and going through at the time,” said the CAREGiver of the Month at Home Instead Senior Care® of Iredell and Alexander Counties. “When the prayer ended, I thought to myself, ‘Wow, that was cool.’ Her husband was crying as he sat in a corner of the room, and he told me, ‘Thank you.’ I couldn’t leave without sharing tears with both of them.”

The result of the prayer? “I felt it helped,” Eyvette said, “because my client appeared more at peace. She told me she prays, but sometimes it helps to have someone to pray with her because it makes her feel as if her prayers are heard. We bonded even more after that experience.”

Companionship is among a CAREGiver’s list of responsibilities. Eyvette’s ability to put clients and their families at ease is part of a God-given compassion that is tightly interwoven with her faith. Eyvette has a strong faith but does not push or force that faith on any of her clients or their family members; instead Eyvette follows their leading on any faith discussions. Eyvette, the ultimate people-person, also provides medication reminders, light housekeeping, meal preparation and errands and transportation. “I enjoy all clients, my six regulars or the fill-in assignments,” she said. “I have never met a stranger.”

After her mother passed away, Eyvette became a CAREGiver for the Home Instead franchise in Statesville, about 13 miles from her home in Cleveland. “The Lord had opened a door. I had been praying for a fulfilling job to replace the stressful one I previously had, and this popped up on an internet search,” said Eyvette, who joined Home Instead on Sept. 22, 2014. “I believe this job was pre-ordained; I believe the Lord will lead you to opportunities if you listen. Some call that ‘intuition,’ but I think it is the Holy Spirit’s leading. 

“Being a CAREGiver has a spiritual aspect that I cannot fully explain it. It makes me feel good to help others. When you serve the Lord, you want to serve people and make a difference. I love this job and my clients, and I look forward to going to work. I come away with more knowledge and wisdom each time after being with my clients – one client speaks with authority when she brings up Scripture and discusses it. The clients have such great insight and stories. I wanted to get back to health care, and it was great to find this.”

Early in her work career, Eyvette was a CNA and spent 10 years in nursing homes. She also served as a family caregiver, helping her great-grandmother, grandmother and her mother, who lived with Eyvette and her family. “My mom, a widow, had a lot of health problems,” Eyvette said, “and Mom lived with us for 20 years. It was not an imposition – between her faith and my attitude, we made it work. After she passed, I felt an indescribable void because I had lost my best friend. This job has been a Godsend for a healing process because assisting others gives me the same feeling that I experienced when I was taking care of Mom.” 

Eyvette praised her family’s unwavering backing, especially when unexpected caregiving circumstances arise. “My husband Joey is fantastic and a great supporter,” she said. “Once, out of the blue, I had to pull a long shift with a client. My husband, who is disabled, told me, ‘You take care of them first and worry about us later. We will be fine.’ ”

Working for Home Instead means she’s working with a team that shares the same goals, and an office and owners who will do anything to help clients and their families plus the CAREGivers. “A client lost her hairdresser around Easter and was desperate to find another one, and she asked me,” Eyvette recalled. “I made a few calls and came up empty, so I called our co-owner, Tracey Gibson, on a Friday, and she called back with the phone number for a beauty salon. 

“It was a neat experience that built an even greater rapport with the client. She is happy with the beauty salon and goes back to there. In another example of our franchise’s concern for its employees, Tracey’s husband Creighton, our franchise co-owner, was ready to drive 20 miles one day when I had car troubles. I got the problem solved and called him to cancel the request for help, but he didn’t hesitate about responding to help me.”

She went one step further in complimenting the staff, saying, “All doors there are open. Rapport and friendship are great, from training to HR to the nurse’s expertise. Some people say my job situation is too good to be true, but I tell them I am truly blessed. For me, this opportunity is too good to give up – what could I find in place of it?”

All Home Instead Senior Care CAREGivers are screened, trained, bonded and insured. For inquiries about employment, please call 704-924-9909 or apply online. For further information visit Home Instead Senior Care​.​


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